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He walk trough the door. He was really nervous but no one could know it, he had to act as though everything was fine. "Just peachy!" was his sarcastic motto.

He had to get to back room. It wasn't that difficult, except for the guards that were in the hall. He toke a deep breath. "I can do this" he thought "I have to impress her"

He nodded his head to the guards as he pass by. Now came the real hard part, getting one of the girls that works there to talk about what was really happening behind those close doors.

"It's going to be easy" he tried to lied to himself.

The back room was open, the only things that you could see there were doors and young girls, some look not older than 16 others look close to 25 but still pretty enough. One of the older ones was looking at him, no she wasn't looking, she was studying him, and she wasn't the only one.

She saw him as soon as he walk in. He was wearing expensive designer clothes. Of course she knew who he was; she has been reading his books since she could remember. She also could guess why he was there, it was because of her.

He looks like he didn't wanted to be there, and she saw that the guards were noticing this. It was time to make her move.

He could feels eyes in his back; he didn't know what to do or how to act. He could feel himself starting to shake. He was so lost in his brain that he didn't realize that the girl that was looking at him, was now right in front of him.

He felt someone touching his back, and he could hear someone talking but he couldn't make sense of the worlds that were been spoken. When he felt a breath on his ear, he came out of his head.

"You have to trust me, Writer Boy", she said.

He couldn't understand why, but he felt safe. He didn't know how she recognized him, but he couldn't care less. Right now she was his best shot. But he still didn't know what he should be doing.

"Follow my lead" she said, like she was reading his mind.

Before he knew what was going on, she grabbed his hand and led him to a door among the dozens that made the walls of the back room.

"Take your shirt of" she tall him as soon as the door close behind him. When he didn't respond right away she begins to do it herself. "We don't have much time" she said as she toke off his shirt, "they are going to be here soon enough, and we have to take that mic, before they search you"

He didn't act, he just let her do what she had to do. He was paralized.

All the sudden she stopped and asked "Do you have audio?" He couldn't speak, so he just nodded his head. Next thing he knew, she was talking straight to the mic.

"Kiss me, Kate" was what she said. He couldn't understand what that meant but he heard a voice in his ear, it was her voice. "Castle, say 'bye, bye birdie', and do it quick", and he did. As soon as that phrase left his lips, this girl was taking his mic and earplug off, and throwing them behind the headboard of the bed.

When she finished doing that, she toke of her shirt and grabbed his hips to pull him flush with her. And just in time, because at that exact moment the door open and a couple of guards came in.

"Boys, is everything ok?" He couldn't understand how she was so calm.

"We have to search him" said one of the guards.

In that moment he found his voice. "Be my guest!" It was the only thing he could say. And so they did. As this happen, he also realized that as he was being search by one guard the other one was looking as her.

When they were finishing he heard that new voice again. "Anything amiss, boys?" she ask with a smirk on her face. They just glared at her and toss the door as they walk out.

A soon as they walk out the door she explained the plan to him. She never tall him who she was and although he wanted to ask he didn't think it was the right time, but he was definitely going to find out.

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