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Thinking (unless it's the Non Timebo Mala in the middle of the page, then it's just a scene change)

Winslow, Maine. The Pleasant Street Inn.

"I'm back" Harry called as he walked through the door, three bags of groceries in his arms as he awkwardly navigated his way around the door.

"Hey Harry" Sam said as glanced up from his laptop with a smile

"Thanks for your help" the smaller Winchester rolled his eyes sarcastically as he dumped the brown bags onto the counter

"Hey little bro" Adam said as he came out of the bathroom in just a towel. Around his neck.

"Oh Jesu Christo! Have some decency!" Harry shielded his eyes from the sight of his elder brother in all his… glory.

"Typical Brit, always a prude" Adam laughed as he tied the towel around his waist

"Ha" Harry let out a short laugh "I am far from prudish brother dearest" he let his English accent show as he spoke, something which he rarely did. He pulled a knife from the drawer and, after brandishing it menacingly for a moment, cut the end off of the cucumber that was going into the sandwich he was making.

Adam winced and went over to the bed to get dressed.

"Hey Gabe" Harry said, a split second later there was a sudden breeze and a voice answered

"'sup Wee-chester" the Archangel laughed as the youngest Winchester rolled his eyes and continued with the sandwiches

"Hey Gabriel, any luck on the Cain front?" Sam asked

"Nothin' yet Sammich, but I'm workin' on it. Anythin' on your end?" Gabe flung himself into a chair at the table and pulled out a candy bar

"A Hershey bar? Really?" Sam asked, he'd never liked that particular brand himself

"At least it's not a Klondike bar" Harry laughed

"What would you do for a Klondike bar?" Gabe asked

"NOT YOU!" the three Winchesters said in unison

"Don't worry boys you're not my type" the Archangel's fiery sparkled with amusement

"Really? Of all the Angels in Heaven I thought you'd be one of the ones on the other bus" Adam said, surprised

"I know, but I stick strictly to the fairer sex" Gabriel shrugged "more fun"

"Anyway, we've had no luck with Cain thing on our end either" Sam rolled his eyes and pulled the conversation out of the heavenly gutter.

Just then, the door opened again and Dean entered, looking stressed.

"Hey Dean-o" Gabe smiled

"Hey Trickster" Dean tugged off his suit jacket and grabbed a beer "bad news, we've got two more Stoners, a couple from a place on the corner of Dean and Hollingsworth" the oldest Winchester huffed

"Damn! Whatever it is that's turning these folks to stone, it's not letting up" Harry huffed as he placed a sandwich on the table in front of his brother

"Gabe just dropped in to give us an update on the Cain problem, nothing as yet" Sam informed the older man

"Great, well after I finish this" Dean pointed at the beer and sandwich "we'll head on over to the morgue and see what the coroner can tell us"

"Well I'll bid you adieu," Gabriel said as he threw out his candy wrapper, then he paused, looking around "hey, where's kiddie and kitty?" he asked as he realised what was missing from the room

"Clarissa is staying with Ellen and Jo for a while" Harry smiled

"Oh" he nodded and vanished, the downdraft sending some of Sam's papers flying.

"Angels" Dean pinched his nose in irritation "must be Thursday"

Non Timebo Mala

The four hunters listened to the coroner as she told them what little she could.

"It's not much but it's all I can give you I'm afraid, what with the stone I can't do an autopsy" she huffed irritably

Harry laid a hand on the smallest statue, a seven year old girl; he could feel that, despite everything, she was still alive.

As he and the others leave, he makes a short, whispered payer;

Dear Father in Heaven,

Protect these your lambs so that we may heal that which afflicts them

Adam glanced at his younger brother, just faintly hearing the words of the prayer though, as he didn't recognise Enochian, he disregarded it.

Non Timebo Mala

Sam was up to his eyeballs in research. And that was putting it mildly.

"Any luck?" he asked, glancing up at the three others

"How about a gorgon?" Dean asked

"Nope, medusa was the only one that could turn people to stone and she was killed off by one of our Greek colleagues" Harry shook his head

"I think I have it!" Sam said

"Well, stay over there, I don't want it" Harry chuckled

"No I mean the answer, it's a cockatrice" the tallest Winchester rolled his eyes and showed them

"That looks like it might be our answer" Harry nodded

"Yeah but how do you kill it?" Adam asked

"You use its deadliest weapon against itself; you make it look in a mirror" Harry smiled

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