Sandstorm stalked off, out of the gorse tunnel. Stupid Windsong. Always in the way. Though, if she was honest with herself, she'd admit that she really didn't hate the pretty young just hated the fact that Fireheart liked the pretty young warrior. More than he liked her. She scoffed and sniffed the air, scenting mouse and something else. Something she should know but couldn't quite place. She followed it's scent trail. Which, if she was even more honest with herself, was more her fault than anyone's. It was her who told him to get lost, her who told him to move on, her who told him to go for Windsong. And she was too proud to back down and admit she was wrong and wanted him back now.

She stopped, fur on full alert, as the scent trail suddenly stopped and grew thick, as if it were surrounding her. And her mind put the scent together a second before a wet black nose poked into view followed by a lean, thick-furred orange pelt slid into view. Amber eyes gleaming in delight, fangs glistening, and bushy white tipped tail hovering above the ground. A low growl emanated from it's throat as it realised she was alone. FOX!

Panicked, she screeched and bolted. But not fast enough. The fox was on her in a second. She whirled and slashed at it with a forepaw in an attempt to dodge it's white teeth. It yelped, whipped it's head back, and lunged again. She made to jump back but tripped on a root and went down hard, knocking the breath out of her chest. The fox pinned her down and snarled. It's breath reeking of crowfood and tangy twoleg trash lowered down and warmed up her neck. It was going to kill her. Aware she was going to die, her last thought was of Fireheart and how she'd never told him how she felt. Goodbye Fireheart.

"Hey! Twoleg Trash Eater! Leave her alone!"

A flash of flame flew past her field of vision and plowed straight into the fox, sweeping it off it's feet. It yelped and struggled up only to be set upon by a flurry of fiery claws, bites, and hisses, "You stupid crowfood freak! Leave her alone or I'll kill you! Get off my territory!"

Tail between its legs, whining, whimpering, limping, and bleeding badly, the fox raced off into the night and toward the ShadowClan border.

"Good riddance and stay gone!" The flame snorted and turned around to where Sandstorm was slowly getting to her paws beside a silver and white she-cat. His green eyes scanned her quickly for any serious wounds. Shortage of breath, sprained paw, and some nail puncture points. But nothing major. Fireheart looked away into the woods, his tone cold, "You okay, Sandstorm?"

She nodded, in shock that he'd come to save her, "How did you guys know I needed help?"

It was meant for Fireheart but Windsong spoke up from beside her, "We were out hunting, smelt fox, and heard your caterwaul so Fireheart insisted on coming here to save you and play hero."

The ginger tom started at that, "Hey, that's not how it happ-"

"Huh? Of course it is. Don't you go lying, Fireheart. NO more games, understand?" The younger warrior turned to the elder she-cat, "Sandstorm, I don't know what happened between the two of you, but you need to stop letting it get in the way of your futures. Fireheart likes you and you do, too. So, work it out right now and don't come back to the camp until you do!" With that, Windsong spun on her heel and bounded away through the thick undergrowth, hoping, and honestly wishing and praying to StarClan that they didn't notice the tears threatening to break the surface and pour down her cheeks. Who'd have known that giving up someone dear to me would hurt this much? She thought bitterly.

WINDSONG: Y am i cryin? AND y did i just give up Fireheart?

SANDSTORM: Ummm... y did i just trip over a ROOT? Out of everythin... a root?

GRAYSTRIPE: Haha! Now whoz fat?

RAVENDIVE: Technically, tht doesnt make her fat


GRAYSTRIPE: WHoz side r u on, Ravendive!?

FIREHEART: So... i sneakily like Sandstorm on the side?

AIRSLASH: Well, wht about me?


DUSTPELT: CHEATHLUV owns nothin but the story plot... Sorta! ;P