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"So, what do you think?"

Akihiko's gray eyes are gazing quietly at me. Yet I have known him long enough to perceive that he is more concerned than usual. All the more that I can't help but remain silent, still holding the sheets of paper with both hands.

We are sitting at a table with two cups of tea, in our favourite book shop, as we always do each time Akihiko wants my opinion one of his manuscripts. Though I have always supported him in his work this way, I can't help but greet my teeth each time it happens. The ! #$%^&* has me going through all his dirty fantasies whenever he doesn't use my name in them..

We both love this place for its quietness. It is quite small, but colorful: modern paintings (which are for sale too) are hung up on the walls, in front of the big glass panel which always illuminates the place, not matter the weather. At the other side, a few wooden shelves are waiting for the customers to pick into them. A sweet scent of old paper and ink (one of my favourite) floats all around and merges with the coffee flavour at the tea salon corner, where Akihiko and I are sitting. We have already spent so much money in purchasing books here that the owner of the shop offers the tea to us

Because of my unusual silence, the employee of the shop raises his head and stares at me too.

This is beginning to be quite embarrassing.

Finally, I open my mouth.

"I... don't know."

I keep my eyes fixed on the sheets I am still holding in front of me like a shield. I don't dare to look at Akihiko's face, because what I know, is what those few words mean to both of us. And that's terrible. Never, ever, in all Akihiko's career, have I said such a thing before. That I didn't know what I should say about his work.

Akihiko's voice remains equal:

"What do you mean, you don't know?"

I stiffen as I always do when I feel vulnerable:

"Precisely that: 'I don't know'! I mean, there's nothing wrong for me with the text, your style is as sharp and humorous as usual, the dynamic is good, the rhythm between action, introspection and description is well balanced, and..."

"So, what don't you know, then?"

I am blushing deeper and deeper. We're the only customers this early in the morning and I'm bothered that the employee will hear us for sure. But Akihiko won't care.

"Why... Why women?"

Nothing comes. Which means no good. I try a glimpse at Akihiko and start, though I really expected it. His cold steel look is back.

I make a first attempt to cool the man down.

"Is it an Aikawa request?"


Silence again.

OK. He's definitely mad.

I make a second attempt.

"But, I mean... she knows that you've never been involved with any woman, doesn't she?"


"And that your readers are fangirls, right?"



Akihiko raises his lighter before remembering we're indoor. He puts it back into his pocket and finishes his cup of tea in one shot, as if he wished it would make him drunk.

"According to Aikawa's expertise, a non-negligible part of fangirls are lesbians, and the fanboys who would read my books would be nicely pleased with it too."


I finally open my mouth to emit the most stupid and logical sound that any Japanese is supposed to articulate under such circumstances :


Akihiko looks away, crossed arms.


"But... I mean... you write BL novels. Boys Love."

"Thanks for the translation, I hadn't a clue about it."

"Why would lesbian women be interested in Boys Love? And why would straight fangirls accept a bit of Yuri?"

"And how would I know?"

An awkward silence falls between us. I don't get why Akihiko should change what he has always done until now. I really don't understand Aikawa sometimes.

"As I said, the text is good. The only problem is that I don't know if your... erm... Yuri couple is realistic or not, interesting or not... you see what I mean?"

Akihiko takes the manuscript from my hands in silence, splits it in two and throw the papers in the trash.


"You've said it. You don't know. Me neither. End of the story."

What a show. I perfectly know he has a save in his computer. Erasing it would have been more convincing.

"Aikawa will be stuck behind your back because of you being late again."

"I don't give a ! #$%^&*. I'll take a look at the books."

An hour later, we leave the library with bags in both hands. I didn't expect Akihiko to be so upset. No shelf has been spared. I bet we have won free tea for a lifetime.

Well... I can understand. Any homo BL writer would act the same at his place.

Aikawa... What a demon!


"Shitty weather!"

I am running under the rain as fast as I can without tripping. The wind is blowing in so many directions that umbrellas are useless. Clouds are so thick that it is as dark as night.

I finally rush into the Konbini, both to take refuge under the coming typhoon and to buy a few things for our weekend indoor. The typhoon is expected to strike tonight and won't let up until Sunday morning.

Soaked, panting, I stop behind the front door, hands on my knees, to take a breath and regain composure.

Nowaki is indeed a lucky man, despite everything.

"How is it ever possible to find a baby in such a storm, for god's sake?!"

I stand up and go back to shopping matters, holding Nowaki's list.

"Beer... Rice..."

While I am reaching for the fresh products, I spot a slender woman with long auburn hair, formally attired, who sounds awfully familiar to me. She is with another woman, very graceful, with long dark hair, similarly clothed, who I recognize at once.


Hito Mayumi, the fangirl therapist Nowaki and I met a year ago!

This triggers my memory back. I suddenly remember the other woman.


Aikawa Eiri, the fangirl editor from Akihiko's publishing staff!

A real fangirl combo! If they see me...

Both women are coming closer. Quick like a flash, I hide myself between the stacks of canned food. I can hear them stepping closer and closer... I turn my back and pretend to be fascinated by the corned beef shelf.

Thank God, they choose the other side of the shelf, which hides me from them behind a wall of cans.

Why the hell would Hito-sensei and Aikawa-san be hanging about discussing? I really hope it is not about Akihiko, or else I'll never forgive myself for having introduced her to him. Is she a kind of stalker?

Worried, I can't help but listen to her.

"So, what should we take, Ri-chan?"


"Please, Mayumi, not in public!"


"So what, nobody's listening. There's nobody here. And you could be my sister anyway."

"Of course, sisters who behave like this, sure...What about the video-surveillance, then?"

"Come on, we're doing nothing wrong!"

W... Wait a minute...

"By the way, nobody's looking, right?"

"Yeah, but still... I don't really like it though."


I can't help it. I pick a can from the shelf to peek at the women.

The two of them have put their arms tightly around their waists in a close embrace. Their faces are so close their noses almost touch.


I grab my bags nervously back and run away from the shelf as quietly as possible despite all the emotions overwhelming me.


When I come home, with my shopping bags as soaked as I am, Nowaki jumps from the couch where he was watching the television.

"Oh my, Hiro-san, let me help you!"

I take a glimpse at the screen while Nowaki is unpacking the supplies.

"Seems like the typhoon will come even sooner than expected."

"Yes, a lucky chance you arrived now!"

Nowaki freezes, eyes down into the bags.

"Hiro-san... is there any chance that what I wrote on the list faded because of the rain?"

"W... What do you mean?"

"The only things in common with your supplies and my list are the beer and rice. By the way... Why did you buy corned beef?"

Oh, my. I was so upset and so hasty to leave that I took only short glimpses at the list while picking up anything that was near my hand.

My eyes stuck resolutely at the screen, I attempt to keep things under cover.

"Ahem... Sorry, they were... erm.. in short supply because of the typhoon."

Nowaki looks at the vegetables, probably wondering what he should do with them.

"Really? That's weird. Shops always plan these kind of things, typhoons are detected at least a week in advance, you know that?"

"Well, I guess they just... didn't."

I can hear Nowaki coming closer.

"Did anything happen?"

I wish I was as good a liar as Akihiko sometimes.

"No, nothing... Nothing important, really."

It is not important indeed. I don't even understand why I am so bothered about it.

"All the more reason to tell me, then. Since it's no big deal."

I blush furiously while opening a beer and sit down on the couch. I seize the remote and shut the TV down.

"All right, then! I just saw Hito-sensei in the Konbini."

Nowaki's face relaxes at once.

"Really! I wish I was here!"

"Don't be so hasty, you fool! Aikawa-san was with her, too."


"You know, we met her at Akihiko's signing event last year. After our whole... therapy thing."

Nowaki furrows his brows a few seconds before beaming again.

"Ah, yes! The one who always helps Usami-san to keep his deadlines!"

More precisely, the one who always harasses Akihiko with keeping his deadlines...But anyway.

"Yes, that's her."

"So, that's wonderful they became friends, then! I bet they met there ! How are they doing?"

"Well, I didn't chat with them, I just saw them."

Nowaki's smile fades a bit, and he raises his arms in an interrogative gesture.

"So, where's the big deal, then?"

"I told you it was no... big deal. It just seems that they are ... kinda... involved together. "

Nowaki stares at me, as if he had not understood.


"I mean, they are... together."

Apparently, erasing the difficult word doesn't make things easier for Nowaki. Who gets at my temper once again.

"Geez, Nowaki, you're so dense sometimes! I mean they are girlfriends!"

I've rarely used the term "girlfriend" before, and saying it with a plural sounds even more weird to me.

Nowaki raises his eyes a second, and then beams at me again.

"Really? That's great! I'm so happy for Hito-san! I mean, she definitely deserves to find happiness in her own life the way she takes care of other couples!"

This time, I am the one who stare at Nowaki. He will always, always surprise me, no matter how long we stay together.

Though I should have expected such an enthusiastic reaction from the giant fool.

"Well... that's all."

"Why is it bothering you, Hiro-san?"

"It is not... bothering me. It is just that a week ago, I read Akihiko's last manuscript, as you know, and that he was asked by Aikawa-san to include a Yuri couple in the plot. And now, I think I begin to get why... though... it still doesn't make real sense to me."

I stop, lost in thoughts.

Nowaki is spacing out too, lost in dreams.

"Ehhh, Yuri couple? That sounds definitely interesting. Could bring some spicy stuff and change the dynamics a bit."

At that, I raise my head, stunned.

"You know about Yuri?"

"So what? You know too, right?"

"N... No! I've never read anything about it!"

Nowaki looks at me in total bemusement.

"So... You've never read any of the mangas I have?"

"I never read mangas, you fool! And.. hey... wait... aren't they supposed to be shojo?"

Nowaki blushes at it and looks away.

"Well... Some of them, yeah."

I suddenly feel the anger rising, my aura glowing around me. I can't believe Nowaki is such a big pervert! Just imagining him looking at two women doing things while I am not around makes me sick.

I rise from the couch.

"You read Yuri behind my back?"

Nowaki rises too, as if to calm me down.

"Hey, it is not behind your back, first, and again, what's the big deal about it?"

Again, there's no... big deal. But the idea that Nowaki might somehow be attracted to women strikes me in the face. I feel slightly betrayed, as if I was not enough for him.

"The big deal is that you read lesbian porn under-cover, you pig!"

"Hey, don't speak about Yuri without having read it even once! Some of them are very good, you know? And they are not... porn. Well... Some of them are, but those don't interest me."

At least, I'm relieved to hear that.

I go to the kitchen to warm some water for instant noodles. It is obvious to me now that we won't -Nowaki won't- cook anything, though both of us are starving.

So, Nowaki likes Yuri... I've always assumed that the mangas he kept on his shelf in our room were all shojo, but in fact, it is even more than that. But Nowaki is gay, right? I mean, I would have known it long ago if he wasn't...

Unless he is bisexual?

I mean, the way he looked at Hito-sensei at each of our appointments (ok, she sounded pretty gorgeous to me too), the way he encouraged me to introduce her to Akihiko as a favour...

My agitated mind turns back to Akihiko's words. Aikawa-san is not the kind of editor who would ask her authors to do something to satisfy her own fantasies. Well, in fact, yes, but she has always managed to do it in a professional way.

And yet I don't get why she asked Akihiko to write this. That's definitely not his world.

I go back with our warm noodles cups, and ask Nowaki while handing his to him:

"What do you find... interesting about Yuri anyway?"

Nowaki spaces out again, with a goofy smile on his face. Which doesn't reassure me the least since I can figure what he is imagining at the moment.

"Well... I was curious to see how it is the other way round, first."

Hey, the "other way round", wasn't it supposed to be straight couples?

"So, if you just wanted to learn 'how it works', then you have, right?"

Nowaki looks at me with a sad face. I scoff at myself. I should stop treating Nowaki like such a big perv sometimes.

"Come on, Hiro-san, it is like every other kind of story. Some of them are really good. Though there aren't so many Yuri's than Yaoi yet."

Too bad, I think. Then start. If what Nowaki says is true, then maybe it explains Aikawa-san's request. To increase the quantity of Yuri novels out in the markets.

I sigh and sit back, my noodle cup in hands.

"Okay, let's assume that there's some good stuff in it. But still... I can't see Akihiko writing it, that doesn't sound... right."

Nowaki looks at me with a look I've never seen before. As if he is ashamed of me.

"Hiro-san, do you hear yourself? You almost sound homophobic."

"Hey! I'm not saying Yuri is not right, just Akihiko depicting lesbian couples!"

"Well, maybe he can, right? Aikawa has always been confident in his abilities."

You're not kidding. She forces it into him.

"Maybe it is precisely a way to raise a new writing challenge? Start something new?"

Ridiculous. I sweep the idea with a wave of my hand.

"I don't see the point in starting something new when that's something you don't have a clue about. People won't like that anyway."

"Well, Aikawa-san doesn't seem to think so."


The days after, I keep thinking about it. The pen raised over my pile of essays from my hopeless non inspiring students, I drift to the subject again.

Nowaki is such an open-minded one... I didn't have a clue about all this Yuri thing. I sometimes feel like I really need to expand my horizons, all the more in my profession.

Have I ever considered female lesbian relationships before? Even when writing my book about same sex relationships throughout Japan's history, The Beautiful Way, I only considered... male-male relationships.

I have to confess, that maybe, somehow, I kinda feel ashamed about it. The title isn't from me. "The beautiful way" is a term which was forged by and for gay samurai, to express the purity of their soul and their virility in their way of love.

But now that I think about it, why should such a way be "beautiful" only for the men ?

Part of the rejection towards male homosexuality is because of the idea that one of the men assumes the "female" role. I can't scoff enough at such clichés, but things must be accepted the way they are: no matter how stupid this reason is, we are despised because of it. At least, samurai used to associate gay relationships with spiritual bounds between brothers, as equals. But now, such a strong symbol doesn't exist anymore.

Then, what about female relationships?

Even though I don't have a clue about Yuri couples, I can guess pretty easily. In fact, their situation must be even more complicated in our patriarchal society. Because, on the one hand, the idea of a woman penetrating another is as bothering as the idea of a man penetrated by another. And on the other hand, a patriarchal society disapproves that two women don't need any man, not to mention the refusal of procreation. Though, on this particular point, there are nowadays many ways to solve the problem... if only they were allowed.


The more I think about it, the more I realize there is not that much in common between these two same-sex relationships. Except their status regarding the law, I daresay.

But then, what about the obvious increasing success of Yaoi stories? How about Yuri?

This time, though I don't like to admit it, I must acknowledge I don't know enough. And yet, if I want to understand better and help Akihiko, I have to do more.

But...What the hell I am thinking? As if it was any of my business!

I have way enough work to do without caring about this lazy author, his deadlines and this fangirl editor of his !

Angry about myself, I go my back to my grading.


"Eeeeeeh, Kamijou-san!"

I almost crash my pot of salted plum down when I meet Aikawa-san face to face. She's alone, this time, with two shopping bags hanging at both of her side.

I knew I should have changed Konbini to do the shopping...

"What a surprise!"

Yeah, sure...

But I regain my composure and bow.

"Hello, Aikawa-san. It's been a year already."

"Yes! I perfectly recall you and Nowaki when you introduced Mayu...Hito-sensei to me! I expected to see you earlier, you know, since you are so much involved in Usami-sensei's work! You and Nowaki can come whenever you want!"

"Well, that's very nice of you, but things have been pretty busy here and we don't want to disturb you."

...and I don't want you to disturb me. I correct in my mind.

"Come on, Kamijou-san, you never bother me. By the way...would you mind if we shared a cup of tea at my appartment?"


"W...Well, as you can see, I am doing the shopping right now."

"I am almost done with mine, what about a cup of tea later?"

"W...Well, that's very kind of you, but I'd rather..."

"It would be my pleasure! In fact, I ask it to you as a favour." She stares at me, eyes wide opened from hope. I can't help but frown lightly at this sight.

Favour... is it? It means that Akihiko is doing even more trouble than I expected, then... All the more reason not to get involved into this mess.

"I... I'm sorry, but Nowa... Kusama-san is waiting for me, so..."

Aikawa's face lightens at the mention of Nowaki.

"Ah, Kusama-san? Then he has just left your place, I saw him at the florist moments ago."

Damned Nowaki and his numerous jobs!

"Well, in this case I see no reason to say no."

And I've never been so honest while answering an invitation...


I freeze before ringing the doorbell. What if the two women were... erm... busy? I mean, my own sexual life being pretty active with that reckless perv of a giant, and knowing Hito-sensei high spirits, I can easily imagine anything happening behind a closed door... Even when you're waiting for a guest. I can tell.

I raise an ear, anxious. Nothing suspicious as yet...

I finally ring the bell.

"Hello, Kamijou-san!"

Aikawa almost slams the door while greeting me, rushing out the apartment. As delicate as ever. If I hadn't seen them in the Konbini, I would never have guessed she is the shyest of the two.

She leads me into her flat.

It is a very simple and yet spacious one.

A light cinnamon scent is floating in the air.

A few well chosen objects and colorful paintings are hung up on the walls, here and there, both modern art and traditional ukiyo-e. The colorful art items balance the white walls and black furnitures (both couch and shelves) in a very charming way. The whole thing is both refreshing, dynamic and peaceful at the same time.

I praise Aikawa's refined taste.

She invites me to sit down the black couch and disappears in the kitchen, before reappearing with the usual guest tea serving. When she finally sits down, she comes straight at the point:

"So, has Akihiko shown to you anything new yet?"

I feel ill-at-ease with such a straight-forward attitude but I decide not to lose any time too:

"I suppose you needed me to make a report about Akihiko's work? You know he is my friend, I respect his private life enough not to poke my nose into his work further than he allows me to."

"I ask nothing more than that, Kamijou-san. It is just that Usami-sensei is much more quiet and... dangerous than usual, these days, and yet the publishing staff and I have a huge amount of work to do because of this silence. He is so moody sometimes..."

I look away, embarassed as if it was a shame to confess.

"Well, I had to look at Akihiko's most recent piece of work recently..."

Aikawa raises her head at once with delight and surprise.

"So, he has begun it? What a liar... he told me he hasn't come up with anything yet."

I do my best to catch up my obvious mistake in telling her this. I don't want to deal with an angry Akihiko that often.

"Well, it is true too... He said himself it was just an outline that he showed me."

Something is slowly coming up in my mind. Since she's so peeky, maybe I could take profit of it myself ?

" By the way... I wanted to ask you a few things about erm... the change you suggest. If you don't mind, of course."

Aikawa, apparently undisturbed by the obvious hint, takes a sip of her tea, crosses her legs, reminding me of someone.


"Why... Why Yuri?"

She puts her cup down and folds her arms on her knees. I can tell by experience that it is a protective gesture.

"Well, as Akihiko may have told you, I thought it would be a nice way to satisfy most of the fans, while changing the dynamics and renew the interest from the others."

"He did tell me... about it. And even a bit more, in fact. He told me that you may have suggested that a part of his fans were lesbians."

This time, Aikawa remains silent. She would have spoken at once, I wouldn't have suspected a thing, but now the implicit confession is obvious.

A few seconds pass before she speaks again.

"I sometimes forget how close both of you are."

"Should I understand here that he shouldn't have told me about it?"

"No, in fact, it hardly matters. At least, it proves that he was actually listening to what I was saying." She finally grins. "Why this sudden interest in it, Kamijou-san?"

I immediatly look away to hide the sudden heat I can feel rising in my cheeks.

"I just realized while reading Akihiko's work that I didn't know a thing about this subject, and I wished to understand better since you are the one who came up with the idea." I keep a humble tone to express as much respect and discretion as possible, regarding the delicacy of the situation. "Could you...Could you tell me more about the reasons which brought you to suggest this to Akihiko?"

"Depends on what you want to know" Aikawa answers wisely.

My blush deepens.

"Well... first... What makes you think Akihiko would be able to write about it? You know about his orientation, don't you?"

"Well, after having caught him and Takahashi-kun red-handed, difficult to not know."

Really?! Knowing her, I bet she barged into the room without even asking... Anyway. I go on, while wondering if my body will stand such a sudden raise on temperature.

"He's never been involved with any woman, nor has been interested in any of them, you know that too ?"

"What do you want to say, Kamijou-san?"

"Well" I can't help but keep looking away, as red as ever, so much I feel ashamed to doubt about Akihiko's genius, "do you think one can write properly about something he has no clue about, despite all previous achievements?"

This time, Aikawa's look is obviously disdainful. I bite my lips.

"Don't you know anything about Yaoi, Kamijou-san?"

What a question...

"Well, since I'm the one who reads Aikihiko's work, I have a clue about it."

"No, you don't. Because most Yaois are written by women. And part of them are monuments in this category."

"Are there any... realistic?"

"What do you think?"

I guess it means yes... Hard to imagine for me, though. Unless the so-called Yaoi authors picks their ideas from some suggestive material, I don't see how they could...

Aikawa's lips open in an obviously condescending smile.

"What an innocent one you make, Kamijou-san... My point is, you don't necessarily have to know about something to write some good stuff about it."

I begin to grasp a few things. If most authors and readers are women, that means...

"But these women... I mean... write for women, right?"

Aikawa supresses a smile while answering to me.

"The main reason is to enable them to express their fantasies, to look at even more men, one always more attractive than the other".

I have a sudden picture of fangirls giggling while reading about Nowaki and me, eager to see more after each new episode. I snort in disgust at this thought.

Aikawa goes on, without any embarassment.

"Like the whole uke/seme thing... Though the whole thing is stereotypical, it is just a way to make their identification to the uke easier. Not to mention... I guess.. that such women are attracted by it because it is completely new for them."

"Yes. That applies for Yaoi. So, if you ask Aki...Usami-sensei to write something else..."

"I don't want the readers to assume that "Yayoi-sensei" is unable to write anything else but Yaoi, despite his pen name."

I agree that despite the meaning of it*, the play of words is obvious.

"I don't want the readers to have suspicions about his private life because of his writing either, since the pen name is definitely masculine. It would limit the amount of readers with time."

The public opinion and business world are like hell for artists and publishers.

"I also know Yuri is less developed than Yaoi nowadays. It needs more good material, a work of quality, and Usami-san is defintely able to do that."

This catches my attention.

"What do you mean, 'less developed'?"

"Yuri is still a very tiny subject in the world of manga and literature. Well, it is increasing slowly, in fact. And once again, women are the majority of the authors and , they expose themselves to be compared to their heroines, though of course, not only is it not necessarily the case, but even if they are lesbians, they don't always pick their stories from their private life. Since most of these women are either very shy or their readers very romantic...you may know that Yuri is even more stereotyped than Yaoi nowadays. You should see most of the drawings and plots. All shojo pink fluffy stuff...Exceptions are rare, though they exist, of course."

"Then, it means that as a BL writer, if Ak...Usami-sensei writes a bit of Yuri, he will somehow defend their cause without exposing himself, while satisfying his fans ?"

Aikawa-san beams at me.

"You get me."

I come back home, puzzled. This dialog with Aikawa-san was indeed interesting. I've always only perceived her as a fangirl, but she's definitely a militant here. I didn't expect her to be so respectful and to know that much about homosexuals and the gay culture. It has changed my opinion towards Akihiko's fangirls.

Seems that I've made my mind.


"Akihiko, I've thought a lot about your issues with your work, and, erm... I think you should take it."

He looks at me with his steel cold eyes.


Deep inside, in fact, I am smiling. Not only because I am taking my revenge for all the humiliation Akihiko made me endure while depicting me in all those positions in his BL novels, but because I feel like teasing two more people now.

"Listen, I have something to suggest to you. What if one of the women was a successful lead editor and her girlfriend an expert in couple therapy. You begin by portraying their relationship in a Konbini, where they don't know that..."


"Good evening, Hiro-san!"

Nowaki's smile fades at once when he looks at my face.

"Oh, my, what happened to you?"

"Err... Nothing. Just a book."

I guess the bump is pretty big. Now I know how it feels when I throw books at people...

"What happened?"

"I just said to Akihiko to get into his Yuri writing. He took the news pretty badly, but.. I think he'll take the advice anytime soon."

Nowaki looks at my face with obvious concern and comes closer, his hands raising gently my head up to take a look at the bump.

"Doesn't look too bad... How do you feel?"

"Good.. I suppose..."

Nowaki pulls me to him with both hands and hold me in a close embrace.

"Then, forget about Yuri, let's have a bit of Yaoi here..."

He pulls my shirt while I'm blushing.

Looking away, I articulate before he muffles my words with a kiss.

"You fool..."


*For readers who don't know, Yayoi, Akihiko's pen name, means "March", but it's awfully close to "Yaoi" when you say it, isn't it ? ;-)