Author's Note: So this is an idea that popped into my head after thinking about the sermon that was taught at church on Sunday. I jotted down some notes and it then all of the sudden I realized, hey this could make for a really good message :) So here it is.

Trust In God

Dear Children,

You pray for a miracle, something that you can see. You want me to take away the sun, then bring it back. You want me to come back to Earth, and make myself seen. You want me to send my angels to perform miracles, to show you that I am real.

But children, look at all I have done! Look at the sky, who has created the sky? Me, your father! And when you see the endless stars, it is I again who have created this. When you feel the wind that brushes through you body, you must know that it is not man made. And can you not see the trees, and the animals that roam the Earth. I have created this all, yet, you want a miracle.

I sent my son Jesus to die on the cross for your sins. I gave him the power to heal the blind, to heal the deaf, the mute, and the diseased. Who was it that helped Moses save his people? Was it not I?

Children, for just as John the Baptist doubted me, many of you do. But listen children, and listen carefully. My wonderful children, who I love with all my heart, remember that I am the Lord your God. Remember that I have a plan, and even though you are unknowing of it, trust me. Remember all that I have done in the past and trust me. When you pray to me children, do not think that I ignore you. If you do not hear me, you are not listening.

So trust me, remember all my works, read my Word everyday, and do not tempt your Father.