DIB20: It's so good to be bad part 2

Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're going to get- Forest Gump

It actually worked? I mean of course it worked- Jyou Kido

L: isn't Joe the coolest character? I mean after Rika, Takato, Tai and Sora I think he has the best lines in the whole show.

Dark Biyomon: Yeah I guess…

L: Anyway I just recently watched the final episode of season 2 and the first episode of the tamers (again) in a row and I noticed that one of the dark spore kids looks like a lot like a younger version of Takato's mother, not only that the same dark spore kid wanted to own a bakery! Coincidence? I think not. Like Kero from Card Captor Sakura says, expect the unexpected.

Dark Biyomon: Can't we get on with it?

L: Geeze your in a bad mood today

Dark Biyomon: Well sorry not everyone can be miss perky all the time ya know? *Storms off*

L: Alrighty then… Seeing as Dark Biyomon is well… ya know, I'll say the disclaimer, I don't own digimon k?


Previously on Digimon:

Meanwhile L was annoyed. What gave Dark Biyomon the right to tell her what to do? What gave anyone the right to tell her what to do? She was sick of Takato ordering her about; sick of her mother just ringing her up to scold her. Sick of Dark Biyomon saying if you where more like Jeri you would get along with the group. She was sick of just about EVERYTHING!

"I knew you would eventually agree with me" Puppetmon suddenly appeared.

"Who said I was agreeing with you? I just want to see what you have to say." L snapped.

"Why else would you be roaming the digiworld with out your partner?" Puppetmon asked. The real L was keeping herself quite. She just wanted to see what would happen.

"Yeah okay I was looking for you… so what?" L asked.

"So you agree with the terms?" Puppetmon asked. In a few moments L knew her answer.



"When do we get to the battling?" L whined for about the 50th time that hour.

"SHORTLY" Puppetmon exploded. The real L was trying extremely hard not to laugh she had never heard herself whine that much before not even when she was a little kid. (Though perhaps her parents would say otherwise)

L are you there? A voice asked her. Oh great I'm hearing voices in my head I HAVE to be going crazy.

Geeze, your not going crazy, well although I might think otherwise at other times I would of assumed that you'd recognize your own digimon

Dark Biyomon!? L asked confused, that's it I MUST be going crazy.

For the last time YOUR NOT GOING CRAZY. I came to get you outta here

What makes ya think I wanna get out of here?

ARE YOU CRAZY? You wanna stay in a world being evil and hanging around PUPPETMON?

I thought you just said I WASN'T crazy L responded, and can you NOT yell? L added as an afterthought.

Well I'm not too sure about that now seeing as you want to hang around that no brainier Puppetmon.

I never said that, I just said what makes you think I wanna get out of here?

Well make up your mind, do you want to go back to fighting on the good side or do ya wanna be evil?

I wanna be GOOD!

All you have to do is do the whole wizard of oz thing and wish really hard (i.e go I really wanna go…



Huh? Kazu what are you talking about?

Kazu? What the hell are you doing in my head?

Hey L, Dark Biyomon you can't bring L back…

WHAT? I can and I will!

You've been too hard concentrating on talking to L to notice that everyone who's been brought back has been the other world self.


Okay Dark Biyomon I know you said I'm not going crazy and all but I have to be going crazy, Kazu's making sense… wait a minute I CAN'T go home?

Kazu and sense? You better not let Rika hear you say that…

HEY! You can in theory… but it would be your other self….

Uh maybe I should stay here…

You wanna stay here? (Both of them said that)

Well the thing is it wouldn't be such a good idea if my other world self came instead of me plus you guys still don't know where the others are…

Yeah I guess that would be wise…

Huh? A little confused here…

Well you see my other world self isn't all that well reasonable…

Just say it, L's evil in this world…


Don't worry L, well find a way to get you back…

I wont… I'll see you soon… I hope…

The conversation ended and L continued walking down with Puppetmon. (also whining about wanting to fight….


"I don't understand why isn't Puppetmon's brat here yet? I was sure that they where going to try her next…" Piedmon asked confused.

"I don't know sir" Metal Seadramon replied.

"See they've already figured it out, that it was false information that you gave…." Takato started.

"SHUT IT!" the 3 remaining dark masters said as one.


"L's staying in the other world…" Kazu said after coming out of a trance like thing…

"WHAT WHY?" the rest of the tamers shouted.

"Well ya see… if L comes back L would be…" Kazu trailed off and turned to Dark Biyomon.

"Oh… just say it… L would be bad!"

To be continued…

Next Chapter: Bad Girl…. JERI?! Part 2. This time there too late to get through to Leomon and tough girl Jeri enters the scene…

Authors notes: ok in case you got confused with the conversation Dark Biyomon was underlined, Kazu was bold and L was italics