Author's Note; don't you guys hate it when I leave you hanging like that?

Non Timebo Mala

The Winchesters loaded up the Impala, they were gonna be needing a bucket load of equipment to track down this cockatrice.

Just then there was sudden breeze.

"Hey Gabe. Back so soon?" Harry asked

"Sorry guys but I need to borrow Harry for a sec'" Gabriel said, motioning for the young boy to follow him around the corner.

Harry followed him. Gabriel walked around the corner and turned to look at Harry, hands on his hips and a disgruntled expression on his face.

"You need to tell them" Gabriel said to the smaller male

"I don't need to tell them," Harry argued back "I will eventually, just not yet"

"Well hurry it up; I'm not covering for you much longer. What are you gonna do if Cas shows up?" Gabriel asked

"I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, right now I have a monster to kill" Harry stormed off back to the others

"I hope you know what you're doing little brother" Gabe sighed before disappearing.

Non Timebo Mala

It didn't take them as long to find the cockatrice. And let me tell you, it was one fugly son of a bitch.

"Dammit Harry! Get that mirror in place!" Dean yelled, Adam had already been turned to stone by the thing but the others were gonna go down fighting

"Hold on!" Harry yelled as he ran into the monster's line of sight with the mirror in between him and it. The beast was caught in the full fury of its own stare and Dean blew it to pieces with a well placed shot from the sawn off.

"It's dead, why the Hell is Adam still doing an impression of the Venus de Milo?" Sam kicked their brother's stone ankle

"He won't thank you for that" a voice from behind them said, they span around, guns drawn

"Balthazar?" Sam and Dean said

"Hello boys" the Angel smiled and placed a hand against Adam's forehead, the younger boy turning back into flesh and blood

"Whoa, that was a head rush" he said "thanks"

"No problem, I just came from the morgue, the other victims are back to normal and no one has any memory of the events" Balthazar said as he glanced at Harry and did a double take, startled

"I'm Harry, nice to meet you" the green eyed boy said as he held out his hand to the Angel

"Pleasure. I just came out of hiding as a very for dear old Cas, he's a little busy keeping things running smoothly Upstairs* so he asked me to pop along and check everything was ok" Balthazar explained, flinching as he shook Harry's hand

"Well we'd better get going then" Dean said, leading the way out of the clearing, Balthazar put a hand on Harry's shoulder and held him back a little bit, allowing the others to draw ahead of them.

"What in Father's name is a soldier of your rank doing hanging around with the Winchesters?" he asked Harry heatedly as soon as the other hunters were out of earshot

"I am a Winchester. And this soldier, who is of a higher rank than you Lieutenant, is ordering you to keep your mouth shut. Understand?" Harry glared at the taller man, his eyes flashing

"Understood and duly noted Brigadier" Balthazar nodded

"Hey, pull the lead out you two!" Dean called back over his shoulder

"Sorry Dean, just coming" Harry called back, throwing a quick glare over his shoulder at the Angel for good measure.

Non Timebo Mala

Author's Note; well that's over; next episode will be called Ready, Willing and Abel. No that's not a typo.

*when an Angel (or any character) references Upstairs (with a capital U) or Downstairs (with a capital D), they're referring to Heaven (Upstairs) or Hell (Downstairs).