A/N: I think I got over my writing block now. I think. I'll try to continue the Prince of Serpents.

Well, I played recently Heart of the Swarm and couldn't resist the urge to write a crossover. It's the same Master of Death Multiverse I've used for A Song of Ice and Fire crossover previously.

Summary: Harry Potter, the Master of Death, bored of his endless existence finds himself in a new universe in company of Sarah Kerrigan and a zergling.

Rating: I'm still unsure, but let's make it T for now.

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by CreatorZorah

Chapter 1

"Checkmate," Harry Potter said with a sigh.

That was their two thousand fifth game. Harry had no idea why Voldemort wanted to be immortal. Living forever was as boring as watching slug races. He could very well understand why Dumbledore considered death an adventure. Harry was the Master of Death and as such he was bond to live forever. The only positive part of it was that he could choose between continuing to live in the same universe or leave it behind and explore a new one. It was a surprise that there are many universes. Some are similar to his own, others are completely different. The only escape from the endless boredom. That and playing chess with Death.

"You owe me an interesting universe, Death," he said.

"Right," the Death said. "Let's see... How about an Earth with aliens, gods, superheroes and supervillains flying around?"

Harry blinked. Who the hell created an universe like that? As if aliens weren't enough to spread chaos. "Not in the mood for an Earth."

"I thought so. Still brooding about Seline, Master?"

Harry growled. "Why do you have to remind me about her every time I meet you? I hate you."

"Lies," the Death said nonchalantly. "You want me."

Harry grinned. "I prefer more... ugh... lively beings."

"Right, like that undead woman... Do you have a fetish, Master?"

"What?" Harry exclaimed. "You shouldn't watch human television so much, it makes a pervert out of you."

"You're the one to talk. Falling in love with a dead woman..."

"But you have to agree, she was beautiful."

"Being undead suited her," Death agreed. "She was deathly beautiful."

"Besides if something isn't beyond the Gates it's still alive."

"Well, true, but that doesn't make her more lively. Why don't you bring her back when you visit the next universe?"

"She deserves to rest in peace more than anyone," Harry answered. "I promised her to never call for her soul."

It was the main reason he hated his situation. He was the Master of Death, he could rip the souls from fragile bodies with a simple wish and bring them back, but didn't have chance to join those had gone behind the Gates. He wished he could bring those dear to him back, but those behind the Gate weren't particularly fond of being disturbed.

Sure it worked for a few lifetimes with his friends, parents and Seline, but in the end he couldn't bring himself to disturb their peace once again, because every time they would grow more and more distant, tired of life but unable to say it out of guilt. There was something behind these doors to the afterlife. Something good. Something the souls of the dead couldn't speak of. Something beyond the reach of Death and its Master.

"Pity, she would be helpful in your next adventure."

Harry narrowed his eyes. "My next adventure?"

"Yes. There is an universe that requires our attention. One decided that one's beyond the reach of Death," said Death and turned its head to look at him. Harry had never seen Death's face hidden in the darkness of the hood. Neither could he tell if Death was female, male or genderless. In meantime Death continued, "You know how these idiots are... think they're immortal, think they can rule the universe. The future is clouded and one may destroy the balance in that particular point of the Multiverse. And we don't want that, do we? I don't think you'll need to intervene, but it's possible. You will enjoy the adventure for sure. It's not an Earth."

Harry groaned. "You're a troublesome being..."

"Of course I am, Master," Death said with a laugh. "No restrictions... but don't tear planets apart. At least not when there is no need."

Harry shrugged. "That would be boring."

He closed his eyes before the transition and after a short sensation of free fall he fell down to a cold metallic floor. The next moment he heard a shot and instinctively deflected the bullet before it could kill him, but then he immediately had to jump away from some growling beast that was readying to bite his head off. What the bloody mess did the old senile Death throw him into? To get some air he put a barrier between himself and the two beings that wanted to kill him.

That didn't stop the two from trying to get him either with bullets or claws and fists. The barrier shuddered when one of the beings tried to punch him. Harry raised an eyebrow. Damn powerful. He looked at the one and blinked. A woman, quite beautiful one. Her hair was... very exotic. Almost like a medusa, though instead of snakes she had... he wasn't even sure what it was. Insect legs? These tentacles weren't supposed to be on her head. He could see her soul and she had been a green-eyed redhead. For some reason for the first time in ages he was reminded of his long gone through the Gates mother. He shook his head.

Anyway, he didn't have time to enjoy the view, the woman decided to try a different tactics and he felt a very powerful attack on his mind that sent him for a moment to one knee. Nothing he couldn't handle for there were very few things he couldn't handle, but still, he wasn't prepared for such power coming from a young looking woman.

Suddenly the onslaught stopped as some broadcast on the display caught her attention. His eyes widened as he realized that these people spoke English. Convenient, a little weird though. He turned around and looked at the beast that was growling at him. Its mind was quite simple, the creature wasn't very intelligent. Harry didn't hesitate to make the beast consider him a friend. Its soul looked quite confusing for Harry, because it didn't have a definite form. Fascinating. He turned around to face the woman.

Apparently someone was executed, some individual named Jim Raynor. The man was obviously important to the woman as she totally forgot that a second ago she was trying to smash his head to bits. Harry wasn't sure what was the energy she released a moment later, but it had to be some kind of magic. One way or another, it existed in many universes under different names. She sat down to the floor clasping her hands around her knees oblivious of the world around her.

Harry didn't want to invade her mind as she had a good shield and he would probably end up harming her by the intrusion. Yep, definitely an interesting universe. The beast looked at him for a moment and he petted it unconsciously. It was quite cute, not the kitten-cute, but a step forward in comparison to his last pet. Its fangs could be a bit less threatening though. The beast went to the woman and Harry checked quickly if the creature was dangerous to her. He relaxed as it turned out that it wasn't.

"I know it's probably a wrong moment for introductions," Harry said, "But..."

"Who the hell are you?" interrupted him the woman.

Damn it, this question again. The question he had been asked countless times. The question he didn't really know the answer for. He would laugh and say some obscure things, but he doubted that she would apreciate it right now.

"Name's Harry Potter. I didn't mean to intrude like this. A friend of mine decided that it was the best place to land for some reason. The friend is a troublesome fellow. Would you tell me your name in return, what this place and this cute thing are?" Harry told her petting the weird creature.

The woman stared at him in disbelief and he felt her trying to get into his head again. He repelled the attempt easily as her eyes shined yellow.

"It's useless, don't bother trying," he said with a sigh. "I've accumulated experience at protecting my mind during the aeons of my existence."

"Aeons?" She stepped back. "What... are you?" she asked.

"The second most troublesome being that no one wants to meet," he answered. "But I asked you a few questions."

She hesitated for a moment before saying, "And why the hell should I tell you something?"

"I did tell you my name, it's only appropriate for you to return the courtesy."

"Sarah Kerrigan," she said slowly. "And the thing you are... petting right now is a zerg. We're on the board of a dropship."

"I'm not from around here, if you're wondering how the hell I don't know that." He paused. "I have a proposition."

Sarah narrowed her eyes and told him, "Yeah? What kind of proposition?"

"This man... Jim Raynor, he was important to you." Her eyes turned yellow, but before she could snap at him he continued, "You're quick to anger. Listen before you begin trying to smash my head to bits."

She actually hissed at that. Harry had to admit he loved women like this one. Sadly enough her heart was already taken. But despite the belief of many in exclusiveness of love, it isn't in fact exclusive. Humans are too selfish beings to accept that their partner can love someone else. Despite knowing it and the millennia he had lived, Harry wasn't any different. He wasn't selfless. Not the way he was during the first lifetime.

"What do you want?" she asked.

"Nothing much. My friend always tends to send me to the right place where I can meet the right person. It seems that you are the right person. You'll be my guide to this place and I probably end up helping you to do... whatever has to be done. In return I bring this man, Jim Raynor back from the dead."

Sarah's eyes turned yellow again and she tried to punch Harry again. He avoided her attack though.

"How dare you?!" she snapped giving him a cold glare.

"Damn it, and people tell me that I'm short tempered," Harry said. "I can do it, here and now. You only have to agree and that's it."

"You're insane," she said shaking her head. "Whatever. I agree."

Harry nodded and closed his eyes searching for the soul of the man. There were many people named Raynor, but Harry didn't need the name, he could find the right soul through Sarah's feelings. A body doesn't love. A soul does. As he failed to find Jim among the dead, he frowned, realizing that his smart plan was butchered to small pieces. Harry opened his eyes and looked at the woman.

"I can't bring him back, because he's not dead," he said ignoring her snort. "It's unwise to believe words of politicians. Their deeds tend to run counter to words."

Her eyes widened. Obviously, she didn't really believe him, but realized that there was a chance that the news of the man's death being a lie.

"And why should I believe your words?"

He leaned on the wall and said, "I'm not a politician."

"The fact doesn't convince me though."

Harry smiled. "I'll bring back one person of your choice. But only one."

She stared at him for a moment and then said, "And what if I say that I want to save this opportunity for later?"

He shrugged. "You may do that. But will you believe my word?"

She didn't answer immediately. "No, I don't even believe that you can bring someone back," she said. "For all I know you might be one of the Mengsk's dogs or just insane idiot. Though seeing you petting a zergling is... unsettling."

"Why?" Harry asked with a grin on his face. "It's cute."

"If you say so. Don't hug a hydralisk though."

Harry grinned. "What is a hydralisk? Is it as cute as this one?"

Sarah placed a hand over her face. "You're insane."

"If you live as long as I, you'll find that beauty has many faces," Harry said. "Well, let's get to the point. If I'm unable to bring anyone back, you won't be able to use the opportunity. So, what's the reason to save it for later? Just give me a name and I'll prove that I'm not lying."

She hesitated again. "But what if you tell the truth and I'd waste the perfect opportunity?"

"Make it count then."

She sighed with frustration. "To hell with it, if you'd been with Mengsk, I'd be dead by now. Let's pretend that I believe you."


"If Jim is alive, where is he?"

"I've got no idea, where he is," Harry lied.

He didn't want to hand her anything on a silver plate. People had to reach their goals themselves, otherwise they would depend on him too much. Sure if she would end up having problems with finding this Jim, he would probably help, but not before she had tried herself.

"Then what are you good for?"

"Except that I can resurrect a person of your choice? What would you need?"

She didn't answer for a minute. Harry waited patiently, giving her enough time to think and make a decision.

"If I just ask you to leave, will you do that?" she asked at last.

Harry smiled and answered, "Nope, I'm here for an unknown reason, I believe I should stay. And since you, obviously, can't harm me or force me out, you're stuck with me. And don't even think about leaving me somewhere behind, by the way. I have an ability to teleport."

To prove his point he apparated to the other wall.

"Great, I've got a stalker with an ability to teleport." Sarah shook her head and looked at the zerg. "You know the zerling isn't a dog."

Harry studied the beast critically and nodded. "Definitely not. So, what's the problem with the zerg?"

"It's a long story," she answered with a sigh. "You really don't know anything, do you?"

"I'm completely oblivious to this universe."

She narrowed her eyes and asked, "This universe?"

"Yes, didn't I say that I'm not from around here?" Harry asked innocently.

"Indeed a troublesome being," she grunted.

Harry looked around for the first time wondering what kind of technology existed in this universe. It looked quite advanced, but very far from the most advanced technology he had seen.

"So... could you give me a short brief about... well, everything? Like who you are, what these tentacles are doing on your head, who zerg are, and what Raynor rebel against."

"A short brief?"

"Yes, the shorter the better. Alternatively you drop your mind shields and I just read everything from your head."

"Like hell I'll drop my mind shields," Sarah disagreed. "To answer your questions, the zerg are aliens. They assimilate other species and use their genetic code if it's useful."

Well, nothing new there. He had seen such species and in fact was fascinated by creatures like this. Almost always they were unique in one way or another. They were interesting. He looked at Sarah's hair and nodded to himself.

"This explains your beautiful hairstyle then," he said. "Accelerated evolution through assimilation. Fascinating."

Sarah choked and stared at him. "Beautiful?"

"Sure, but please continue your story. We can always talk about it later."

"Well... you're right." But she clearly hesitated to continue. Suddenly she said, "Under my lead zerg slaughtered billions of innocents."

Obviously she said it to examine his reaction. She had been the Dark Lady of this universe, it seems. Harry shrugged. Like he hadn't been a Dark Lord himself. If anything he found zerg more appealing than humans. Zerg weren't boring at least, they were something new. And he liked to learn something new.

"Relations between different sapient species are always complicated. Usually leads to xenocide. The strongest and fittest prevail. Are you a zerg then? Is Jim Raynor a zerg too? What's the difference? Except your hair, I mean."

Sarah looked at me in surprise. "Doesn't it concern..." She shook her head. "Never mind. I'm not the leader of the zerg swarm anymore. I'm human... mostly. And Jim isn't a zerg either. Years ago I and Jim served under Mengsk, fighting against the previous government, the Confederacy. It turned out that Mengsk isn't any better than the Confederacy. I and Jim are his number one enemies. I for being the former leader of zerg and Jim for being the leader of the resistance. I blame my hairstyle on Mengsk, by the way."

"Oh, I see. Then it's quite obvious why Raynor is still alive."

"Yes, I can see it now too," she said. "Everyone thinks he's dead. Demoralized, angry, prone to make stupid mistakes. But should things turn bad for Mengsk, he can use Jim as a leverage. The bastard always has a backup plan." She growled. "It won't stop until Mengsk is dead."

"If you plan to save your friend, I'll help." Hopefully this was going to be entertaining.

Sarah looked at him doubtfully. "And how would you help?"

"Well, you saw my power already. I fought countless battles and had billions serving under me. I have lots of useful tricks like getting me or others invisible, teleportation, mind control."

He would tell her more, but he didn't want to make it too easy. Considering what he had seen her doing herself, The more restriction, the more entertaining this adventure would get. Sarah appeared to be deep in thoughts. For a moment Harry wished that she wouldn't have her powerful mind shields to know what she was thinking of. But at the same time he was excited at the thought of something being unknown to him.

Her uncertainty, doubt and hesitation were obvious to him, however. She was fighting an inner battle with herself, but he didn't know what for.

"If you tell me what's wrong, perhaps I can give an advice. Can't promise that it will be a good one though, I have most likely completely different moral compass and I know less than enough about the universe, but still, two heads are better than one."

She looked at him for a few seconds considering his offer. "You know I don't trust you."

"Sure, but does it matter if I tag along anyway?"

She sighed and shook her head. "I can try to get in contact with Hyperion, Jim's ship, and they'd probably help. The problem, they work with Valerian, Mengsk's son. I don't trust him at all. It's his fault Jim was captured in first place. I can't risk Jim's safety like this. Besides Raiders don't have enough manpower to take Mengsk down." She hissed and spat angrily, "And he has to die."

"But you obviously has got something in mind."

"Yes," he said. "The zerg. I've still got a power to control them. I could use them to destroy Mengsk and free Jim."

"I feel there is huge but coming."

Sarah nodded. "Jim won't like it. I doubt anyone will appreciate me taking control of the zerg again."

"Who leads them now that you don't anyway?"

"I've got no idea," she answered. "But someone will lead them sooner or later, probably."

"Then I don't understand why you don't take control of them if you can. With you or without you they're obviously a threat to humans. You could, however, minimize the threat. Two birds with one stone."

Harry felt himself evil for providing her a reason become the Dark Lady of this universe once again. He struggled to not smile, as her eyes widened in realization. He decided to continue his pressure.

"Besides, I came here for a reason. Something is coming and it's not zerg, because the zerg feel right. They aren't evil, they don't bring imbalance. On contrary, they're the force of nature. At least that is what I feel while looking at this cute zergling." He frowned, as he studied the zergling closer using his magic. "There is a taint, however. As if someone wants to use them. But given they have a leader that shouldn't be an issue."

"Oh, go to hell with this mumbo jumbo!" Sarah exclaimed getting into the pilot's chair.

Harry grinned. "I'm the personification of mumbo jumbo, Sarah Kerrigan."

"Navigation online. Destination: zerg space. Confirm?" something obviously synthetic asked.

"Confirmed," Sarah said and turned to him. "Take a seat. It will take some time and we've got a lot to talk about, Harry Potter."

"Just Harry, if you don't mind."

She smiled and gave him a nod. "You can call me Sarah."