Warnings: Eating disorder and one-sided AoKise (for now).

When he first realises he might have 'wrong' kind of feelings towards Aomine, he feels appalled.

They're both guys, and teammates to boot. He might be pretty and a part-time model, but he's still a guy.

That's why wanting something more than friendship is wrong. He has to change the way he feels.

Then his manager tells him that he's gained weight and he should go on a diet.

At first, he hesitates. He thinks he's thin enough as he is, but his manager keeps insisting and says that modeling is a tough business. If he wants to get booked in the future, he has to lose weight.

Killing his feelings for Aomine isn't enough; he has to change his body, too.

It's tough, but once he gets the hang of balancing his diet, it actually proves to be rather… addicting.

Maybe he should stop once his manager tells him he's done a good job losing weight.

But it's not enough. He can still be thinner.

Aominecchi will like me if I'm smaller and prettier, like girls.

He'll become perfect for Aomine. He'll become thin and beautiful and unattainable.

He'll become perfect for everyone.

Who could dislike him when he's perfect? Surely not even Aomine, no matter how straight he might claim to be.

He knows he can make it. He has to lose just a little more weight.

And then a little more.

Until he's perfect.

An ice prince whom everyone loves and wants but no one can get; that's what he'll become.

Then Aomine will feel so privileged of being his that he'll never want to leave.

Perfection, that's what he must strive for.


Just a few more kilograms to go.

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