Vergil had been always in love with Dante even though his craving for power continually grows into such an extreme state. After all he had been through down in downfall and the defeat by his own brother, he once again raised with a new army and wants to reclaimed for once he thinks that truly belong to him, including his brother soul and body. This is taken after the devil may cry event occurred and after Devil may cry: Vergil Downfall…

WARNING: I do not own devil may cry, if I do…then the plot of the story will turn 360, believe me on this! Contain harsh languages and sex between male (incest more precise). That's why I rated it as M (later there will be Mpreg…I think)

Vergil X Dante and slight Dante X Kat

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Prologue (this is when he was still in the downfall)

The days in the downfalls was like a hell of Vergil, as he tried to breathe in this new kind of world and the stabbed heart continues to bleed, as if it knows how hurtful it is to be betrayed by his own brother…the one he loved so much. Before all of this happens, he was happy that he can be together with the one he loves and working together as they kickin some demons ass and then celebrate it even though no one will knows what hell are they talking about. He thought that he actually found some happiness when he do this together with his brother, Dante. It all went wrong when that bitch began to take Dante's heart, that Kat really knows how to captures his beloved attentions and then try to use it to against him when he asks Dante to join him to rule the world after they defeated Mundus with their own hands. She corrupted his brother's mind after what all of he done to her in order to become an assistant to him.

"I loved you, brother"

That is the last confession that he told Dante before he went into this damned world.

"If I had more power, I'll be able to conquer that world and then captured Dante as he belongs to me and mine only"

He noticed something, the necklace that his mother gave to him already gone; he didn't know where he was lost it, either when he comes to this world or before that. Then, he realizes that the fuckers had already waiting for him to kill and as they forwarding their attack, Vergil had to fight them in order to survive.

"I will not die in this world as my dream had not yet fulfilled, wait for me Dante coz I'm coming for you and afterwards I will kill that bitch so she no longer can corrupt you with the humanity and freedom things again"

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(This is taken right after Vergil went through the portal)

Dante stares the place where his brother disappears after he stabbed Vergil's heart with the rebellion with his demon rage within him activated. Kat manages to stop him before he killed Vergil and decided to let him go.

"It's over Dante, for now"

Kat touch his shoulder and tried to calm him down as for what he did just now.

"I tried to kill my own brother Kat, my twin brother" the feeling of guilt begin to surround him after he realize what he almost done.

"But you stopped didn't you? His craving for power was far beyond that and he surely will become like Mundus if you don't stop him"

"I know, but I don't know why my heart aches so much when he said he loves me. When he left, I feel some parts of me are dying."

Kat sighed; she knows what the cause for Dante to feel like that.

"That's because you loved him Dante, even though you unaware about it"

He completely shocked for what Kat said just now. Me? Fallen in love with Vergil? There's no way it become like that, but stills…he can't explain the pain that he had from his heart and the feelings of loss of someone truly important to him. it was the first time ever for him.

"You can't be serious; I have no kind of feelings towards Vergil. Not in a million years"

"Dante, denying it only confirms me that you loved him"

He flattered, his eyes widen out and his heart beats loudly. He can't believe that he actually loves Vergil, but it cannot be true…

"Forget about the past Dante, think about the present. Now the world is free from the demons for now we can actually relax for a little bit"

"Yeah, you right. Now I can go to the bar and fucked some whores and then drinks some beer to celebrate. Wouldn't mind to join me?" as he lend his hand to invites Kat for his own kind of celebration.

"A little bit of fun can be compromised as long it also involves a material for my witch craft"

"Oh come on, for once could you not think about jobs?"

"We can get two in one Dante, think of it"

They walked together as the sun rises above them, showing a world of peace and freedom ensues for the first time.

The one I love

(After he fought with his own Doppelganger)

The demon of him coughs with blood; he smirked devilishly and comes toward the demon.

"I think you had something belongs to me. May I take it back?"

He then killed the demon with Yamato and then goes further when he suddenly hears a woman screamed for help. He knows that no doubt the voices belong to his own mother, Eva. As he marched forward to the voice, he fights with demons along the way and finally gets to the destination he wanted to be.

"Vergil, it's you"

His mother looked at him as he standing there alone without his brother.

"Where's your brother, Vergil?"

"He's dead, mother"

Eva couldn't believe on what he said, it cannot be true…just who would be the person that killed her own son.

"Who killed him?"

"I am"

Eva terrified and Vergil kinda calm when he saws her expression for the news he had just delivered to her.

"Why? Why did you kill him Vergil? I never thought you to do that"

"You always loved him, mother. You never felt that way to me; I'll always be the second best aside from him"

"We love you equally; I loved the both of you. What have you become?"

He snapped when Eva said that.

"No, you always and only loved him. In your eyes, you could only see Dante but not ME!"

"No, it's not true"

Vergil sees his mother cries madly and decides to leave her alone instead of killing her. All of the things he said were a white lie, he would never kill his beloved Dante, and he would never allowed it. He would go wild if anyone dares to kill Dante; he will kill anyone before they can even touch him. He only kills the one that imitates Dante, that one little fucker doesn't get his face right. He walked from the place and sees the grave where Eva rest peacefully then closed shut.

The demons he fights when he went through all the downfalls before come to him. He was ready to fight them as he has gained all of the power he needed to make his comeback. As much as he loves gaining more power, he stills can see Dante as his main priority. Suddenly, the head of the demon bowed down to him as if they earned a new master and Vergil knows right away that he is their new master. All the demons then stand up and as he walked from the wretched place, the demons followed him and will go anyway wherever he goes.

"With all of this power I gained, I finally can make my greatest dream. Dante my love, wait for me"

The one I love

(Later that night when Dante asleep)

He gasps for air and wake up. He was sweating and after a few minutes, he calmed down.

Vergil, are you coming back to this world again? To bring chaos after the world has redeemed their own freedom. No, I won't allow it even you are my brother. I already said that ill protect this world from any evil and will do anything to prevent this from happening. He thinks again, maybe he had just a wild dream after having a wild celebration with Kat after all what happens to him today and ended up sleeping with her. She opens her eyes and sees Dante sweating.

"What's wrong Dante?"

"Nothing, I just had a bad dream"

"Is that so? Go back to sleep and think about tomorrow"

He then goes back to sleep and slides his arms around Kat, he could onlypray that it's just a dream not a real thing.

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