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It's been a month since I last saw her beautiful, blue eyes. After shocking news became reality, and life seemed to split us apart. Despite our different views, I should've stayed with her; holding her against my chest while she cries. I should've been there for her.

The Blackberry laying beside my lab top rings, disrupting my thought. Damn it! I want to scream, though I can't find my words. I remember giving all of my staff specific instructions to not disturb me, unless it's urgent.

"What?" I snap, picking up the cell phone.

"Sir," Welch's voice speaks up. "I've located Ms. Steele-um...your wife-Mrs. Grey." There was a short pause and sounds of papers being shoved around. "She was just admitted into a hospital, just outside of Portland."

The Blackberry slips through my fingers, crashing against the study's floor. My world feels as if it's collapsing around me. No, not Ana. Not my Ana. I repeat over and over in my head.

Picking the cell off the floor, and jacket off the chair, I make my way for Taylor's office.

"I want to know everything! So help me God, Welch, if you leave out one, small detail; I'll make your life a living hell." I hang up abruptly, and stumble into Taylor's office. "Taylor! I need to be in Portland today!"


What seems like hours passing, my Blackberry sounds, once again. We're in the Audi, a few miles from the hospital.


"Sir," He pauses. "The only details I can obtain are the police reports."

"What do you mean police reports?" I begin to shake. No, not my Ana. Not her, anyone but her.

"Sir, she was reported to have been attacked." He paused. "It says here that she was reportedly found in her apartment, after a neighbor heard her scream. Although the neighbor who found your wife reported she never saw the attacker. There was evidence of a forced entry, her front door lock was broken when the local cops checked the apartment."

I ran my hands through my hair, to refrain myself from lashing out. "How did we not find her in Portland earlier!" I yell.

"Sir, I fully apologize for the mistake. The apartment at which she was staying at, was that of your brother's and his companion. I didn't think to check other possible names, other than of Anastasia Grey and Anastasia Steele."

I'm so pissed right now, I can't even think about what mistakes my security team made. All that mattered was my girl was laying in a hospital bed, hurt, and it was all my fault. Why couldn't I just have stayed with her? Why did I have to go to the fucken bar, with Elena nonetheless. She was smart. She knew I'd never expect to look under my own brother's name. No, I didn't expect my own brother to hide my own wife from me.

"I want all of my wife's belongings to be distributed back to the Escala, by tomorrow morning. She's coming back home with me." I say. "I also want a report in an hour of the progress of her attacker."

"Yes, sir." Welch says, just before I get the chance to hang up.

Quickly scrolling through my contacts, I click on Elliot's name, and he answers on the third ring.

"Hey, Bro! I haven't heard from you in weeks!"

"Why?" I ask.

Elliot pauses, "Because Kate and I just got back from Italy...why do you sound so uptight? What happened?"

I rub the spot right between my eyes, for I'm feeling a headache coming on. "Elliot," I say in a warning voice. "Why'd you hide her from me? My own wife!"

"Whoa, what?" Elliot delays his response. "What do you mean, 'hide your wife?'"

"I mean, my wife was attacked in your apartment, a month after she left me; and I want to know why." I raise my voice.

"I'm serious Christian, I have no idea-" Elliot then sighed. "What apartment did you say?"

"The one outside of Portland."

Elliot than began to laugh, uncontrollably. "I haven't used that for weeks. The only other person-Kate-she must've told Ana about us going out of town for a few weeks." He pauses, his voice dropping. "Oh god, I'm so sorry Christian. I'll be there soon! I swear I had no idea about any of this."

I hang up just as Taylor pulls up to the hospital. Opening up I immediately get out, and run up to the receptions desk. A young blonde woman looks up from her typing.

"Can I help you?"

"Anastasia Grey." I state.

She looks back towards her computer, typing in a few things, and looks back up. "I'm sorry, there's no patient here by that name."

I shake my head, "Um...try Anastasia Steele."

She gives an odd glance and begins typing. "She's in the ICU, but only family are allowed in there."

"I'm her husband." I say and walk away.