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Chapter 1: And so, it begins

It was a simple plan, his only job was to walk out and touch his nose. Every girl knew that this was the sign for the cops being in their way, and that they needed to hide until The Boss was found. She never told him how they all knew it. He really wanted to ask but she didn't let him.

When he got out of the complex, he went straight to the van, straight to her. Once he got there, they moved the van to the parking lot next door. That was his second step of the plan. The last one was simple, it was just to wait.

Once she explains the plan to Castle, it was time to begin to do her job.

The first part was easy, distract the guards. The only thing she had to do was to scream. After all, they always enjoy a good show, and what most girls and clients don't know is that every single one of those rooms has a viewing window and a hidden camera.

"Sick bastards!" was the only thought that run tough her head.

The second step was to lock all the doors. It has taken some time for her to find out how to do it, and she wasn't proud of all the things she did to get that knowledge, but what's done it's done, and there nothing she can do abut it now.

Once she locked the girls and the guards in theirs respective rooms, came the last part: She had to go after The Boss.

The Boss was an older man and he has been in this business since a very young age. He has always loved what he does, so he was never far away from his office. He was the one in charge of choosing the girls and his office was the only forbidden room in the whole complex building, unless you had a special invitation.

According to her original plan it wasn't the right time, but she had to act before they realized who she really was or why Castle had been there. She knew where he was going to be, so it was her only chance to act.

"Well I guess plans change" she thought "here goes nothing!"

She walked trough the secret passage to get to his office. She knew it was there because of how she got her job, but she was the only one who knew where it was. That secret was a security blanket for The Boss, but he didn't have an idea of what her intentions were. The Boss accepted her because of her connections and the power that her name had in NY's underworld, but that she wasn't who everyone thought.

"I can believe this it's what my life has become!" she thought every time she began a new assignment just because of the power of her name.

Once she got to the door of the office, she walked right in and sat in the couch that was there. Thankfully, The Boss was to preoccupied with getting new girls to know what was happening in the 'operation center', as he liked to call it.

She could tell he knew she was there, but he wasn't going to pay attention to her, at least not until he felt he had make his position well known just by ignoring her, but she didn't mind she could wait. When he felt he had managed the small fee, he turned his head in her direction.

"It's there a reason for you been here?"

"Do I need one?" She smartly answers, with a cocky look on her face.

"Well, that depends, are you going to be doing things for me or to me?" What the only respond she got.

She felt her skin crawled but she couldn't show how sick that question made her feel. This was all a part of the plan, it was the only way to get him out of the office. She has to do it.

"I guess could do thing to you, but I don't think this is the best place for the things that I'm planning with and for you" she said in a purr.

She could almost feel his excitement poring out of him, and she knew she had him right where he wanted him to be. So far, thing were going as they should be. This was the perfect time to strike.

They have been waiting for a while, but none of them really know what they were waiting for. Castle hadn't been able to explain, because he only knew he was waiting for this girl but not exactly what was going to happen and how she was going to get their suspect.

The boys knew that it was going to be something important and were almost sure that this Boss, as Castle said the girl called him, was the murder of the case they were working on.

But what was most socking of it all was Beckett behavior, she was acting suspicious while pacing the van from end to end, and they didn't know why. She knew more than what she letting on. She was scared but the boys couldn't see that they could only guess she was been impatient and didn't trust this girl to do the job.

But Castle could read her like an open book. So he could tell there was something else going on, he just couldn't pinpoint what it was that was off with Beckett's behavior, nor how she was really feeling but he knew it wasn't just the time that it was taking this girl to get to them what was affecting her.

"She knows something more" he thought to himself "Please hurry up, I need to know, what it's going on!"

Suddenly he remembered that she had used a code when talking into the mic. He got closer to the boys and asked whispering

"Did you guys hear what the girl said to the mic?" Once the boys nodded he keep on talking "Do you know what it meant?"

"No bro, no clue!" Espo said, as Ryan shook his head at the same time. They really were connected by their partnership.

They didn't realize that Beckett had stop her pacing with in the van and was paying attention to what they were saying.

"They're the names of Broadway's musicals" she said.

All the sudden three pair if eyes were on her. Castle recovered first "Yeah, I know that, but what do those tittles mean?" He couldn't help asking.

"It means... they are... it just means that..." she began stuttering "they are just important, ok?" She finished getting work up at the end.

Once she stopped talking she began pacing again. They could hear her mumbling to herself but they couldn't make sense of the words she was saying. They wanted to keep asking her what she meant or how she knows this code, but she was lost in her brain and they weren't going to be getting an answer out of her.

"We would have to wait for this girl to show up, in order to get some answers" whispered Ryan. Both Castle and Espo nodded at his words.

And so they did, they waited and they saw Kate pace It worried them to see her so work up, but they couldn't do anything about it at the moment, because didn't know what the problem was.

All the sudden Beckett stopped pacing. "Do you guys hear that?" She asked.

They didn't know what she was talking about and it showed on their faces because she immediately said "I hear voices and a loud laugh, do you hear it now?". They did and she noticed that, she continues talking "Did she say what was going to be her signal for us Castle?"

He was going of answer but she was already opening the back door of the van and telling them all "It doesn't matter, I'm going out there anyway"

"Kate, no don't do it!" He said a little bit scared. He didn't know why, but he was sure it was going to ruin the plan. But she didn't care what he was saying, she was closing the door by the time he finished speaking.

He ran after her, but no for long, because she had stop at soon as she got out of the van. She was paralyzed and she couldn't stop staring at the couple that was just getting into the parking lot and walking across from where they were standing.

Once Castle followed her line of sight he realized that the girl they were waiting for was a part of this couple. It was almost finished. He could get his answers soon.

All the sudden he saw that the guy that was with her, Castle supposed he was the so called Boss, noticed them. Before any one the other three could respond, The Boss had already turned around and slapped the girl.

"You bitch! You called the cops on me? You're going to sell me out?" He screamed.

Before either Castle or Beckett could react, and faster that any of them thought possible the girl had The Boss in a dead lock and was taking him straight towards the van. But this tug wasn't going down without a fight.

In that moment the boys got out of the van with the intention of going after this lowlife, but before anyone of detectives could get any closer to the couple, the girl threw an unconscious Boss to the ground at their feet. They were all speechless.

"Do you guys think you could lend me some cuffs?" She sweetly asked while she sat on the unconscious body on the floor.

Castle didn't know who, but one of the boys threw his cuffs to this girl. When she finished securing the suspect she got up and walked straight to Beckett. The boys all look to each other, but none of them understood what was happening. They were thinking about every possible scenario where this two women could have met in the past but all the sudden it didn't matter, because those inner musings where interrupted by the new member of their group as she began to speak. All of the attention of the small group of police officers and tag along writers was on what she was gong to say.

"Hi Kay, long time no seen!" Was all it came out of her mouth, they next thing they heard was a gasp but it didn't came from the girl but from Kate, and before anyone of them could react Beckett was falling head first to the ground.

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