Warnings: One-sided AoKise, hinted KuroKise. Eating disorder, self-harming, blah blah blah.

When Kise doesn't show up to practice the next day, Aomine's heart drops. The blonde has never missed club before and Aomine has a nagging feeling that this abnormality is somehow his fault.

He really wishes Kise wouldn't avoid him though; he still has no idea what on earth he did wrong while talking to Kise and to clear the confusion he obviously needs to talk to the model, not have him skip practice and thus make it impossible for them to have a conversation. They're in different classes, after all, and Aomine can't really be bothered enough to go especially look for Kise.

The fact that Akashi's murderous stare is fixated on his back most of the practice doesn't help a bit either.

It's stupid to skip practice, he knows it, but he can't go there.

Not only because he's afraid of seeing Aomine, but also because the scar on his wrist is clearly visible, and if he were to undress everyone would see the bandage he wears to hide the cut, which in turn would surely lead to a flood of questions he does not want to answer.

His manager calls him to let him know the photo-shoot planned on that afternoon has been moved to next week. That's a relief; there's no way he could model with the scar on his wrist.

A week is also enough to lose some more weight because he can't go in front of a camera being as fat as he is now, right?

Right. So win-win all the way. Now all he has to do is get home before any of his teammates finds him and drags him to practice.

Somehow his feet end up taking him to a shopping centre. Fine, he might as well kill time by looking at clothes.

Except maybe he shouldn't after all. Seeing all the clothes that are so nice and totally his style make him remember he's ugly.

He's imperfect, so no new clothes until he's reached his goal.

But oh, he would buy this and this and maybe that too, if only he were a little thinner…


Kuroko always seems to appear out of nowhere so it shouldn't surprise him as much as it does, but Kise lets out a small yelp when the bluenette suddenly calls his name.

"How long have you been here, Kurokocchi?"

Kuroko ignores Kise's question completely. "You should come to practice today, Kise-kun. Akashi-kun wasn't happy when you didn't show up yesterday."

Kise unconsciously brings a hand to his left wrist and pulls the sleeve a little lower. He can't look at Kuroko; he knows the boy would see right through him as he so often seems to do.

What should he say? He can't go to practice before his wrist heals and even then Aomine'll be there. But if he doesn't go, who knows what Akashi will do to him?

"…I didn't feel too well yesterday so I decided to skip club activities," Kise finally says with a strained smile. That's the truth anyway.

It's just that nowadays, he rarely feels well.

Kuroko looks at him with an unreadable expression. "Does that mean you'll be coming to practice when you feel better?"

"Yeah, of course." Whenever that may be.

Kuroko smiles then, that rare small smile of his that the old Kise would have fawned over. The new Kise, however, just smiles back and goes back to thinking about what he can eat without breaking the daily calorie limit he's set for himself.

Hanging all over Kuroko is so childish and a complete waste of time, anyway. It won't make him any thinner, and – oh!

Maybe the reason Kuroko always seemed to hate it was because Kise used to be so fat and disgusting? He still is, of course, so there's another thing that needs to stop for the time being. No more hugging Kuroko.

He's so lost in his thoughts that he doesn't notice the flash of hurt in Kuroko's eyes before the bluenette gets up and leaves.

"I'm so glad Akashi-kun hasn't killed you yet, Aomine-kun. Because now I can kill you myself."


So Aomine has apparently no idea what's going on with his teammates anymore. They all are giving him murderous looks, even Murasakibara who usually doesn't give a damn about much anything besides his snacks. Except for Kise, of course; the model's been avoiding him like the plague ever since that weird ass conversation in the locker room a few weeks earlier.

And now Kuroko of all people is threatening his life?

Maybe Aomine should start paying more attention to his surroundings after all.

"What do you mean you can kill me, Tetsu?"

"I don't know if you've noticed, but Kise-kun has changed a lot." Kuroko's face is void of emotions, as usual, but somehow Aomine senses he's really angry. Angry and… hurt?

"And I don't mean just the fact he's lost a lot of weight, I mean his personality as well." Kuroko looks away and there's definitely pain in his eyes when he continues, "I really wish I could do something to help but it looks like Aomine-kun is the only one who might be able to get through to him."

"Well I did try to talk to him a few weeks ago because Akashi told me to but he just got all weird on me and he hasn't talked to me since then. Why do you all think I can help him? What the hell's even going on with him anyway?"

Kuroko turns his gaze back to Aomine and the look in his eyes is almost as murderous as Akashi's has been for these past two weeks.

"You really don't understand?"

"Understand what?"

Kuroko sighs, utterly disappointed. "I forgot the only thing you care about is basketball."

"Oi Tetsu -"

Kuroko cuts Aomine off by raising his voice a little. "But it really wouldn't hurt to actually think about others and what they might feel sometimes, Aomine-kun."

With that, the phantom player is gone. Somehow Aomine feels even more confused than before.

A/N: It's been over three months since I last worked on this story and tbh I wasn't even sure whether I was going to continue this at all. But then somehow inspiration struck me so here I am. ~ (this is really short though…)

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