Author's Note: This story takes place a little over five months after the events of the movie. There is a 'slice of life' direct sequel with currently 126 chapters so far, titled 'The Honeyglow Surge'. It focuses more heavily on romance and humor while still maintaining a relaxed plot for the most part, though it has its share of conflict as well.

The italicized sentences in this story are what the character is thinking.

This story is about Felix falling in love with Calhoun all over again, and how Ralph and 'Vannie' meet then eventually start going out, as well as dealing with the hidden threat in the arcade. Hero's Cuties is present, naturally, as well as a brief showing of Taffy Butter.

The sequel will actually be two sequels once I'm done separating 'The Honeyglow Surge'. Ralph/Vannie, Rancis/Taffyta, (secret)/(secret) and much later on (secret)/(secret) will remain in 'The Honeyglow Surge'. I will make a new story called 'The Honeyglow of Heroes' for the other pairings which include Felix/Calhoun and two (then much later on, three) other pairings, each containing a soldier from Hero's Duty.

The Sugar Rush characters getting paired are all adults, being from Sugar Rush 2.

Litwak had always been keen to watch for new releases, and always judged from reviews whether or not to order a game for his arcade. It was a practice he started ever since he had to unplug Turbo Time and RoadBlasters. This time was a bit different however, at least as far as waiting for reviews goes. He was following rumors of a Sugar Rush sequel for years, as that was easily one of his most popular titles, especially since Vanellope had started showing up on the roster again after 15 long years of going missing.

And after all those years of waiting, it's finally a reality. Due to all of the hype it had been receiving in Japan in the form of figurines, keychains, posters and such, Litwak absolutely knew he needed the newly released Sugar Rush 2. There was no question. He had even pre-ordered it the very day the option became available on the TobiKomi website.

It's set within the world of Sugar Rush, 10 years later, with 15 new tracks and better controls, as well as remastered versions of the original tracks and a few new characters to boot. It was going to arrive the next day, the long wait would finally be over.

After meticulously planning its placement a distance away from the original Sugar Rush Speedway, to the left of Street Fighter II, Litwak realized a fatal flaw in his plans.

"Oh no," Litwak said, his voice filled with grief. I may be overreacting, but 30 years of history will be wiped clean..I can't believe I didn't notice I have no unused plugs. He sighed and stroked his forehead. "I guess I need a new surge protector. I better hurry if I'm going to be ready for tomorrow."

Most of his games lose their highscores when the power goes out or the cabinets are reset, and he does what he can to avoid this. He even went as far as staying at the arcade during storms and having a backup generator set to kick on in case the power ever went out.

"I can't believe I put this off for 30 years," Litwak said with a disbelieving, somber chuckle. This setup paid off until now, but it's time to upgrade. All those years protecting my Fix-It Felix Jr. highscore from inclement weather.. One of my proudest accomplishments aside from the arcade itself.. At least with Fix-It Felix Jr. there's a backup battery that keeps it powered for 5 minutes before going dead. But the other old games.. He sighed again and shook his head.

Litwak paced around the room listing games mentally. I don't have to worry about the highscores for Hero's Duty, Sugar Rush, or that E-Z Livin' game the kids like.. I never saw the attraction to that last one, but it's a TobiKomi and the kids do 'like it'.. Then of course there's DDR, Undead Apocalypse 3.. Who knows which others? It's not a complete loss at least.

"I may as well go buy that surge protector now," Litwak said, "Maybe one with 30 outlets. Oh! and a UPS as well," his mood instantly brightened at the prospect of even more games, and an 'uninterruptible power supply' that would keep a stable power flow for a little while even if the power did go out. It'll give the generator some time get warmed up. I was always wary of that, thinking it wouldn't send power quickly enough to power all of the games at the same time. Now if I could just find the space for those potential other games..

Litwak turned out the lights and gave the games a few parting words of regret before leaving and locking the doors behind him. Like they can hear me.. Unknown to him, the games were no longer playing their title screens before he even left. Rather, the characters in each game were hit with a wave of dread and doubt, practically paralyzed in fear.

"What are we gonna do?!" Ralph yelled, accidentally breaking the side of the apartment building in his outburst. "Forget about highscores! Our memory will be wiped if we get unplugged!" He said it, but they were all thinking it. I gotta.. I gotta think.. This isn't fair! I finally got the recognition I've longed for for 30 years, and so many friends.. Some of whom would disappear if our game got unplugged. They're not part of the game. They'll die.. He slumped against the Niceland building next to the hole he made. Everything I've worked so hard for will disappear in an instant.. Even if I don't remember. Even if things only go back to the way they were.. Vanellope.. The thought of forgetting her. How we met. How I saved her game.. and life.. He got sick to his stomach. His eyes welled with tears as he could feel the rage building inside of him. He clenched his fists and breathed heavily through his nose trying to calm himself down, though it wasn't working.

Before Ralph had a chance to topple the building in his sudden grief-stricken rage, an alarm went off at the mine carts leading to Game Central Station and an announcement could be heard signaling everyone there.

As the characters of Fix-It Felix Jr. left their game, they could hear a new repeating announcement that replaced the usual Sonic Says warning about leaving your game.

Clyde of Bad Anon could be seen on the screens. He was one of the few Bad Guys that the citizens of Game Central Station respected, as he often acted as a counselor. "Attention everyone," he said calmly, "Please remain calm and report to the entrance of Tapper's. We are having an emergency meeting to discuss what we can do to keep the damage to a minimum."

To say that it was a bit cramped would be an understatement, with hundreds of characters from Sugar Rush alone taking up much of one side of Game Central Station.

Admittedly, the announcement wasn't thought through very much, but something had to be done as soon as possible in an effort to keep everyone more or less calm.

Suddenly the message was replaced with a live broadcast from the entrance of Tapper's, so that everyone could hear without needing to be there.

A loud echoing sound reverberated throughout Game Central Station as Zangief tapped the mic, since Clyde had no hands to do so himself.

"Thank you, Zangief," Clyde said calmly as Zangief stepped to the side, "Now everyone, I know things are a bit hectic right now with the sudden news.. But we do have a plan of action.." He smiled faintly, looking over the crowd. Why he didn't mention anything until the day before a new game arrives is anyone's guess..

Clyde paused to give everyone a moment to collectively sigh in relief.

"President Vanellope von Schweetz has offered sanctuary in Sugar Rush to those characters whose games erase their highscores and characters' memories upon powering down.." Clyde said with a warm, reassuring smile. Thank you, Vanellope.

"That's right," Vanellope said cheerfully, glitching onto the podium and grabbing the mic, "You see, our game was always meant to have an increasing roster of racers, so our game has a large amount of unused space. They just never got around to making new characters. Figured it would take popularity from already finished racers, I guess."

After she placed the mic back on the podium, Vanellope glitched to where Ralph, Felix, and Calhoun were standing and gave them a knowing smirk. You're all coming with me.

Clyde continued on to announce, "The characters of X-Treme E-Z Livin' 2 have also extended a similar invitation, as multiple instances of the same few characters are used no matter which location is loaded at the time, so their game can easily accommodate a large amount of characters." Of course they tend not to get along with themselves.

"Good good good, like it like it, good good like it like it," said one nearby character of X-Treme E-Z Livin' 2. He happily waved.

It's no small wonder that few people would choose to go there for the move. It's hard to get along with someone you can't understand.

"We have until tomorrow to prepare," Clyde said reassuringly, "So please, bring any belongings you need to your game of choice before then. That is all." No need to bring anything that will regenerate and won't get used right away.

With this Clyde concluded the meeting and headed back to Pac-Man to pack up a few spare bodies, as if he 'died' he would just turn into a pair of invincible floating eyes.

Nearly everyone else left in a bit of a hurry, bumping into one another constantly, packed like sardines as they were.

With one glance down at Felix and the goofy grin he had on his face, Calhoun sighed and said, "Saccharin world it is." It was a special place for the two of them, despite Calhoun not openly admitting to liking sweets.

"Jiminy jaminy!" Felix exclaimed with a fist pump. S-U-G-A-R jump into your racing car! I'm gonna have that song in my head all day now.

"This'll be the best! It's just like a sleepover!" Vanellope said as she jumped around in excitement. Ralph never stays over in my game. That changes today!

Ralph still had his doubts. I can't shake the feeling that not everything will go as planned.. He furrowed his brow.

"It'll be fine, Stinkbrain," Vanellope said with a confident smirk, "Litwak will just think he's cuckoo again." Like his nana..

"Yeah.." Ralph said skeptically, his brow still furrowed. I hope you're right. I wonder what game Litwak is even getting. He's been real hush hush about it even to Lindsey. Although she probably knows already..

Back in Fix-It Felix Jr., there wasn't much for Ralph to pack. A tuxedo with the wrist and ankle sections torn, the 'medal' Vanellope made for him.. He never did find the one he 'earned' in Hero's Duty, and a spare key to the penthouse where he would bathe and brush his teeth at least once a week.. It was good, for him, considering his code insists he never does either activity. A lot of good it does him though, as it only lasts him until the next quarter alert.

Having packed in three minutes flat, Ralph sat around in Sugar Rush with Vanellope watching the racers to kill time. Felix on the other hand was the polar opposite.

Author's Note: There's not going to be any Ralph/Vannie romance until late in the story, but this story has everything to do with why and how they start dating. Also, the original Vanellope isn't going anywhere. Vannie is a new character who comes with Sugar Rush 2, although.. Well, I don't want to spoil it. The sequel, 'The Honeyglow Surge', is where their love will really blossom.

Lindsey is the name I've given Moppet Girl, in case you're wondering.

While this story is 'complete' (aside from the sequel), I will at some point be adding a few more chapters to extend the ending bits that got summarized rather than shown. If you're interested in seeing those parts as well, please follow/favorite.