She sat there, biting her nails. She glanced up at the clock - 6:45PM. It's been an hour and forty-five minutes, face it - you were stood up. Another cruel joke in this town, she thought.

Poppy Garrick let out a sigh.

"Waiting for someone again, girl?" The familiar waitress asked. Her Georgian accent laid heavily on the word 'again'.

Poppy nodded, and the kind woman sent her an empathetic look before she walked away.

I don't know why I thought he'd be different. He's just like every other guy in this town.

She couldn't wait until September, she'd be moving. Starting fresh; new high school, new people - hopefully nicer. She swallowed the ball forming in her throat, and stood up. Smoothing out the creases on her red sundress, she made her way toward the exit of the small cafe.

Once she was home, in the comfort of her bedroom, she flopped down on her bed and let a few tears escape. Really, what was wrong with her? She wiped them away and made her way to the large vanity in the corner of her room.

Freckles and green eyes stared back at her. She examined each of her features carefully. Wide eyes, high cheek bones, and a small, narrow nose. Her top lip was a little more full than her bottom, but it didn't make her look unpleasent. She was a pretty girl, only fifteen.

She stared over at the folded boxes in the corner of her room. Soon, she wouldn't have to deal with the popular girls, or the boys who asked her out on a date just to leave her sit there. She knew they did it every time, and yet, she couldn't bring herself to say no. Hoping, that just maybe, the next guy would be different. But they were all the same. Ask out the nerd girl, make her get dressed up, then she waits and waits to no avail.

Poppy was quiet, and a bit of a "book worm". She was intelligent, and not like the other girls her age. While the other girls were out there, laying everything on the line, giving up their innocence, Poppy would be at home reading. Or fishing. Poppy had never even kissed a boy.

She sighed as she pulled her long hair up into a high ponytail.

I guess maybe next time, I'll know better.

She laughed at that thought aloud.

Poppy walked over to her closet, and pulled out a plain white t-shirt, and light grey shorts. She laced up her old white sneakers, grabbed her fishing rod and headed out the door to her favorite pond.