Another take on the 100-drabble-challenge, this time in the Tolkienverse. I'm doing this just on my own outside any challenge community, though I took the liberty of using the prompt table of fanfic100 at livejournal.

The drabbles all have an exact word count of 100 as by my Apache Open Office (German edition).

Title: First Growth
Author: Alcina vom Steinsberg/Winterwitch
Character: Elrond
Prompt: 62 - spring
Word count: 100 as by my Apache Open Office (German Edition)
Disclaimer: Arda and her inhabitants belong to Tolkien. I'm just borrowing it for a little bit of fun.
Note: Many thanks to Shadowycat for looking this over! Any remaining faults are my own.

1. First Growth


Slowly, Elrond ambled through Celebrían's garden, touching a branch with young leaves here, caressing a flower nearing its bloom there. So much beauty still to be found, he thought, years after its mistress went away.

Sometimes, he regretted the tempering influences Vilya had on the climate of his little haven. Here, summer never really left, fading into a moderate version of autumn, only to bloom back into full spring and then summer again.

He missed the bleakness of winter, missed the barren lands renewing faithfully each year their promise of new life, with tiny buds of the first, lush growth.