Author's Note: By popular demand, this story has been extended to a twoshot. Hope you enjoy!


For Lukas, the past two years had been a dream come true. Every morning when he woke up and saw his beloved Mathias's tousled blond head on the pillow beside him, he would pinch himself hard, just to check that he was really awake, that he was really that lucky. That particular morning, Mathias had a day off from filming, and Lukas was excited, wondering what plans he had for them.

As he waited for Mathias to begin to stir, he reflected on how much had happened since their first meeting: their whirlwind courtship, their first public appearance together, moving from his cramped flat to Mathias's spacious mansion… And still he couldn't quite believe that it was all real. He didn't want to be accused of piggybacking on his boyfriend's fame, but he had been able to resign from a job he hated thanks to his newfound wealth and was now able to pursue his dream of writing a series of children's books about magical creatures. He snapped out of his dream as he heard movement beside him. Mathias had woken. 'Good morning, gorgeous,' he said to Lukas, in a voice that was still half-asleep. Lukas curled up beside him. 'What are we going to do today?' he asked eagerly.

Mathias didn't reply, instead sitting up and running his fingers through his hair. 'Damn! I forgot to tell you, didn't I?' 'Tell me what?' Lukas asked, already feeling that he wasn't going to like the answer. 'Alfred invited me to go bungee-jumping and I said yes.' He paused, looking at Lukas's expressionless face to see if his words had prompted any reaction. Uncertainly, he continued. 'I could cancel, if you'd like, only I wouldn't want him to feel like I was avoiding him. He's a good friend, you know that.' He placed a hand on Lukas's shoulder, seeming not to notice when he stiffened. 'Is that alright, love?' Lukas was angry. Mathias was always doing this, choosing his celebrity friends over him. 'It's fine,' he said, tightly, 'just go. Have a good time.' Mathias smiled, not noticing the sarcasm. He pulled on a casual jeans and T-Shirt combo, kissed an unresponsive Lukas on the cheek and headed out.

As soon as he was alone in the house, Lukas went downstairs, intending to have a quick breakfast before settling down to work on the illustrations for his book. His mind was buzzing with irritated thoughts, most of them directed at Mathias and his friends. Alfred was his new co-star, a loud American who always played the stupid comedy sidekick, or the wingman, or the drunk guy. Lukas had got a headache after meeting him for the first time. And then there was the flamboyant French stylist, Francis, and the annoyingly camp fashion designer, Feliks. Lukas didn't like any of them, and they in turn misinterpreted his quiet, reserved manner as rude and stayed away.

Thinking about this put him in a bad mood all day. Try as he might, he couldn't concentrate long enough to get a moment's work done, and when Mathias got home, slightly tipsy and still laughing at all the hilarious things that had happened to him that day, Lukas was ready to explode. He didn't look up as Mathias entered his study, peering over his shoulder as he always did. 'Lukas?' Lukas ignored him. 'Lukas, you need to start getting ready now. We're going to Feliks's party at seven.' 'Feliks doesn't like me,' he replied, breathing deeply to prevent his face from going red. Mathias shrugged 'He invited you though. And you like Toris.'

Lukas stood up and turned to face him, although he wasn't quite tall enough to meet his eye. 'He has to invite me because we come in a pair. And he and Toris broke up, remember? Not that I'd expect you to. You can't remember to tell me when you've made plans, for one thing.' Mathias was startled at this outburst. 'Look, I don't really want to go either, but I've got a reputation to uphold. And Feliks is a bit one-sided, but he's nice. Lukas rolled his eyes. 'I don't care how nice he is! He's shallow. Alfred's shallow. All of your friends are! And what's all this crap about your 'reputation'? You said, the very first time we met, that you liked me because I'm not shallow, because I'm not insincere. But that's what the people you hang around with are like, and that's what you've become! I'm not going to that stupid party and that's final!'

Mathias took a step forward. He was naturally quick to anger, and the alcohol had not improved his temper. 'I'll go. I'll go without you, even though it'll spark rumours. Rumours that we've broken up. Rumours that might, just might, turn out to be true.' Lukas opened his mouth in shock, casting around for something to say, but Mathias had already left the room. He sat back down at his desk, burying his head in his hands and sighing despairingly as he heard the angry Dane banging things around upstairs as he prepared for the party. 'I hope you look nice,' Lukas muttered savagely to himself. 'After all, you've got a reputation to uphold.'

After a while, he heard Mathias leaving the house without saying goodbye. Sighing, he went and grabbed a sharing-size bag of crisps from the kitchen and stretched out on the couch, watching a boring action film. When the film finished, he tried to read a few pages of his book, gave up and went upstairs to bed. That night, he dreamt of Mathias walking away from him while he tried to call him back, only to stumble and fall and have to lie on the ground, watching Mathias's receding figure grow ever more distant.

When Lukas woke up, he was the only one in the bed, but that was only to be expected. Mathias had probably spent the night at the house of one of his actor friends and gone straight to the set in the morning. Remembering last night's argument, he picked up his phone and Googled the party to see if any rumours had indeed been sparked. He found a short article on a celebrity gossip website and scanned it until he found Mathias's name.

The devilishly handsome Mathias Kohler went for understated elegance in a casual designer ensemble. He appeared without his boyfriend of two years, Lukas Bondevik, but was soon enjoying the delights of the party, staying until 7 this morning.

Lukas sighed. The article had not explicitly stated anything, but the insinuation was there. He was already worried about what Mathias would say when he got home, and decided that there was nothing to do but wait for him. He decided to get at least five hours' solid work done, then catch up on his neglected reading, and be careful to keep his mind off other things. He managed to focus enough to get the illustrations for a whole page done and he felt a wonderful sense of satisfaction as he watched the iridescent green dragon and its hoard of treasure take shape under his pen. Then, still taking care not to think about Mathias, he curled up in bed with a romantic novel, his guilty pleasure.

He was still awake when Mathias crawled into bed at almost midnight, more than 24 hours after they had last seen each other. 'Lukas?' he whispered, wrapping his arms around him and placing his head on his shoulder. 'I'm sorry, love.' Lukas turned over so that he was facing him. 'Sorry for what?' he asked, wary of Mathias's throwaway apologies. 'Sorry for everything. For abandoning you, choosing my friends over you. For valuing other people's judgements over your happiness. And for suggesting that I would ever, in a million years, leave you. I meant everything I said when we met. I love every single thing about you, and if I had to live without you, no amount of money in the world could make me happy. So do you forgive me?' Lukas let himself be embraced and kissed his lover. 'I forgive you,' he whispered as their hands twined together.

As they lay together, still wrapped round each other, the stars slowly went round above them; around that great, burning constant, the North Star.