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Tale of Assassins

Chapter 5: Flight of the Owl

Artemis POV

I had worked on trying to track where Dick had gone, after the court was destroyed, for about a week. This was where I had finally tracked him to a penthouse in the middle of the city.

I climbed up the wall of the building that he was currently living in, used my arms to open the window without a sound. After the window was open, I walked over to the bar stool that he was sitting on, drinking.

"Ahem," I said this to let him know I there.

"Oh, hey," He replied solemnly barely acknowledging my presence.

"Really?" I nearly screamed, "After all we've been through together? All I get is an 'Oh, Hey.'"

"Sorry?" he replied confused.

"So what now?" I asked, kind of ashamed I had yelled, "Are you just going to drink yourself to death?" I paused, "Are you even old enough to legally drink?"

"I don't know," he replied nonchalantly, taking another swig of whatever was in that god forsaken glass he was holding. I raised my eyebrow, "No, I really have no idea how old I am."

He finally turned to face me, I saw how unkempt his hair was, he probably hadn't showered for weeks, he was even starting to grow a beard.

"You look horrible," I stated flatly, "I mean as horrible as you could ever look. You have to keep going, you have to-"

"WHY?" he interrupted, yelling in my face, tears starting to form in his eyes, "I have no motivation to go one! NOBODY CARES ABOUT ME!"

"I care about you," I said my hand touching his face gently, "I really do, and I know somewhere in that thick head of yours that you care about me too."

He stood up closing the already short distance between us, put his hand over mine, and kissed me.

"I really need to take a shower," He breathed out.

"And shave," I added in, "By the way," I said as we pulled away, "How the hell did you afford this?"

"What you don't know won't hurt you," He said with a mischievous smile.

"Okay then," I said, rolling my eyes, "Anyways I have a surprise for you."

Dick POV

I had no idea what she was doing, dragging me out to the outskirts of Gotham to do, but it better be important.

"All right," She spoke after 45 minutes of silence, "Here we are."

"What did you drag me out here to do?" I asked rather angrily.

"Calm down bird boy," She said, "In that house right there," She pointed straight ahead, "Live your parents."

Without thinking I opened the car door ran up to the door and knocked. I waited as patiently as I possibly could, but it was quite difficult to wait. But then they finally opened the door.

"Hello," I spoke in the most calm voice I could muster, "John and Mary Grayson?"

"Yes, that's us," Mary said, a little bit confused.

"I'm your son, Dick."

A/N: I hoped you loved the story! Yes, Dick's parents did die in the comics and the show, but I made a decision that maybe they didn't die and that's why he was drafted into the court as the Talon. I am writing a sequel to this story, but that probably won't be for another couple of weeks, in the meantime I will be working on some other projects, you can see my profile for those.