Warnings: slight AU, angst. One-sided KuroKise. Kinda pointless chapter with loads of dialogue? Idk man

It doesn't make sense.

Kise likes Aomine, that's a fact, and somehow Aomine's okay with it.

What he's not okay with, however, is the scene he's just witnessed.

"Tetsu, did you just… kiss Kise?" He doesn't actually need to ask that; he, Akashi and Momoi all saw what happened just seconds before. However, his brain refuses to believe it. Kuroko has never shown any signs of wanting to kiss Kise before this; hasn't he always been annoyed when the blond has draped himself around his shoulders?

"And what if I did?" Kuroko looks at Aomine and the usual lack of emotion is gone; now there's challenge in his eyes. That throws Aomine off.

"…well, it's… I mean why? Do you like him or something?" This whole situation makes less sense the longer it drags on and Aomine can't understand anything. Isn't Kuroko supposed to be, like, his best friend besides Momoi? So how come hasn't he ever heard anything about the boy harbouring feelings for Kise?

And what's with the hostile way Kuroko's looking at him with right now?

"A-Aominecchi, it's fine…" Kise mumbles in a small voice. He's slumped on the floor, his arms draped around himself as if he's trying to protect himself from something.

"What?! No it's not fine, he fucking kissed you!"

Kise shifts, pulling his sleeves lower. "I don't mind, I just want to go home. Can I?"

"Kise, what the hell-"

"Don't talk to Kise-kun like that, Aomine-kun," Kuroko snaps, surprising the ace. Surprised as well, Kise looks up and opens his mouth to say something but whatever he's got in his mind never gets out as Akashi steps forward, extending a hand to the model.

"You can go home for now, Ryouta. But I need to talk to you tomorrow. Don't forget."

Kise nods and gets up, his legs a bit shaky. As the blond walks away unstably, Aomine turns to Akashi, completely outraged.

"What the fuck is going on in here?! Why did you just let him go? And Tetsu, what the hell do you think you're doing? Don't you think Kise's troubled enough as it is without you adding into it?!" The words just pour out of him before he can stop. He feels so betrayed. Wasn't Kise supposed to be in love with him, not Kuroko?! And yet it was the shadow who just kissed Kise, not Aomine.

And damn it, the thing that pisses him off more than anything is the fact that he has no idea why he's so annoyed by the whole situation.

Akashi and Kuroko don't flinch, they just stand there and take all of Aomine's anger, and that pisses him off even more.

"Come on, why can't anyone ever tell me anything?!"

"Dai-chan, let's go back to practice," Momoi says suddenly, tugging Aomine's arm. He shakes her off, turning to Kuroko who avoids his eyes.

"So you're just not going to explain anything, huh, Tetsu?" No response. Aomine clenches his hand into a fist, ready to punch something or someone to relieve at least some of the frustration bubbling inside him.

"You can leave early too, Daiki," Akashi interrupts. "In fact, tell everyone to go home."

"Come on Dai-chan, let's walk home together," Momoi says quietly and pulls Aomine with her before he can do anything to the captain or phantom player. The two stay behind, Kuroko all tense and Akashi with an unreadable expression on his face.

"I should go too," Kuroko mutters.


Kuroko doesn't turn around to face the redhead. "What is it, Akashi-kun?"

"I thought I would never have to interfere with the situation but this having happened I must." Akashi pauses, waiting for a reaction, but Kuroko stays silent. "I know you resent Daiki because the one you like is in love with him. It must be difficult for you to handle that but I still don't think you should stop being friends with Daiki because of Ryouta."

"…I don't think that's any of your concern."

Akashi sighs and moves closer to Kuroko. The bluenette flinches but doesn't move. "Your feelings for Ryouta will not last forever, Tetsuya. However, friendships can last for a lifetime. That's why you should choose Daiki over Ryouta."

"What if I will be in love with Kise-kun for my whole life?"

"I don't think what you feel for him even now is love. You're mistaking purely friendly affection for love," Akashi says patiently, his eyes never leaving Kuroko's back.


"But the final choice is yours, Tetsuya. Just remember that if you choose to ruin your friendship with Daiki, you could end up losing your best friend and having your heart broken." Akashi turns to leave.

"…Akashi-kun." Kuroko takes a deep breath. "I do love Kise-kun. And I know that he won't return my feelings just because he can't have Aomine-kun. But… Aomine-kun doesn't understand how lucky he is to have Kise-kun liking him."

Akashi's silence seems to encourage Kuroko to continue.

"I just wish Kise-kun could at least be happy…" the bluenette buries his face in his hands, trying to hold back the tears. "There's nothing I can do…! I'd do anything to help, even if only by a little, but whenever I go talk to him, he'll just pretend that nothing's wrong. And then he'll… he'll just smile…"

Kuroko slumps to the floor. Akashi carefully approaches him and kneeling next to him, he says, "It's all right. I'm sure we all feel like crying… including Ryouta."

That's all it takes for Kuroko to finally give in to his tears. He clutches at Akashi's arm and just cries.

"I never knew Tetsu-kun liked Ki-chan…" Aomine is startled out of his thoughts by Momoi's voice. She sounds really sad and yet she's smiling when Aomine looks at her.

"But well, I guess his hostile attitude towards you makes sense if he really does have a crush on Ki-chan." She laughs, pulling her hair out of her face. "I guess me and him both have our hearts broken then."

"Why just Tetsu and you? What about Kise then?"

Frowning, Momoi looks at Aomine. "All that yelling at Tetsu-kun and Ki-chan, and you still don't get it? Ahh, I guess you really are an idiot, Dai-chan."

"Wh-? Oi Satsuki, stop calling me an idiot!"

"You were annoyed, right?"

"Well yeah I guess. But Kise's supposed to like me and yet Tetsu kissed him and Kise didn't seem to mind! I mean, that's just weird!" Aomine starts seething with rage again just from thinking about it. "And then what's up with them both just ignoring me like that?! If Kise doesn't like me anymore and wants to be with Tetsu instead, he should just tell me and not…" he trails off after realising he doesn't know where he's going with the sentence. Doesn't it sound an awful lot like he's…

"Oh my gosh, you're jealous!" Momoi exclaims loudly and geez, what's with the ecstatic expression? Wasn't she about to cry because of having her heart broken just a few minutes earlier?

Aomine punches her arm half-heartedly. "Fuck off, I'm not jealous, just weirded out…" He sighs. "It just feels like I don't have the slightest clue what's going on with my friends. I mean, first Kise, now Tetsu. I sure hope you're not gonna go all weird on me too, Satsuki."

Momoi smiles wistfully. "Yeah, it does seem like everyone's suddenly changing doesn't it…"

They walk in silence for a while, both lost in thought.

"Ne, Dai-chan."


"You'd better figure out your feelings or Ki-chan soon, okay? We're going to graduate and if you end up in different schools, who knows what might happen?"

"My feelings? I already know, he's my friend," Aomine answers but that's not really true. There's a nagging voice inside his head that tells him that his reaction earlier was most definitely derived from jealousy, not concern for a friend.

He doesn't understand how Kise could make him feel this way and it's a bit scary, because he's never liked a guy before. He's never liked someone he was initially friends with either, so he's really at a loss for words.

"…as long as you continue to support Ki-chan, I guess it's fine," Momoi says. She's clearly disappointed in Aomine's reply but she drops the subject, for which Aomine is really grateful.

He's definitely not ready to admit he likes Kise even to himself, let alone someone else, that's why he'll lie.

But surely someday he'll tell the whole wide world how important one idiot blond called Kise Ryouta is to him; after all, that's something he's known for a while now.

What remains to be seen is whether 'important' will ever come to mean he loves Kise.

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