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Monday morning came too soon for Onodera.

He had spent his weekend mostly in bed; first Miura's and then his for the whole day on Sunday. His head was spinning as he stepped out of the elevator. He had piles of work to do yet he had done none of it, only thinking about his difficult situation with Miura.

He considered going to the authorities, notifying police but he was scared – scared for Takano's life, plus he knew Miura was keeping an eye on him at all times. He could take it. He could take the torture, the pain as long as his dear lover would be safe.

He walked into the office, greeting Kisa Shouta who was tapping away at his laptop. The baby faced man's hands suddenly stopped and he shot up as soon as he heard Onodera's voice and pulled him in for a tight hug.

"Ri-chan!" Kisa exclaimed, "I was so worried… You have no idea!"

"Ah…" Onodera hesitated, "E-Excuse me… I'm sorry for disappearing suddenly. I'm fine" He pulled a fake smile and then sat down in his office chair.

He glanced over at Takano's desk but much to his surprise the dark haired man was not to be seen.

"Kisa-san, where is Takano-san…?" he asked.

Kisa also turned to look at Takano's desk, "Where indeed…" he said, feigning ignorance. He knew exactly where Takano would be – looking for Miura, but he did not dare to say anything about it to Onodera.

Onodera yawned as he took out the work he needed to do when he was interrupted by buzzing from his phone.

'Why now?'

"Oi, Miura" Takano walked up to the tall blonde haired man before him. He stared intently. He almost couldn't believe it… This man, his dear friend… hurt Onodera…?

"Takano, what's up?" Miura smirked.

"You know exactly what's up" Takano stepped in close.

Miura shrugged, "I really don't"

"You… hurt Onodera… Didn't you?" Takano said with a pain in his voice.

"Heeeeeeeh…?" Miura raised his eyebrow, "You don't have proof though, do you?"

Takano's expression changed, he grabbed Miura's collar and raised his fist. He didn't care about the consequences; he just wanted to beat the shit out of Miura. But before he could even lay a finger on his dear former friend, he felt someone grab his arm, pulling it back and turning him around.

"Onodera!" Takano exclaimed. His hands immediately moved so that they were on Onodera's shoulders, holding him.

"Takano-san, what are you doing?" Onodera tried as hard as he could to stay sharp as he took a step away from his boss, he glanced at Miura who smiled then back to Takano, "I hope you weren't planning on committing assault. We're at a crucial point and it would be troublesome for Emerald to suddenly lose our editor in chief." His expression looked angry and serious but inside he was hurting. Hurting because he wanted to tell everything to Takano, right there and then but he knew the consequences.

"Hey Ri-chan" Miura stepped forward, grinning, "Did you hear what Takano said? He said I was 'hurting' you! What's with that..?" He gently grabbed Onodera's shoulder, giving him a friendly shake.

"A-Ah…" Onodera nervously pretended to laugh, "That's absurd!"

Takano's amber eyes widened, "Onodera" he started, "Tell me the truth… This man… Has he hurt you? Did he, that time-" His expression was so serious, it scared Onodera but more than that, it hurt him.

'It hurts… It really hurts' Onodera stared at his lover, wanting to cry.

"Don't be silly, Takano-san" he interrupted, "Miura hasn't been anything but kind to me" He lied.

Takano looked lost, he didn't know what to do but he couldn't believe Onodera. It was obvious he was lying to protect Miura, but why? Why would he protect someone who treated him so cruelly? Onodera looked down as it was painful to look at Takano's shocked expression.

"Y-You should go back now, Takano-san"

"You're right. Let's go back then" Takano agreed as he began to walk to the elevator but he noticed Onodera was not moving, "Onodera..?"

"I came to speak to Miura for a bit" Onodera quickly composed himself, looked up and smiled at his boss in a sorry way, "W-work related. I'll be back very soon"

As Takano reluctantly left, Onodera looked back down to the ground. He couldn't take it anymore and he let his tears fall from his eyes like rain from the sky.

Miura sighed as he rested his hand on the shorter man's head. He ruffled his hair and then pulled him in for a small hug.

Onodera's tears stopped as he realized what Miura was doing.

'Why are you comforting me…? You are the reason I'm crying…'

"You sure love that idiot, don't you?" Miura whispered in the brunette's ear.

He then pushed him away, "Go clean yourself up and get back to work… I'll let you go for now" he said, "But don't think you'll be this lucky after work… I'll be messaging you later" The tall editor waved him away as he walked back to his office.

Onodera was slowly getting used to this now. He lay on his back, looking up at the man he feared most. Tears welled up in his eyes but he did not cry, he knew he had to be strong and tonight Miura was being surprisingly gentle. Miura smiled at the vulnerable young man before him, "How about we change things a little bit?" he said as he pulled out a blindfold. He caressed the brunette's face and tied the blindfold on.

Onodera stayed relaxed and calm, unlike the first time he had sex with Miura.

Miura slowly took off Onodera's clothes, kissing and sucking away. Onodera didn't know what to feel. Why was Miura being so kind suddenly? Was he feeling sorry for the man he made his victim? That made Onodera sad - even though he knew he should be feeling sorry for the man causing him so much pain.


Onodera felt like the night would never end. Miura was doing things excruciatingly slow, not that he was complaining though; this was much better than the other night/s they had spent together, and with the blindfold it was much easier for Onodera to stay relaxed. As Miura slowly entered, Onodera let out a small moan of pleasure. Miura was pleased. After his full length was in, he leaned in closer to Onodera's ear and whispered, "I love you"

Onodera felt coldness run up and down his spine. His head was a complete mess. He hated Miura, hated him with a passion, yet he felt as if he owed something to this cruel man.

Miura thrusted in and out, hitting Onodera's sweet spots making him cry out.

"S-Senpai…" he cried.

The two came together and Miura's body collapsed on top of Onodera's.

"Senpai huh?" Miura said, "Well, at least it's not Takano you are calling out…"

Onodera was dozing off.

'Ahhh but it is Takano-san all the same you know…', he thought as he slowly fell asleep.

Little did he know, Takano was thinking about Onodera at the time as well, as he looked down at the message his phone read:

'Let's keep out relationship work related only; if you cannot comply I will not hesitate in transferring into literature. Thank you for understanding.

Also, sorry – Onodera Ritsu'