Wind and Air crouched side by side in the lush forest. Ever so stealthy, they split up from eachother and circled around their prey... a dark red-colored mouse. Fat. Plump. Juicy. Their mouths parted to take in it's scent, they moved forward. Wind flicked her tail to her brother, a sign to get ready to pounce. He wiggled his hind quarters barely to acknowlege her. 3... 2... 1!

They leaped out as one and the mouse, startled, looked up in alarm. But not of them. It scurried into it's burrow, quick as a whip. They landed awkwardly. Catching their breath, they looked at eachother, then listened to the sound of caterwauling.

"Wanna check it out, sis?"

Wind looked at her brother, "I guess so. Come on!" They raced off into the woods silently.


A flame-colored tom splashed around in the river inside of Thunderclan's territory. (I DON'T KNOW IF THEY HAD ONE... PLEASE JUST BEAR WITH ME) "Graypaw! Help me! I'm drowning!"

Graypaw panicked... I can't swim either! "Firepaw! Just wait here! I'll go get help!"

Firepaw's green eyes widened in alarm, "No! Don't leave me!"

Graypaw was conflicted, "I can't swim Firepaw! I need to get help!"

"NO! Don't let me drown! I'm too young to die! I have a life ahead of me!" Firepaw gurgled frantically... and a little dramatically... as he chugged down a huge mouth full of water and tried to spit it back out, "Graypaw!"

Suddenly, a silver and white streak shot past the long haired tom and into the water. Over to where dark ginger tom was trying to resurface. It dove under the water, spied the struggling tom, and grabbed his scruff, hauling him to the surface.

"Quit squirming!" It hissed through clenched teeth as it brought the tom to land. Another stranger, white and black, bent over Firepaw worriedly. Firepaw, pushing away from the second cat, completely ignoring Graypaw's anxious face, turned to the first cat, eyes narrowed.

"Who are you?"

The first cat fluffed up it's fur, "I'm Wind."

"What clan are you from?" he sniffed, "Not any clan smell I know of."

"That's because we're not of an-" the silver and white cat was cut off as a patrol of Thunderclan cats burst onto the scene.

"Firepaw!" The leader of the patrol halted, his tabby pelt tense as live wire.


"What did you think you were doing, hollering like that?! We thought you were being tortured!" The huge tabby growled at his son.

Firestar glared up at the Thunderclan warrior, "Too bad for you, huh, Tigerclaw? Can't have me walking around and ruining everything, can we?"

The tabby narrowed his amber eyes, "We're heading back, Firepaw. Get up and let's go."

Firepaw huffed in anger and stared back at his dad, before dipping his head in acknowledgement... He stood to his paws, trying not to show too much pain. Unsuccessful. I must have banged it up, pretty bad... he thought.

"And who are you two?" Whitestorm, one of the cats that arrived with Tigerclaw, asked politely but firmly.

The white and black cat spoke for the both of them, "I'm Air and this's my baby sister Wind. We live with the housefolk in that complex over there."

Housefolk... Complex... what? The long haired tom was confused but masked it well, "Well... I'm gonna have to have you guys come back with us to the camp. Our leader will want to speak with you."

They didn't like that, but didn't have much of a chance of taking him on, the tabby-Tigerclaw-on, and the really pale yellow tabby. They could probably take out the soaking ginger-tom and the long-haired gray tom though. Relunctantly, they followed behind Tigerclaw and Whitestorm. The yellow tabby ran on ahead to tell the clan. Firepaw and Greypaw walked behind the strangers.

Firepaw refused to lean on his gray pal who was looking over him and his paw worriedly. "Firepaw? I'm so sorry! But you know I'm deathly afraid of water!" he whispered urgently.

"It's okay, Graypaw." He meowed, "I'm fine. It's probably just sprained..." He didn't sound to enthusiatic, and Graypaw knew it. But he let it go.

"Hey! Hurry it up you two!" Tigerclaw snapped from the front of escort.

"One of these days..." Firepaw muttered dangerously, "One of these days... Tigerclaw's gonna lose his life..."

Graypaw stared, open-jawed, at his buddy, "Firepaw! That's your dad! Not to mention it would be a violation of the warrior code!"

Firepaw smirked mischeviously, "I know. I just wanted to know what you'd say to me..."

Graypaw looked into his friends green eyes a little while longer but saw nothing to worry him. Firepaw was just venting steam. Graypaw laughed lowly, "You had me worried there for a second, Firepaw."

They walked the rest of the way back to the camp silently... Firepaw turned down all attempts to talk to him. While he'd forgiven Graypaw... he didn't feel like facing him. And listening to the two kittypets infront of him put him in a even more volatile mood. I was saved by Kittypets!? Of all the disgusting, terrible things Mother Nature can throw at me, I get saved by Kittypets?! I'd rather tell my father I love him!

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