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Chapter 2: Introducing…

Everything was black, she could hear noises in the distance, they were people talking but she couldn't understand what was been said.

"I'm dreaming" she thought, "This has to be a dream! I have to wake up! Come on Kate open your eyes!"

She still couldn't open her eyes, but she notices that the voices were growing louder. She couldn't understand what was been said, but she knew those voices...

Before Beckett's body could hit the ground, the girl had her arms around Kate and was holding her up. When Castle saw Beckett collapse, he run until he had Kate in his arms, and then he lowered her to the ground. "Kate" he cried "Kate, come on! Wake up!"

"Don't make such a fuss, she just fainted. It's not that big of a deal" said the girl with an annoyed tone of voice.

This piss off the others two detectives, who decided to take a stand between this noisy girl and their 'Mom' and 'Dad'.

"What did you do to her?" Asked a mad Espo.

"Guys, you saw me, I jus said hi!" said the girl with an innocent smile on her face. But even they could see the mischievous glint in her eyes.

"That right" said a calmer, but still mad Ryan "the real question is, who are you?"

Castle wasn't really paying attention to them, but he still wanted to know the answer to that question.

All the boys, Castle included, were waiting with beaded breath, for what this girl was going to say, how she was going to explain to them what was going on. But she ignored her questions and decided to change the subject.

"Don't you think that you should call for backup to come and pick him up" she said while pointing to the cuffed body on the floor.

The boys realized that she was right and although they didn't want to leave Beckett while she still hasn't woken up, but they had work to do and they knew that Castle wouldn't let anything happen to their boss and sister. So they went inside the van to make the calls.

Once the boys went away, the girl walked to Castel and Beckett. She kneeled next to Castle at Kate's side. "May I?" She asked Castle, in a softer voice that what he had heard come of her so far, while pointing at Beckett.

At hearing her talk, he stopped his chanting of 'Kate' and looked amaze to her face, he was trying to read her, and he didn't understand this girl or all the changes that she could make or what it was that she wanted with Beckett. But he noticed that she didn't mean anything bad for Beckett, he let her get closer, while he watched her in awe.

She knew those voices.

She could hear a male voice saying her name like it was a mantra. She realize who that voice belong to, it was Castle. She really wanted to open her eyes, in order to see those beautiful blue eyes, but she couldn't. She wanted to wake up for him, but her body wasn't reacting to her wishes.

All the sudden she hear a second voice, she only said two words, but he could recognized that voice anywhere, that was a voice she thought she would never hear again. She remember years of hearing this soft tone and years of yearning to hear it again, years of wandering what happen to it and if this voice could still sing with a warm melodic tune like in her memories. "So much time has passed" she thought.
This new, old voice was talking to her, she needed to pay attention.

"Come on K, this boy is going to have a heart attack; you need to open you eyes!" Said that well known, soothing voice.

She felt a finger running trough her face in order to wake her up. This was the way her mom always acted when Kate refused to wake up in the morning. That mom gesture was enough to get to open her eyes. And just like many years ago it had the same effect now.

Kate couldn't believe what she was seeing. She would know that face anywhere. Nothing had change since that last time, yet everything was completely different. This girl was not the one that she remembers; she looked older, more grown up even than what her real age was. Beckett could see that life hadn't been easy for the other woman, because this wasn't a girl this was a woman. But not everything was different, no. Those eyes still remain the same, they were a little colder now but Kate still could make out the little girl that she once knew. She still lives in those eyes.

Beckett sat up, without taking her eyes off the other woman eyes. Just when she was beginning to open her mouth to talk, cruisers got speeding to the scene, and sirens, that she hadn't heard before grew louder that she thought possible. It was in that moment that Kate took notice to what had happened to her, and realized the position she was in. She stood up as quick as she could, it only took a moment, but al the sudden Kate was gone and detective Beckett to her place.

"It's time to act as a detective." She thought looking at her companions, and she could almost swear she saw a proud look on the other woman face. But it was gone as soon as it appeared, only to be replaced with a neutral mask.

When the first cruises came to the scene, the boys walked to their boss and the five of them form a little group beside their suspect. Soon the new cops on the scene began to walk out of their cars and in the direction of the complex in order to process it. This cops weren't people from the 12th because the area wasn't theirs. It was the vice crew from the 27th.

Only one of the new arrivals was walking to them, and it wasn't an uniform like most of the others. When the detective was close enough to the group Beckett took a step in his direction to demonstrate that she was the one in charge and that he should talk to her, but, to her surprised and that of her boys, he pass them and almost run straight to the girl, tackling her in a bear hug.

"Wow girl! Is so good to see you out of this place!' said the detective.

"Wow, you're defiantly going soft! One would think that the big guy really cares about me! Are you going to cry, too? Or is it just the touchy feely kind of soft?" She teasingly asked, as she pulled out of the hug.

"Shut it, Gonzales! I'm just glad you're out so I don't have to go into that place again." He answers with a mischievous glint.

"Don't act like you didn't love to pull the chain of those guards." To this the only answer was a big belly laugh that had the girl laughing along the new detective.

Beckett and her team were in awe of this interaction they were seeing. They didn't understand anything. Gonzales noticed this and took pity of them.

"Ok, I think introductions are in order" she said looking between Beckett and this new detective. "I guess the best place to begin its whit myself. My name is Emma, Emma Gonzales" when the words were out of her mouth she heard a gasp, but this didn't deter her, so she continue talking. "And this is my partner Detective Donald Smith. We are vice, and have been working undercover in this place for months! You guys almost ruined our plan, by the way."

"Girl, be nice!" Her partner chided her. "It's nice to meet you!" He said to the others detectives with a charming smile.

They didn't know what to do or what to say, so Emma saw it to herself to continue with the introductions.

"Well big guy, this is detective Kate Beckett, homicide from the 12th." She introduce while pointing to them "Her partner, writer Richard Castle. And the rest of her team, are detectives Ryan and Esposito. I'm assuming that the one in the vest is Ryan, and the latino one is Esposito. Am I right?" She asked in a cocky way.

The boys didn't know how she knew every single one of them. But Beckett's reaction made even less sense, she seamed kind of… happy? What about all the things that are happening is making Beckett smile like that? Today was a really estrange day.

When Emma finished talking, Kate didn't know what to do. This girl was the same, but nothing was as it should be. All the sudden she realized that she had a fan, in way. Emma had been following her work, that was the reason why she knew the names team. She was keeping tabs on her. Kate didn't know why but the thought made her feel happy and sure of herself.

All the boys looked at Beckett liked she had gone mad.

Emma understood what was going on in her head, so she chuckled to herself. "Beckett!" She said in a strong voice to get her attention "I think that we should have a chat. Would you mind coming to the precinct with us?" She asked nicely although every one of them knew it wasn't a question. It was more likely an order.

Beckett thanked Emma with her eyes. This gave her the perfect chance to get her detective mode fully on. She cleared her throat. "Right" she said "we would see you guys in the 27th"

Both groups began walking to theirs respective cars. But Kate couldn't move. She needed to talk to Emma; she had to find way, because she couldn't let the chance pass her by. When the boys were a few meters back she decided try.

"Emma!" She called. The other woman turned around at the sound of her name. Kate couldn't believe what she was seeing, this was the little girl that she hasn't seen in over a decade, she couldn't believe how grown up she look when she turn around, or the fact that she was a detective now.

"Times really do change everything." Kate thought to herself. She couldn't get her voice out. She was having difficult thinking let alone speaking. Making and effort she found her voice.

"Em, what happen to you?" It wasn't more than a whisper but she knew that the other woman had heard her.

"I don't think you really want to know K!" She answered just as quietly "I don't blame you..." she began, but cut herself of, this wasn't the time or place to have this conversation "It really is nice to see you again!" She said with tone that let no room to argue. But Kate didn't listen.

"I never thought I'll see you again!" Kate thought out loud.

"I, on the other hand, always knew this day would come" was the respond she got. "It's good to see you Katie!" Was the last thing Emma said before she turned around and got in her car.

Beckett stood there until the car was out of sight. Things just had gotten more interesting

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