The world you wished for, the universe Skaia allowed you to create, is a world where magic is real. You wanted and obtained a place where Legends guard and protect the children of the world: after all, you used to be a kid too, and what could a kid wish more than Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy to be real?
The world you wrote is wonderful and magical and full of light. But everything comes with a price.
Skaia allowed you and your friends to be welcomed in this new universe and become part of it, but you realized too late what it would mean.
Because you stopped being John Egbert the moment you stepped out of the Incipisphere: the Game made you a Wind God and so you became the WIND itself.
You never saw the Trolls again, but you know they still protect some humans lucky enough to be born under their light.
You still visit the one who now goes by Father TIME often, he always knows when you're there and talks to you like in the past, giving you the faint illusion that nothing has changed, that you're still with your friends and family.
But, sometimes, he looks up with the sad smile of a boy hoplessly in love, and you know he's looking at a face who fills the whole bowl of the sky: her black hair became the empty void of SPACE, gemmed there and there woth stars, her eyes hold in each a galaxy, the curve of her lips a distant gleam of light from a sun long dead. You reserve the same sad smile everytime you see the golden streaks of sand who bring dreams to the children. Sometimes they're black, sometimes they're nightmares, but most of the time their LIGHT is warm and dance with you. You don't think the Sandman, who guides the sand like the director of a silent orchestra, knows how really special that light is.

You've been alone for a long time, until the Moon decided to rise a child from a frozen pond: his laugh, his smile and his innocence reminded you of what you had lost and what you slowly let go. You lifted the lonely boy and followed him for a long time: slowly, he finally started to aknowledge your presence and you realized you made a new friend.
You became again the prankster you used to be, teaching the boy everything you knew, protecting him even. And now, you know he can almost see how you used to look like, and that fills you with joy. That's why you're never leaving him alone, that's why you'll always go to him when he calls your name.

"Hey, Wind! Take me home!"

Let's go home. Except you can never go back home.


Ah ah ah ah!

Someone take the keyboard away from me, apparently I only write depressing stuff lately…