Digimon Tamers: Digimon In Black

Me: Okay, Okay, I know I should be continuing my other fanfic but I just HAD to start this fic

Henry: Well are you going to continue the other fic?

Me: Yeah….

Terriermon: But what about all the other fics that you promise to Finish and you don't?


Terriermon: Momentai already…

Me: I only own the things that you don't recognize there is that a good enough disclaimer?

Rika: You could of done better than that!

Me: oh shut up… on to the fic!

Part 1: The Adventures not over yet

Maybe the Aliens are trying to get through to us- Izzy Izumi

"Okay so tell me again why we can't keep on being partners?" Agent Takato 'T' Matsuki angrily asked.

"Yeah I mean, we could live with out Goggle head and Dinoboy but they could need us," Terriermon piped up sounding awfully like Rika Nonaka. Takato glared and Terriermon.

"Well you see thanks to Agent A neutralising 2 of our top Agents we now have to get 2 new agents and seeing as you 2- I mean 4 defeated the D-Reaper and also have digimon partners I figured that you could help the 2 new ones." Agent Zed explained.  Agent Henry 'H' Wong nodded and Takato unwilling agreed.

"You might know of two people who are trying out as they both have digimon partners," Zed warned. "Don't let your judgement get the better of you."

"Alright, so when are they coming in?" Takato grumpily asked.

"In about 5 seconds" Zed said looking at his watch.

"WHAT?" Henry and Takato Exclaimed together, not expecting it to be so soon.

"Actually in 2.5 seconds" Zed corrected himself. Promptly the door opened and another of the old tamers came out.

"There here" Agent Ryo called out. Takato scowled.

"Wow there early" Zed said still looking at his watch.

"I still don't see why Ryo doesn't get a nickname," He whispered to Henry as they followed Zed out and Henry just sighed.

"Aright I am Agent Zed have you ever thought that you where alone in the world?" Zed paused while the group nodded. "Well your right, you've probably seen or heard of that TV show digimon?" The group nodded again. "It does exist" Zed paused for an affect while all but two people gasped.


"Hey Henry don't you think the woman with the red hair looks familiar?" Takato asked his friend from behind a 2-way mirror. Henry nodded.    

"Yeah and the one next to her looks familiar as well." Henry pointed out to his friend.    At that moment they both figured it out.

"No it can't be…" Takato murmured.

"But it has to be…" Henry finished.

"Why don't you too just say it? Its Rika and Jeri out there" Terriermon finished for them both.


Wow so that's there jobs in the future… I wonder whats going to happen next? Well we'll just wait and see next time on Digimon Digital Monsters…