Let me get this out of the way. No, I am not DinoJake using an alternate name. I am just an admiring fan who wanted to lend his talents to The Last Spartan and got DinoJake's approval.

First off, a huge thanks to DinoJake for all the hard work he has put into The Last Spartan, DigiDorks and his other stories. If you are not reading any of these, check them out!

I am also very humbled to be a part of this. I have not written a fanfiction before, so this will be a fun little experiment. Instead of focusing on Master Chief and the gang, this story will follow an OC in the same universe. It serves as a prequel in several ways, notably to cover a bit of Mass Effect history through a Halo twist. How far the story will go past this initial section is all up to how well it is received and what DinoJake wishes to do with it.

So with all of that said, we now bring you the story of 2nd Lieutenant Kyle Nolan, the last of an ancient breed…


1434 Hours, December 15th, 2682.

Chroa's Den


Widow System, Serpent Nebula


"Eight fives."

The two privates across the table were surprised by 2nd Lieutenant Kyle Nolan's call. He knew he had baited them, so it was only a matter of time. Private Taylor Jenson glanced to Private Devon Resolme before looking back to Kyle's now cocky smiling face. He just pretended Jenson was admiring his green eyes, slightly grown out red hair, neatly trimmed beard and overall fit physique. And why wouldn't anyone?

"You're kidding?"

"Call me a liar."

"You're making a pretty big gamble, sir."

"I know."

Both of the men checked under their overturned dice cups. Kyle did the same, more for show than to rethink his strategy. The constant, low pulsing club music picked up its tempo, filling his body with exuberant energy. Resolme glanced up to him, not lowering his cup. "What kind of game are you playing, sir?" The private asked.

"Same one you are. Or did you forget what we've been doing for the last hour?" Kyle answered smugly while lowering his cup.

"You have a lot of money in the pot. Shouldn't you save that for retirement?"

"Oooh…Insults, private? Tsk tsk. I think you're getting nervous."

Resolme held back a twitch of frustration. "We just barely rolled."

"I know."

"And you want to risk a call like that so early?"

"Go big or go home. You should know that." Kyle leaned back in his chair and scanned the room. The flashing lights of Chora's Den danced painted his vision red, blue and green. He didn't frequent clubs often, but they didn't get shore leave on the Citadel often either. He brought his attention back to the game. "I mean, I've already won a few rounds. My luck could be wearing off. This would be the right time to swoop in and snatch the pot."

Resolme remained skeptical. "You're trying to pull a fast one?"

Kyle raised his hand in mock solemnity. "Nope. That's an honest to God call."

"There's no way that's right."

"Then call me a liar."

Kyle heard murmuring behind the three of them. Since the first game, a small group had accumulated around their table. It was initially just a few other humans, but a Batarian, a couple of Asari, a Sanghelli and two Unggoy had joined in since. Most of them had probably never seen this game played before.

The two privates anxiously inspected the pot. There were a lot of credits there. Kyle knew he made the right move going all in.

"You're going to be very broke if you're wrong, sir," Jenson commented.

Kyle shrugged. "Eh. Who needs to eat? I'm sure I can last until the next payday."

Jenson stared harshly at Kyle, trying to get a read on him. His gaze was so heavy they could have been floodlights. Kyle knew his poker face wouldn't break naturally, but he figured he could lead Jenson on a little. He twitched the side of his mouth and darted his eyes around. Jenson smiled. Kyle did too…on the inside.

"You seem a little too confident, sir."


"Yeah, with the jokes, the attitude and that look. What, you think you're some kind of Elcor with that poker face?"

Kyle kept it going. He shifted his eyes some more and shrugged. "W-what poker face?"

Jenson leaned forward a bit. His hand glided onto his dice cup. Resolme followed suit, growing more optimistic from Jenson's confidence. Kyle sat up in his chair, hand on top of his own cup. Moment of truth!

"You're a pretty bold man, sir," Jenson said confidently.

"I know."

"And you're also a liar!"

They all quickly lifted their dice cups. The privates scanned all of the dice, trying to count the face totals. Kyle could see from their expressions and quick eye movements they were convinced they were right. They weren't thinking clearly. A lot of credits can do that to people.

Resolme had two threes, two fives and a four. Jenson had three threes, one five and a two. Kyle had four fives and a one.

Resolme beamed. "Ha! I knew it!"

Jenson reached to collect the pot. "Sorry sir. Close but no ci-"

"Uh uh," Kyle interrupted with a wag of his finger. "We agreed to Common Hand rules, remember?" The privates paused, confused by this fact. He pointed his finger down at the one die in his pile. "This is wild."

The privates' expressions sunk. Game and set! Kyle collected the credits. "Thank you!" The patrons around the table chattered with amazement.

"God!" Resolme groaned.

"Oh come on," Kyle chuckled. "You barely put anything in. It's not the end of the world. Besides, you're the one who wanted to play this game."

"Yeah, but I didn't think you actually knew how to play Liar's Dice."

"Well that's what you get for playing a game you've only seen on an old action vid."

Jenson was even more upset than Resolme. "Bullshit! You cheated!"

"Oh suck it up! It's life. Win some, lose some. You're welcome to rematch me later if you want. Right now though, I suggest you go enjoy the rest of your shore leave."

As the crowd dispersed, Jenson motioned Resolme to refill their drinks. The Sanghelli and an Asari sat down at the now unoccupied chairs as Kyle collected the game.

"An impressive bluff, human," The Sanghelli commented.

"Indeed, Sanghelli," he replied jokingly.

"Are you sure your men won't resent you for this?"

"They're ODST; toughest soldiers in the Alliance military. They used to getting burned by now."

"How did you know to make that call?" The Asari asked as he closed up the game set. "That was a lot of credits to risk."

Kyle smiled at the Asari. "Ever heard the legend of the Spartans? During the Human-Covenant War, people told stories about their incredible, sometimes crazy, acts of heroism. One of my favorites was about a single Spartan charging three Covenant squads with a half-emptied pistol. Those guys weren't afraid to take risks. A lot of people would say it was because they were superheroes amongst mortals. Some would say they were just better than any 'normal' soldier."

He sat up. "In the end though, they succeeded the same way anyone does," he said as he left with a relieved sigh. "They were just really damn lucky…"

Classified Date, 2657

SSV Harvest

In Orbit Around Planet Shanxi


"Damn right we do!" 1st Lieutenant Dominic Ralston, a grizzled older soldier, barked in reply to the squad's answer. This was the routine ODST squads went through before every combat drop. It had only been a few minutes since the Harvest exited slipspace with the rest of the first wave and everyone was itching for some action. Some of the squad started getting impatient waiting in their individual drop pod, gripping their weapons and fear tightly.

Pvt. Kyle Nolan, a young and green soldier, let out a slow, calming sigh as he tried to contain his nervous enthusiasm. It was only his second week being attached to Bravo squad. He had wondered what his first combat mission would be like, but he never expected it would involve fighting an unknown alien race. He watched anxiously as the lieutenant slowly strolled down the corridor, speaking loud for everyone to hear.

"Listen up, grunts!" Ralston barked again, "Admiral Drescher and the rest of the fleet are arriving shortly to tear these 'Raptors' a new asshole." Several soldiers gave cheers and 'ooh-rahs' in reply.

'Raptors' was the nickname the ODST dubbed these new aliens. It was one of those traditions from the Human-Covenant War they had been dying to bring back. These aliens weren't Alliance allies, so there was no need for political correctness like with the Unggoy. Now if only all of the ODST could agree on a definitive nickname, since many had made up their own based on the vids they saw.

"We got wind from ONI that the Raptors have anti-air batteries surrounding the planned landing areas. Now I don't think we want our birds shot down before our boys have a chance to show those spiky headed freaks that messing with humanity was the biggest mistake of their soon to be tragically short lives!"


"That's why Command needs us tough sons-o-bitches to shut down those batteries to make their landing nice and cozy." Ralston pointed off to the distance. "Our friends from the Sanghelli Empire were gracious enough to provide back up, but this will not be their victory. This is a human planet and a human colony, so it is going to be human soldiers who send these bastards to Hell!"


The lieutenant's words riled Kyle up. He remembered when he first heard about the occupation of Shanxi. The Raptors had bombarded General William's forces for days until he surrendered. Where he or his remaining forces were being held now, God only knows. Well, maybe ONI does too. Now the Raptors occupied Shanxi and, if rumors were to be trusted, they were using it as a staging planet to follow the Mass Relays back to Earth.

Not on their watch! The Alliance had spent a lot of time rallying the former Covenant races and other human leaders to launch this counter-offensive. Now phase one of Operation: SUCKER PUNCH was actually happening and it may just be the deciding factor in retaking Shanxi. Everyone was hoping this would not be a repeat of the Harvest campaign from the Human-Covenant War, as a swift victory would be a good morale booster should the Raptors come back in force.

"Our ships will engage the enemy cruisers once Drescher arrives. You will be dropped in the positions specified to eliminate the batteries and any unfortunate skull faced bastard who crosses your path! The rest of our allied ground forces will take on the remainder of the defending soldiers. Once the all clear is given, Dresher's forces will give them some real hell."

"Over the target in T-minus thirty seconds," the ship's AI signaled over the intercom.

"Prepare to drop!"

Kyle put on his helmet as the drop pod hatches closed. His heart was racing. He had only done one proper practice drop so far and it was a hell of a ride! Now he was going to help liberate a planet. He removed the ODST Hurricane Mark II sub-machine gun from the drop pod's side and moved to drop position.

One of his hands skimmed over an old fashioned M6D pistol in his side holster. He remembered his grandfather giving it to him the day he joined the ODST. He was carrying the family tradition his grandfather started when he served in the Human-Covenant War years ago. The pistol was not as advanced as the standard issue guns the ODST now carried, but he wanted it with him today. If he was going to make history fighting the Raptors, his grandfather was going to be there too.

Ralston's voice crackled over the TEAMCOM. "This is our time, men. This is our time to show that Humanity is not to be trifled with. They took something from us and now we're taking it back. Give them hell the ODST way!"

"Five seconds," the AI chimed in. Kyle took a deep breath and closed his eyes. His heart was pounding. The anticipation was killing him more than anything, so he could only imagine what the actual fighting would do.

"Good luck," Ralston said right as Kyle's drop pod descended through the Harvest and plummeted to Shanxi...

Kyle wandered about the Presidium Commons as he heard ambient music from the nearby speakers. The smooth architecture, white color scheme and music were very soothing, like a little piece of paradise. He never wanted to live here, but it was a nice place to get away to on rare occasions. He put his gloved hands into his Alliance uniform's pockets as he passed by other civilians and soldiers.

His mind swam with memories of his military career. The victories, the defeats, the people above him, the people he commanded and more. Twenty years serving in the ODST can leave one with a lot of joys and regrets. He had worked hard to get to this position. It wasn't easy, yet he never faltered in a responsibility. He may intimidate the new soldiers as a higher ranked soldier, but he never bragged about his position. Telling people your rank was for military meetings and obligatory formal events.

There were none of those today. It was shore leave and it was December on Earth's calendar. He smiled as he entered the Presidium marketplace and stood in line at the nearest store. The money he just won was going to be put to good use.

At the front of the line, a Krogan jabbered on about some refund with the cashier. Kyle figured this would take a while, so he decided to soak up the sights some more. So many different races were around him. Humans, Sanghelli, Unggoy, Asari, Elcor and everyone in-between were out and about doing their business. It had taken a while for him to get used to so many different types of aliens. Hell, it had taken the ODST a long time to drop the nicknames they invented during and after the First Contact War. He had to put a smile on though. Alliance soldiers needed to be shining examples to anyone and everyone.

He pulled a small list out of his pocket, skimming over it to see if he could get everything he needed. There were quite a few items! A copy of the new Keyes family biography by Jonathan Nylund, an Omni-tool upgrade pack, a model replica of the Pillar of Autumn, a subscription to Citadel Home Design, a download pass for the award winning Rain Forest Wars documentary vids. a black…

"*Breath* Excuse me, Earth-Clan." Kyle turned to see that the Krogan had left and the Volus cashier was standing waiting for him. He walked to the counter with the list still in his hand. "*Breath* Welcome to Sirta. How can I help?"

"Yeah, um, I was wondering if you had these items on the top here," Kyle said handing the list to the Volus. "I'd like to get them gift wrapped for delivery."

"*Breath* We should have most of these. I need to check the database for this particular model though."

The Volus pulled out a data pad and scrolled through various information sheets. Kyle leaned against the counter and tapped his fingers on it as he waited.

"*Breath* I assume you are sending these to Earth?" The Volus commented as he searched.

"That obvious?"

"*Breath* You're not the first Earth-Clan doing holiday shopping today. *Breath* What is so special about this time of year?"

"It's a long story. Check out some Earth vids about Christmas and you'll figure it out."

The Volus nodded and lowered the data pad. "*Breath* I'm afraid we are sold out of that particular model."

Crap! He didn't want to spend too long trying to find one gift, let alone all of them. "Are you sure?"

"*Breath* Sold the last one this morning, I'm afraid." The Volus said pointing to a store nearby. "*Breath* The store over there may be carrying it."

Kyle turned to see a larger store with a large line of individuals out front. At the register, a Kig-Yar was doing business with a Turian store clerk. He frowned and turned back to the Volus. "Are there any other stores that have it?"

"*Breath* Not to my knowledge. That model is a popular gift for Earth-clan customers. *Breath* You'll find the best prices at that store."

Kyle looked back to the store. His gaze narrowed at the Turian now arguing with the Kig-Yar. Typical. He was probably a jerk.

He turned back to the Volus. "Just ring up the other items."

The Volus tapped away at the data pad as Kyle switched on his omni-tool. He could probably find another store selling the model that wasn't ran by a Raptor…

Kyle's drop pod rumbled as it pierced Shanxi's atmosphere. Light flooded into the window, causing him to shield his eyes. Dawn was breaking across the surface of the planet, engulfing the atmosphere in a flash of orange, yellow and red. It was quite a sight to see; light piercing the darkness and bringing a brand new day to the planet. It was some poet or painter's wet dream to be in Kyle's position right now.

From his right window, he could see other drop pods piercing through the clouds. He noticed several were Sanghelli Empire drop pods too! This was the first big cooperative offense the Alliance had done with the Sanghelli Empire since the treaty. It was hard to believe that not too long ago, these races were at each other's throats. Now they were fighting side by side against a common enemy.

"All units report in," a voice cracked over TEAMCOM. It was Captain Jessica Turner, Bravo squad's leader. Kyle winked green on his TEAMCOM.

"Good," Capt. Turner replied, "We'll be landing shortly."

"Is this going to be another bug hunt, ma'am?" Corporal Kevin Shinjiro joked over TEAMCOM.

"Don't quote that old shit with me, corporal. You're just lucky you're a VIP here."

She was right. Cpl. Kevin Shinjiro was assigned by the squad to shut down the batteries and their operating systems. So on top of that main objective, objective two was to keep the corporal alive. Some would call it babysitting, but the corporal could hold his own in a fight.

"Well I'm not going to let that stop me from shooting up a bunch of them Boneheads," Cpl. Shinjiro zipped back at Capt. Turner.


"Yeah. That's what they are, right? Got all of that bone like material over their heads and-"

Just then, Kyle's pod violently shook with several loud thuds. The deceleration part of the drop had started. He tightly gripped his Hurricane with both hands as he looked out the window other drop pods were also deploying their chutes and thrusters to decelerate, hence the silence over the TEAMCOM.

It was then that he heard another sound increase in intensity. However, this sound was much less inviting as he realized that it was the ricochet of the enemy's weapons firing off the pods!Little dings and clangs sounded off as a cold sweat ran down Kyle's neck. The pods were built to withstand smaller rounds, but it would be worse if…

Before he could finish that though, a missile flew into the drop pod to his immediate left. Large chunks of metal intermingled with fire and burnt flesh, while the remainder of the pod spiraled down to a harsh crash landing. Kyle panicked more inside.

"We're coming in hot!" Capt. Turner barked over TEAMCOM.

"The only way the ODST should come in!" Another soldier replied.

"Shut up, Harrelson! Approaching ground side in five!"

In spite of quaking in fear, Kyle peaked down his pod's front window to see the target. Past the flying missiles and weapon rounds, the area below was a lush grass field with a hill leading to a large bunker. Big rocks, barricades erected by the Raptors and other miscellaneous objects were scattered about, incidentally providing Kyle and his squad cover during the attack. He closed his eyes and prayed silently. All he wanted to do now was hit the ground safely and as soon as possible.

"Brace for impact!"

With one final thrust, Kyle's pod violently shook and stopped falling. He opened his eyes to see two Raptors sprawled on the ground, knocked over from the landing' impact. It was one thing seeing the Raptors on vids, but it was another seeing them in person. Those spikes on the top of their heads. The bone-like material that covered their faces and bodies. Those creepy bird mouths. And he thought the Kig-Yar were hard to look at!

The pod hatch hissed as the latches prepared to be unsealed. He lifted his gun and his visor ionized, displaying all of his vitals and necessary battlefield information. With one more deep breath, the alert for the hatch opening sounded.


The hatch exploded off with incredible force and Kyle charged out of the pod with a flurry of Hurricane rounds. The Raptors were too slow to react, with the rounds cutting them down before they could stand back up. He leaped over their corpses as he looked for the fastest way to the hill, only to be greeted by incoming fire as additional Raptors arrived to retaliate. Thinking quickly, he dove behind a large rock for cover as the Raptors' weapons carved up the ground where he had stood.

He waited for a lull before popping out and returning fire. Lower elevation was not working to his benefit though, as most of his rounds skimmed over the Raptors' heads. His shield shimmered as they took a couple hits from their return fire before retreating back behind the rock.

He then heard a small sound and turned to see a grenade land right near his feet. Time to move! He bolted from the rock, hosing rounds up the hill for covering fire. He dived behind a nearby barricade as the grenade detonated, taking his shields down further. He barely pulled his legs away in time to miss more shots.

"Bravo squad, this is Bravo Seven!" He shouted through TEAMCOM. "I'm pinned by enemy fire! Requesting assistance!"

"This is Bravo Three, requesting sup-" "Raptors moving in from the si-" "-oger that. Moving into position-" "Damn it, we're taking fi-"

Everyone was trying to talk at once. Kyle sighed, gripped his gun and stood to push forward …

Right then, a beam of energy shot from across the way and took off a Raptor's head. A flurry of Plasma Rifle fire then rained upon the rest, cutting down two more before the remainder retreated. Kyle spotted three Sanghelli soldiers moving forward, supported by a half dozen Unggoy with Plasma Pistols and Needlers. A trio of Kig-Yar provided suppressing fire with Beam Rifles from behind.

Then a hand grabbed onto his shoulder. He jumped and turned, only to see the visor of another ODST soldier. His TEAMCOM tagged the soldier as Sergeant Terrence Morgan, whom he recognized from debriefing. "Move your ass, Nolan!" Sgt. Morgan shouted as he charged forward.

Kyle followed close behind as more ODST, Sanghelli, Unggoy, Kig-Yar and Mgalekgolo ran, cover hopped and advanced in one large wave. He didn't know if the Raptors had fully feared humans yet, but they had learned to fear the Mgalekgolo quickly. Fuel rod rounds tore up the hill as the lumbering giants barreled forward, easily ignoring the opposing gunfire. Two Raptors flew into the air as an Mgalekgolo slammed its shield into them. Its bond brother turned and blasted a nearby enemy armored vehicle, blasting it in a green and orange fireball. They were a awesomely terrifying sight!

A large object crashed from orbit onto the ground nearby them. It's outer shielding collapsed, revealing a custom ODST Mantis walker with a minigun attachment. The pilot was hooting and hollering as he turned the Mantis and began unloading onto the enemy. And yet the Raptors kept fighting back, stubbornly defending every last inch of dirt.

Over the TEAMCOM, Capt. Turner chimed in. "Bravo squad, confirm your status and proceed to objective!" Kyle winked green on his TEAMCOM. He only hoped most of the squad also did.

The fighting continued for what felt like forever. One ODST soldier to Kyle's right took a sniper shot to the face and rolled onto the ground dead. Two more dragged a wounded Sanghelli behind a nearby barricade as they dodged incoming fire. An explosion took out a couple of Unggoy up ahead. A group of Kig-Yar surrounded each other with their shields Roman style to deflect enemy fire. Every weapon type possible zoomed across the hill, tearing up grass and throwing dirt into the air. A team of Sanghelli Zealots charged non-stop up the hill, damned whatever came at them. The Mgalekgolo and Mantis continued to take the brunt of the attack. From the opposite side of the hill, the fighting sounded even more intense as the rest of the force took on the bulk of the Raptors.

Kyle pushed past every dodged shot, every step on Shanxi soil and every fallen soldier. Keep pushing, he thought to himself. They were almost there…

"That will be a thousand credits."

Kyle slipped out from his memories and returned to reality. An Unggoy store clerk on the other side of the counter waited expectantly.

"Huh? Oh right, sorry," he apologized while tapping at his Omni-tool. He had searched all over the Extranet to find a store that sold the Pillar of Autumn model. After fiddling for half an hour, he had found an advert for a store in the lower wards that had a few left. It wasn't the fanciest location, but beggar's can't be choosers.

"All righty, credits all received and gift is wrapped tight," the Unggoy chirped excitedly as he entered information on his computer.

"Thanks," Kyle replied. "Hey, um, can you add a personalized note before you ship it?"

"Righty oh," the Unggoy replied. "What should I put on it?"

"Just write, 'Merry Christmas Sandy. Love, Uncle Kyle.'"

"Awwww," the Unggoy replied semi-teasingly. "Big tough human's a softie."

Kyle smirked lightly. It wasn't particularly funny, but better to just go along with it to get his shopping done and return to the ship. "Well, Humans can get pretty soft this time of year. I don't know if you Unggoy have any holidays like that."

"Oh yes, but usually we give food. It's pretty cool-"

"I'm sure it is. Thanks again," Kyle interrupted as he closed his omni-tool and left.

"All righty, tell your friends about Dip-Dup's Pawn and Repair! Low prices, high satisfaction!" The Unggoy's squeaky voice echoed as Kyle rounded a corner. He wasn't that fond of the lower wards, but it occasionally suited his needs. People were more down to earth here than at the Presidium. There was less talk about trivial manners like politics and more people just living their lives. If C-Sec were able to temper the crime, he would come more often. It still wasn't enough to make him live there though.

He passed by other residents and shoppers as they ascended a staircase to the nearest lift. Advertisements, neon signs and video screens lined the halls blaring mostly nonsense. He sighed, not particularly eager to ride up that slow glass elevator. Why couldn't the Keepers make speeding up those things a priority?

Apparently, today they did. A large crowd of people were bickering and complaining around the lift as two C-Sec officers blocked the entrance. Digital yellow tape with the words OUT OF ORDER scrolled across the entrance, with Keepers moving in and out carrying repair materials. Well…looks like Kyle would take the long way.

He ducked into a nearby back alley he had previously used as a shortcut to the C-Sec headquarters. The alley was largely empty, save for random rubbish and a couple of Keepers going about their business. The red lights painted an eerie canvas across the walls. Kyle kept his hands in his pockets. There were a few lifts close by, so he just had to move quickly and…

"I said get away!"

He stopped upon hearing the shout. It sounded like a Quarian, given the accent and vocal reverberation through its mask. It was probably just some argument. Nothing Kyle should…

"Fisk says you're behind on your payment. And he's not a happy man when people cheat on an agreement."

A Turian! That caught Kyle's attention. He could recognize that type of voice anywhere. What was this about payments and Fisk? He knew this was none of his business, but something stirred him up over this. He pressed against a wall and peeked around the corner.

Three Turian thugs surrounded a Quarian female in the middle of an open area. One of them was noticeably larger than the others, with distinct face tattoos Kyle hadn't seen before. The one to his left was a rather ugly looking one, with a damaged left mandible and burn marks across his face. The third one behind the Quarian was a smaller one, with a custom designed pistol and dagger around his belt. No one else was around, so the Turians were not afraid to get in the Quarian's face.

"Our agreement's finished," the Quarian nervously defended, "I paid the debt so I don't owe him anything."

"Fisk's accountant says otherwise," the large Turian retorted smugly, "There's still an outstanding sum remaining."

"I gave him the credits yesterday. Check the records," the Quarian said more upset as the smaller Turian stroked his pistol.

This is what Kyle meant when he said crime needed to be taken care of. If C-Sec couldn't stop a gang of Turian punks from harassing people, what good would they be if he lived here? He checked around the area. There really was no one around. Not even any cameras from what he could see. The Quarian must have been lured here because of that.

"We did. And the ten thousand credit debt isn't going to pay itself," the ugly Turian exclaimed.

The Quarian was flustered. "I don't have ten thousand credits! I barely have enough left to eat, you bosh'tets!"

"Such language!" The large Turian mocked at her. "You better change that attitude, gas sucker, or I'm not going to be so nice anymore!"

"We don't suck gas, asshole!" The Quarian barked back. "You want to know more about sucking, go ask your boyfriends here for advice! Now leave me alone!" She tried breakIMF out from the group but the small Turian grabbed her arm. "Let me go!" She tried to punch him, but he twisted her arm behind her back into a hold.

"We're not leaving until you give FISO what you owe," the large Turian gripping his hand around the Quarian's throat. Kyle's growing anger forced his own hand into a balled fist.

"I don't owe him shit!" She shouted angrily.

"We ought t. Teach this street urchin a lesson in manners, boss," the ugly Turian chuckled with a crooked smile.

"I couldn't agree more," the large Turian smiled evilly back, "but she needs to give us her full attention. Take that mask off so she can look me in the eyes."

As the Quarian was about to cry for help, Kyle was already on the move. His feet glided across the floor, his eyes not wavering from their target. It's been a while since he kicked some Turian ass. Now he had an excuse.


Codex Entry (Alliance): Orbital Drop Shock Troopers

A Special Operations unit of the Alliance Marine Corps, the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers specialize in performing small scale, high-risk combat operations. Though known for their orbital drop pod insertion strikes, ODST forces are also trained to engage in other military and paramilitary duties including long-range reconnaissance, sabotage, counter-contraband, counter-terrorism and guerilla warfare operations.

Previously a fledgling military unit, the ODST grew to fame across the UNSC and Alliance military following successful campaigns in the outer colonies Insurrection, the Human-Covenant War and the First Contact War. Their all-volunteer recruitment, chosen through months of intense screening and training procedures, allows for a diversity of combat experience that has served them in many battles.

The ODST prides itself with a distinct sense of identity from the rest of the Alliance military. Their armor, weapons and vehicles are custom designed with specific modifications for ODST operations. ODST squads are also known to have an intense sense of camaraderie within their ranks, creating a "clique" mentality that sets them apart from other Alliance military units.

While they usually operate under the direct command of the Alliance's Naval Special Warfare Command, ODST combat teams are often seen attached to and rotated amongst Alliance cruisers and military divisions. Aside from their combat expertise, ODST presence is said to be morale booster for the teams they fight alongside.


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