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(By the way, this is a week or so into the future, just in case some of you get confused.)

I woke up, got out of bed, brushed my teeth, and went into the kitchen… just like every other day. Everything seems to run together now… well, except when I hang out with my buddies... there's Chris, a general a nice guy, though he has a short patience and is a little bit of a smart ass.

There's Zach, my co-worker and my other half... literally, he acts like me but without restraint. And, he's also the musical dude.

Then there's Issac, our smart guy. He's an inventor all the way down to the last molecule, I've actually been the, as he calls it, 'Guinea Pig' in most of his experiments, and I have the scars to prove it!

Now Zeke, he may seem like a shy guy, but he's a tough smooth talker, or so he claims.

Then there's Victor, youngest of the group, but you'd think he was the oldest one with how he acts. He has a sense of authority that Rivals Kyle.

Speaking of Kyle, he's our Military Brony. Been in the Marine 9 years, he's earned the rank . Though he can sometimes be quiet, but as soon as a good conversation is started you can bet your sweet ass he's going to join in.

and I can't forget about Jordan, this guy is tough and will usually say what's on his mind and he's just like me when it comes to how we treat friends.

Whenever I'm with those dudes… there's never a dull day.

I honestly can't remember how we all met… but I don't really question it since I'm pretty forgetful. But I think it has something to do with the fact that we're all Bronies… Big bronies…

Each of us all took turns and told each other our favorite ponies. My and Chris' favorite pony is Rainbow Dash, Victor's is Fluttershy, Kyle's is Luna, Zach's is Vinyl, Zeke's is Twilight, Jordan's is Applejack, Issac

To be more Bronylicious, we all made our own OC's… well we made about 10 each, but yeah…

I think Chris settled on an orange Unicorn colt with light blue eyes and a yellow and orange mane and a Blink-182 logo cutie mark and named him Solar, while Issac went with a jet-black Pegasus with a tail and mane as dark as its coat, with metallic gold eyes, and the Group 935 logo as its cutie mark and named him Shadow Storm… and yet the rest of us can't decide on a name or an OC just yet…

"Well, since today's Saturday we can see the new episode… and I'm completely prepared." I said to effectively change the subject. Opening the fridge and getting out the milk I twist off the cap and chug it.

"Ahhh… this is how a man lives…" I again, said to none in particular. Putting back on the cap and putting it in the fridge I shut it and run upstairs to take a shower and get dressed.

Hopping out the shower I put on my usual clothes, Black baggy gothic jeans with a grey brony T-shirt with black and red Shoes, grabbed my Gamestop I.D. card, my phone, my wallet, and car keys, and sped out the door. Softly slamming the door I walk down the path and hop in my car. Turning the key and starting my 1998 Dodge Durango I drive carefully to work like I do everyday…

Ok so I sped down the road to work, I love my job… nothing wrong with that is there? "I really gotta stop talking to myself…"

Parking in the parking lot of Gamestop I hop out and stroll inside like a boss. Zach was already here doing a trade-in… "Hey there scruffy." I call him Scruffy since his hair looks like it got tackled by a hurricane, slapped by a Llama, and blow dried with a Kangaroo fart... but at least his clothes didn't look that way... His black and blue Vinyl Scratch shirt, dark blue jeans... I quickly looked at my shoes, then his, then back to mine... "Did he steal my other pair of shoes?" .

Work went by pretty fast… I went in at 7:15am and clocked out at about 5:00pm. "So what's on the agenda today?" Zach asked after slapping me on the back.

"Well…" I began, after rubbing my back. "We could check if the rest of the gang is free I guess."

'Buzzz Buzzz' Looking at my phone I smiled, "Speaking of the gang." Hitting the 'Talk' button I say, "Hello? This is dog."

On the other end I hear Zeke say, "Dog? This is cat."

Then I hear Issac say, "Dog and Cat? This is Ostrich."

Then Chris says, "Dog? Cat? Ostrich? This is Walrus."

Kyle then says, "Dog? Cat? Ostrich? Walrus? This is Duck."

Victor then says, "Dog? Cat? Ostrich? Walrus? Duck? This is Monkey."

Finally Jordan says, "Dog? Cat? Ostrich? Walrus? Duck? Monkey? This is Turkey."

Out of nowhere Zach grabs the phone and says, "Everypony. This… is Sparta."

I grab my phone and put it to my ear, ready to tell them who that was, but instead of silence I get a dial-tone.

In the distance I hear, "We all hung up after we heard Sparta!" looking out in the parking lot I see Zeke, Issac, Jordan, Kyle, and Victor standing next to my car.

Smiling I reply, "I had no control of it!" and ran with Zach over to them.

Zeke is wearing a black shirt with black pants, black and white shoes. And has a gold chain around his neck. He has spiky medium black hair and blue eyes.

Chris has dark blond hair, green eyes. Wearing a brown collared shirt with cargo pants.

Issac was wearing a white shirt with a diagonal blue line and black jeans, he has black and shaggy hair with golden eyes.

Jordan had light brown hair that was eye length, emerald green eyes, wearing a yellow shirt with long black sleeves, black pants, a yin-yang necklace, and white converses with yellow laces.

Kyle had dark brown hair with a military buzz cut, with Forest Brown eyes and his marine uniform on.

While Victor had short brown curly hair, gold eyes and was wearing a grey sweatshirt and jeans.

Anyways we all piled into my and Zach's car, because it's better to carpool, and drove over to my house for some awesomeness!

I parked in the drive way as Zach pulled up next to me, getting out the car I walk to my front door and unlock it. Opening it I walk inside with everyone trailing behind me.

I immediately walk into the kitchen and look at my list that shows what drink they all like, because I got tired of asking, and pull out each respective drink. I went with a Root Beer, Zach and Kyle went with Mountain Dew, Issac got a Sprite, Victor got a Dr. Pepper, while Zeke and Jordan went with a Coke.

Popin' the tab I take a seat and flip open my laptop while everyone else was at their respective station.

Allow me to explain, my living room has a large L shaped couch in the middle and surrounding it are the kitchen, bathroom, PS3 corner, XBOX corner, and the TV in front of the couch. Each corner has a fairly large TV and a small table… It's every gamers fantasy… our Final Fantasy… get off my back.

While they all played their games or watched TV I decided I'd… do… something… on my computer… "I completely forgot what I was going to do…"

"You always do." Zach said, taking a quick glance at me before returning to his game.

"Play some games or something, that should jog your memory." Issac told me.

"Oh hey I remember now! I was about to get on FFXI." I said, finally remembering.

"Just like always…" Victor replied, shaking his head then returning back to his games.

Ignoring his comment and clicking on the PlayOnline icon I log into FFXI.

I solo'd a few NMs in Abyssea on my Ninja and ended with a Lv. 5 Besieged on my Ranger before logging off and closing my laptop. I look at the clock on the wall and see that it's 10:00pm now. Then I realized I could've looked at the clock on my laptop and face-palmed. "Ok guys… game time is over, MLP time is now."

"Roger that." They all replied and gathered on the couch.

"Now then my fine gents… this is the episode we have been waiting for!" I shouted, my voice echoing throughout my house.

"Yeah!" Zach shouted, mimicking Snowflake's voice.

"But, as is tradition…" I pulled out a Top hat that had a lot of paper folded inside, "We shall watch any one episode of whoever's name is called out." I then stuck my hand inside and, after creating a miniature paper tornado in the hat I grabbed one and held it up.

After setting down the hat I unfolded the paper and paused for dramatic effect, "….Clean the house… this… this is the wrong hat…"

Everyone face-palmed and then Jordan brought me the real name hat, "Thank you… now then I'm not gonna waste any time, so I'll just pick out a name now." I again stuck my hand in and pulled out a piece of paper. I closed my eyes and opened it and then opened my eyes, "Kyle."

"Sweet. I choose the Luna Eclipsed episode!" Kyle blurted out instantly.

"All righty then, Luna Eclipsed it is." Turning around I brought up my recorded episodes and scrolled down to the episode.

The episode starts and everyone is quiet, just silently watching. Then Pinkie says, "Enough Chit Chat! Time is candy!" and then one of us says "Whoo!" we all exchange glances before looking back to the TV. Then the opening begins… And it is inevitable at what is going to happen…

All at once we sing along,

My Little Pony, My Little Pony

Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahhh...

(My Little Pony)

I used to wonder what friendship could be

(My Little Pony)

Until you all shared its magic with me

Big adventure

Tons of fun

A beautiful heart

Faithful and strong

Sharing kindness

It's an easy feat

And magic makes it all complete

You have my little ponies

Do you know you're all my very best friends?

After the song finishes we clap and wait for the episode to start.

A little while later Rainbow Dash pokes her head out from around the building in her ShadowBolt uniform and goes over Pinkie and all the kids to scare them. "Always funny…" I whisper to myself. Finally she scares them and flies off, laughing.

Then the part where AJ is letting ponies bob for apples comes. And I notice something… "Derpy was outside the barrel and ninja'd her way inside! Ninja Derpy memes, gogo."

"Hey Slowpoke calm down." Victor says after slapping me in the back of the head.

Finally the scene where Luna shows up is here and Zeke says, "And so the plot thickens…"

"But I don't see Celestia and some cake anywhere." I comment, jokingly.

"No more comments until the episode is finished." Victor said.

"No promises." Jordan mumbles.

We get through a few scenes and then the scene where Fluttershy is running away from Luna comes. Then Twilight shuts the door and she slams into it cartoon like.

"Better. Right Fluttershy?" Twilight asks Fluttershy, who removes her face from the door, giggles and says "Yes."

"Ha!" I shout, because it was a funny scene and that is my trademark laugh.

Everyone just ignores me… then Luna says "Ha ha! The fun has been doubled!"

Everyone tries to stay silent… but then Luna says, "Huzzah! How many points do I receive?"

And… we all just clap and cheer… then Luna cancels Nightmare Night… and then she walks away on the bridge, looking sad… "Poor Luna…" Issac says, exactly what we were thinking.

7 minutes later the episode ends and I say, "Fantastic episode…"

"Yep… now its time for the new one." Zack says.

Nodding my head I brought back up the recorded episodes list and scrolled up to the new episode, Sleepless in Ponyville.

25 minutes later the episode ends and were all laughing and clapping. "Man that was a great episode, I love how badass Rainbow Dash was."

"Yeah, and why did Rarity need to bring that gigantic house with her?" Issac asked us.

"Does that even need to be asked? She's Rarity. Nuff said." Victor stated flatly.

"Wait… I know she's the princess of the night and everything, but why would she just stroll into another pony's dream?" Jordan asked.

"Do not question Luna logic!" I shouted and softly backhanded him, leaving all of us laughing again.

After a few minutes we finally settle down and I decide to call it a night. "Why do you go to sleep so early?" Kyle asked one of the most obvious questions…

"Because I'm a Lucid Dreamer and I had to adjust my sleep schedule so that I could Lucid Dream effectively… and I've gotten used to it." After answering that question I was even more tired than before… so I went upstairs to get some Zzz's while everyone else just started playing some video games.

I went in my room and shut the door. Walking towards my bed I fall to the ground, at the foot of the bed… "I'm too tired to walk…" I then proceed to crawl under my covers, place my head on my pillow and pass out.

Done! Took forevah to finish o.o

As it said in the fic, I am a FFXI nerd, on top of being a Brony lol. Been having thoughts of doing a Final Fantasy and MLP crossover... oh well.

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