Chapter Four

The entire living room was lit with the soft glow of numerous candles. Willow was overwhelmed. She could feel the tears welling up in her eyes as she realized that Kennedy gone to a lot of trouble to set this up.

Kennedy could see Willow getting all teary eyed and smiled a little smile. "So, what do you think? You like?" She asked quietly.

"I—Yeah. But I think you should set me down on the sofa before you hurt yourself." Willow joked.

"You? You're light as a feather and I... well I'm a slayer so I could carry you like this for hours. But there's other stuff I need to do so I guess I'm gonna have to put you down." Kennedy walked over to the sofa and gently settled Willow on to it. Kennedy then leaned down and placed a slow, sweet kiss on Willow's lips. Before she could lose herself in the wonderful feeling she pulled away and smiled down at the woman she loved. "I'll be right back ok?"

Willow nodded silently as Kennedy walked out of the room and headed for the kitchen. A few minutes later, Kennedy walked back in carrying a tray which held a plate covered by a silver dome lid. Willow just smiled as she watched Kennedy carefully place the tray on the coffee table.

"Kennedy? What's going on?" Willow asked quietly, she was feeling a little guilty that Kennedy had gone to all this trouble and now she had to tell her that somehow, she was pregnant. She had a feeling Kennedy wasn't gonna be too happy that magic is messing with things again.

Kennedy looked at Willow and smiled, "I just wanted to do something special for my girl."

"Yeah...I'm not buying're up to something. Just tell me."

Kennedy just smiled. Then she reached over to the tray and lifted the lid on the plate. Willow looked over at the tray and what she saw there made the guilt she was feeling multiply by, like, 100.

Sitting there, in the middle of a silver platter was a small red velvet box. Kennedy's hand slid into Willow's as she stared into her eyes and tried to remember what she had planned to say. For the first time in her life, Kennedy was speechless. Her perfectly planned speech which resulted in a happy, smiling Willow vanished from her mind when she looked into Willow's eyes and saw guilt.

'What does she have to be guilty about?' Kennedy wondered.

Willow noticed that Kennedy must've seen the guilt she was feeling so she mentally shook her head and cleared the guilt from her eyes as best she could.

Kennedy noticed the guilt clear and just like that, the words she had planned to say to Willow came back to her and she smiled again as she pictured Willow's reaction.

"Willow, I have been wanting to ask you something for a while now. And I'm sure, knowing me, that I may bungle this a bit so just let me finish before you say anything ok?"

"O-ok." Willow said a little confused.

"Ok, here goes. Willow, I love you more than I ever thought I could ever love anyone. My family life wasn't exactly the most nurturing environment to grow up in. My mother died during childbirth and my father was not exactly father of the year. When he remarried he chose a woman so much like himself that by the time my watcher came for me I was more than willing to go with him. I was still too young to know it then but if I had stayed in that house, I probably would've turned out just like my father. A cold, unfeeling person. I am so grateful that my watcher came to get me when he did cuz he helped me realize that love did exist. But I never truly believed that I'd find someone to fall in love with. Willow, I met you and in that instant when our eyes first met I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were the one for me. So, in my typical brat fashion I went after you... and I got you. And now that I have you I intend to keep you forever. So, this is the part where I say something I've never said to anyone before in my life and something I don't intend to say to anyone else but you." Kennedy paused for effect and to reach over and pick up the red velvet box. She opened it and showed its contents to Willow.

A beautiful 2 carat diamond solitaire ring with one emerald on either side set on a white-gold band. Kennedy took a deep breath then,"Willow Rosenberg, I fall more in love with you every single day. Would you make me the happiest woman alive and marry me?"

Willow's eyes filled with tears and she smiled before wrapping her arms around Kennedy's neck and whispering into her ear, "Yes...yes Kennedy I will marry you but first, there's something you should know."

Kennedy pulled away from Willow and looked at her carefully, "You can tell me anything."

"Well, the thing is..."

"Willow... just tell me."

"Ok, the thing is... Kennedy, I'm pregnant."

"P-pregnant? What do you mean, pregnant?"

"I mean that I am carrying a baby- our baby. Before you ask, there was some magic involved and I still don't know why yet but that's how and this baby is a combination of both our DNA. It's our baby Kennedy."

Willow watched as Kennedy tried to figure it out.

"So... this means that I'm getting a wife and a child? I can handle that if you still want to marry me."

Willow smiled then and kissed Kennedy. "I so want to marry you. And tomorrow I am going to call the coven in England and see if they can tell us why this happened now ok?"

"Ok baby. But tonight... I want you to wear this ok?" Kennedy slid the ring onto Willow's left hand and smiled at her before, "Only it?"

Willow soon got the idea and leaned in for a kiss but Kennedy pulled back and lifted her off the sofa and brought her to the fireplace where a roaring fire burned brightly. Kennedy placed Willow on the makeshift bed of blankets and pillows.

Kennedy slowly removed Willow's clothes and proceeded to make love to her fiance all night long.