*curtains open, Voltzs enters from Stage L.)

Hello mares and gentlecolts!

My name is Voltzs and I will be your host. *aplause*

Now, as (hopefully) all of you know Forgotten Memories has come to a close. The guys got their memories back, along with two new additions to the team!

And as (again, hopefully) most of you were wondering, I am indeed making a sequel. Though, making isn't the right word since I've just been editting it more and more, and adding a little extra to it.

I noticed that in the beginning the chapters were at least 3k+ words. But, as you can see in FM they dropped to the low low count of 1k words.

And I am completely and utterly sorry! Id gotten lazy with it and for each chapter I'd figured that the place it stopped was pretty good.

Again, sorry for that. Just know that from now on I'll be doing more 2k and 3+ words.

Now, what was I talking about?

Oh yes... the new installment in Vague Blaze's story. well everypony, I have come up with a name for it. Now I'm not going to tell you that name for obvious reasons...

(Ok it's not obvious since the only reason is that its on my computer along with the story document of which I am away from since I've been at my Father's house since Friday.)

Anyways I just wanted to let you all know that I'm not dead and I'm still writing!

Oh! and before I forget, I've been doing a little 'reditting' in Vague Blaze's New Life(Renamed to Tristan's New Life) and so far I've done 5 Chapters. Now I don't know if it shows up in the alerts, or if anypony still looks at them, but if you want something to hold you down then check em' out. (You wount miss anything if you don't read them, besides a little more funny and a little clear understanding)

Welp that's all for now folks! Thanks for putting up with me all this time and hope you all have a great day/night/evening/anything inbetween! *applause*

*Voltzs bows, exits Stage R. as curtains close*