"Prologue" of my new story~

Hope you like it although there is not much written!

He lay there in the alleyway, on the cold hard pavement. He stared up at the harsh grey sky.

'Things couldn't get any worse…'

Tears continued to roll down Onodera's face and raindrops started to fall from the clouds. The water dropped onto the cuts on his face and body and stung as they did, but it didn't hurt. After what he had just been through, the stinging pain caused by the cold raindrops was rather soothing. He continued to lie there in the cold as he could not move. He closed his eyes and drifted off as he begun to lose consciousness. Suddenly a familiar voice was calling his name.


No, it was his co-worker Kisa Shouta. As Kisa came closer to the half-conscious young man, he gasped. "I'll get you to a hospital" he said, "Don't worry!" He looked into Onodera's teary eyes. "You'll be okay"

It wasn't long until Onodera was let out of the hospital. He was very uneasy as he walked into his apartment complex' elevator accompanied by Kisa, worrying that he'd accidentally bump into his next door neighbour, boss and lover—Wait, lover? No they weren't even that… They had just… sort of… slept together… a couple times… Onodera tried to think about something else. The elevator arrived at his apartment's floor. The two men walked towards Onodera's front door.

"I think I'll be okay, Kisa-san" Onodera smiled at his co-worker.

"Are you sure?" Kisa was extremely worried. He had just seen Onodera almost totally lifeless a little while ago after all.

"Yeah" Onodera reassured. It was awkward that Kisa found him in such a terrible state but he was relieved it wasn't Takano who had instead. Onodera opened up the door to his apartment.

"Well, if you need me, just call my mobile!" Kisa patted the younger man on the shoulder and leaned in for an awkward hug, then left.

Onodera sighed as he stepped into his apartment. He felt extremely calm at that moment. He closed his door and decided he'd take a bath and sleep.

He stared at his pale complexion in the mirror and the cuts and bruises on his body. It was horrible. He felt his eyes water up as his mind begun to play flashbacks of the incident. 'Why me?' was all he could think. Suddenly he heard a knock his door that made him jump, followed by the voice of the person he couldn't stop thinking about. "Onodera, open up" the deep voice called. Onodera's heart was racing and tears started streaming down his face. He kept silent.

"Oi! Onodera! I know you're in there" Takano called out once more.

'What should I do?'

Onodera looked down, he was in no shape to open the door and greet his boss. For one, he wasn't wearing any clothes and another; he was covered with bruises and cuts. But Takano knew he was inside and knowing how persistent he was known to be, Onodera had a feeling he would not leave easily. There were still tears running down Onodera's face. He was still remembering the incident. He had been raped and received many injuries in the process. By who? He didn't even know the name of his rapist but he recognised his face. But from where? He couldn't quite pinpoint where he had seen the familiar face and it was eating him alive. There was absolutely no way he would tell Takano about this. How would he react? But there he was, outside of Onodera's front door, knocking and yelling away. Onodera knew he had to face his boss eventually so he quickly threw his clothes back on, wiped away his tears and walked towards his front door.

He reached for the door, his right hand shaking. He didn't even have a plan of what to do. He really didn't want to see Takano at a time like this but he also felt like he needed to.

Slowly, the door creaked open…