AN: written years ago, this was posted elsewhere and when that site went black, I decided to post it here to let others see it. This is set within a year or so of the end of season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So about late 2003.

Chapter One

The house on Fairmount Avenue was quiet for now. The outside Christmas lights were on and beautifully arranged. The perfectly manicured lawn was decorated with a mini Santa Claus and reindeer and the door had an elaborate wreath.

A red 2002 Ford Mustang Convertible, with the top up, pulled into the driveway. Kennedy got out and opened the trunk and took out the wheelchair. She opened it up and positioned it next to the passenger side door then she opened the door and helped Willow into the chair.

Willow looked up at Kennedy and smiled, "Thanks. I still can't believe it happened you know? I mean I survived more than one apocalypse."

"Willow, honey, can we get inside before you start talking about the A-word?"

"What? Oh. Yeah. Ok." Willow smiles again at Kennedy and moves to put her hands on the wheels to move the chair but Kennedy won't have it.

She moves Willows hands back to her lap and says, "Let me ok? After all, it's kinda my fault you're in this chair right now."

"Ok. But it is not your fault. We'll talk about it inside."

"Yup." Kennedy locks up the car and then gets behind the wheelchair and places a kiss on Willow's head before pushing the chair towards the front door. They get to the door and Kennedy smiles at the Star of David that's in the center of the wreath. Willow's idea and Kennedy loved it. This year they were celebrating Christmas with a few Hanukkah symbols, next year they were gonna celebrate Hanukkah with a few Christmas symbols. It was just one compromise in the long list of things they had worked out. Thanksgiving was still an iffy proposition thanks to Willow's mother.

Kennedy unlocked the front door and wheeled Willow inside before turning around to lock up for the night. They weren't going anywhere else tonight. Willow's injury made sure of that. "Living room?"

"Yeah. I wanna stretch out on the couch, but Kenn honey I can wheel myself over there."

"Yeah I know you can but I wanna do it. It's in the girlfriend handbook...near the back." Kennedy smiled at Willow. Then managed to get Willow into the living room and onto the couch with her legs stretched out on the cushions. Kennedy then went into nurse mode and put some throw pillows under Willow's left leg to elevate it as the doctor had told her to. Willow was looking at her girlfriend running around trying to make sure she was comfy. It made her smile to see Kennedy like this, so unlike the badass Slayer she always tried to be in front of the gang.

It was December 20th, five more days until their first Christmas together after saving the world. Kennedy's first Christmas as a Slayer. Luckily, Willow already finished her Christmas shopping, good thing too now that her left leg was broken in two places. Speaking of which, she was going to really needed her painkillers soon. "Kennedy? Did you get the painkillers the doctor prescribed? I think I'm gonna need some soon."

"Yeah. They're in my coat pocket. I'll go get them. Water, soda, juice, milk? What do you want to wash them down with?"

"Apple juice please?" Willow asked carefully, not wanting to take advantage of Kennedy's guilt over her broken leg.

"Apple juice it is. Be right back." Kennedy leaned down and placed a quick kiss on Willow's lips before bolting to the kitchen for the juice and then to the hall where her coat was hanging up for the pills.

Kennedy came back and carefully handed Willow two pills and the glass of juice. She sat on the coffee table facing Willow as she waited for redhead to finish the juice so she could take it back to the kitchen. Willow was very particular about stuff like that and seeing as how Kennedy was the cause of her broken leg she was being extra careful about the stuff that upset her girlfriend.

Willow finished her juice and handed the glass back to Kennedy. She smiled as Kennedy immediately got up and went to the kitchen; she heard the water running and the sound of the glass being put into the draining rack next to the sink. She knew Kennedy must be feeling major guilt about her leg to do what she just did, Kennedy wasn't a slob she just wasn't one to clean up right away. Kennedy came back to the living room and sat again on the coffee table facing Willow but not really looking into her eyes. "Kennedy, we need to talk sweetie."

That got Kennedy's attention. The only time anyone ever said 'we need to talk' it meant bad breaking up. But Willow was looking at her with love in her eyes so maybe this was different. "About what?"

"About what happened earlier today, with my leg and stuff."

"Ok... I know it's my fault and I am so sorry. I don't know what else I can say."

"Kennedy, it wasn't your fault. It was my choice to go up the ladder to hang the lights sweetie. And it was my lack of balance that caused me to fall off that ladder you have nothing to feel guilty about. You got me to the ER in record time and stayed with me the whole time and been very attentive and I love you for that but you need to stop thinking it was your fault. Ok?"

"Willow, you never would've been on that ladder if it wasn't for my fear of heights. GOD! I'm a slayer for crying out loud! I fight demons and vampires, yet I'm scared of heights! How messed up is that? Then, if that's not bad enough, I had to go and distract you while you were up there by telling you lunch was ready. If I hadn't yelled up at you and startled wouldn't have lost your balance and fallen. How can I not feel guilty about you breaking your leg?"

"Kennedy, I don't blame you for this... it's done and guilt isn't going to make it go away or change things so please just let it go ok? For me?" Willow gives Kennedy her best puppy-dog face and sticks her lower lip out for good measure.

Kennedy smiles,"Fine. You know I can't say no to you when you pull that face on me. I'll try to feel less guilty ok?"

"Ok. Now, come here." Willow reaches for Kennedy and pulls her onto her lap carefully before kissing her deeply. Both girls quickly lose themselves in the kiss until Kennedy shifts slightly and Willow breaks the kiss to cry out in pain. Kennedy shifted right onto Willow's cast.

"Will, I'm sorry. Maybe we should hold off until the cast comes off huh?"

"The cast is gonna be on for at least a really wanna wait that long? Especially considering how you get after you patrol?"

"You got a point but I don't wanna cause you anymore pain. I never wanna cause you pain. I love you too much for that."

"I know...we'll figure something out. In the meantime, can you put a movie in the DVD player and snuggle with me?"

"Anything for you." Kennedy lightly kisses Willow once more then moves to the DVD cabinet, which had over a hundred different movies from black and white classics to the latest movies. A collection that was mainly supplied by Kennedy's stash from her father's house and movies that Willow and Kennedy had purchased since moving to Cleveland and getting their own place away from the Scooby gang. Not that moving away made such a big difference... the gang lived four blocks away and would come over on Saturday nights to watch movies and hang out. They were also coming to spend Christmas at their house. Kennedy and Willow wanted to start a tradition of holiday hosting."Which movie you wanna see?"

"Miracle on 34th Street?"

"Which one? The original or the remake?"

"Original... definitely."

Kennedy groaned silently... she much preferred the remake but this was Willow's night so she'd endure the original. "Ok." Kennedy pulled the movie out of the cabinet and walked over to the entertainment center and put the disc into the player and turned the TV on and then went to lie down next to Willow on the couch carefully with the remote control.

Soon the movie came on and Willow shifted onto her side with Kennedy behind her with her arm draped around her waist and idly caressing her stomach. Willow smiled at the contact and soon both girls got immersed in the classic movie.

The movie had finished half an hour ago. Kennedy was lying there behind Willow just watching the redhead sleep. She'd fallen asleep two minutes before the ending credits rolled. Kennedy loved just watching Willow sleep. Ever since they moved in together, Kennedy spent many nights just watching her sleep, happier than she'd ever been in her entire life. Willow was the first woman Kennedy had ever fallen in love with... sure she'd had a lot of girlfriends but she'd never felt for them what she felt for Willow. Hell, even now as she watched Willow she had a hard time remembering any other girl but Willow. Kennedy was reminded of a line from an old 80's song just then that applied to her and Willow: [You were the first, you'll be the last.] That's how Kennedy felt: Willow was her first love and she'd be Kennedy's last love-her only love.

'Wow, I'm starting to get sappy here. What happened to the badass slayer I used to be?' But Kennedy knew the answer to that one. Willow had changed her...loving Willow had tamed the badass inside her. Kennedy still fought as well as she ever did...better even but being with Willow had mellowed her to the point where she didn't have to go on patrol every night. Now, her, Buffy, Faith, Rona, and Vi rotated nights and paired up on the weekends. Thanks to Willow, Kennedy no longer felt the need to prove herself to the gang.

Kennedy looked around the living room. The Christmas tree in the little alcove across the room, the menorah on the mantle above the fireplace, all the gifts under the tree. The colorful lights strewn around the room to give it a festive, romantic feel. Kennedy smiled, remembering the night they put the indoor lights up, just her and Willow and a roaring fire in the fireplace, and the hours they'd spent on a blanket in front of the fire making love and talking. Kennedy's eyes fell on the clock on the wall and was shocked at how late it was... 1:30 in the morning. Carefully, Kennedy eased herself off the couch without waking Willow. She ran upstairs to their bedroom and turned down the bed so Willow could just slide right in then she ran back downstairs to the living room.

Kennedy took a moment to just look down at Willow who was still sleeping peacefully before she leaned down and carefully picked the red head up. After settling her securely in her arms, Kennedy began making her way up the stairs again to their bedroom. Kennedy laid Willow down on the bed and with great care and love got her into her pj's before covering her with the sheets.

After making sure Willow was comfy and still sleeping Kennedy went into the bathroom and got ready for bed. She then walked back into the bedroom and slid in beside Willow. Since she was still wide awake, Kennedy just rested her head on one hand as she continued her Willow watch. After an hour of this, Kennedy finally drifted off to sleep.