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Chapter 9

When the sun set, I knew it was time to leave and I really didn't want to go, my dad why going to go mad.

"I have to take you home," Jasper murmured and I internally cringed.

"Dad's gunna flip," I told him and felt him wince, I mentally scoffed, he wasn't the one who had face the man.

"Shit," he cursed, "I forgot about chief Swan,"

"Let's hope he doesn't see Edward again for a long time." I said to Jasper who smirked, he jumped out of the window suddenly scaring the shit in to me and I whacked him.

"Jasper Whitlock, you warn me next time." I snapped trying to calm my raging heart, he grinned unashamed.

"Yes ma'am." I rolled my eyes and gave a sharp whistle for Jake, he came running from the trees still in wolf form.

"Jasper is taking me home." I said to him, he nodded with a bark and ran off. The journey home was calm and Jasper pressed a kiss to my hand making me smile at the sweet gesture, when we arrived he hopped out of the car to open the door and hand me the keys. Jasper gave me a tingling kiss and I smiled brightly up at him.

"Come back later?" I asked him in a low voice.

"Of course," He confirmed, I kissed him one last time and ran in to the house. When the door shut I felt very apprehensive, my neck gave a pang and I took a deep breath. I walking in to the living room and my dad was sat in his chair drinking a beer, I shot him a warm smile and went in to the kitchen to make some food.

"Hey Bells," He greeted,

"Hey Dad, you ok with Billy now?" I asked with a grin, Charlie looked a bit sheepish.

"Sly old dog explained everything," He told me, "After I punched him,"

"Dad," I sighed and he laughed.

"How was your day?"

"Fine," I replied and then winced, it came out a bit too quickly and I hoped he didn't notice.

"What happened?" He demanded and I cursed.

"Um nothing," that sounded weak even to me.

"Isabella Marie Swan," I winced again, I had just been given the full name and that didn't bode well for me.

"Yes dad," I answered sweetly, I knew he didn't buy that for a second because he came out in to the kitchen.

"What happened?" I looked at him and his eyes zeroed in on my neck, I guessed that the bruises had developed already.

"Ok so maybe there was a confrontation," I told him hurriedly and he looked pissed off.

"Confrontation, your neck is covered in bruises," He snapped,

"I know, but everything is ok now." I reassured him,

"What happened?"

"They returned and it just went to hell, Edward kept trying to control me and order me around and Jasper didn't take it well. There was a fight and people lost limbs, but they've been thrown out for now." I explained quickly as my dad went red with rage.

"I can't wait to be able to personally put that little shit in his place," I blinked in shock, I'd never heard my dad swear properly before.

"I don't think they'll be back at the house yet," I said slowly and he nodded.

"You have to go to school tomorrow Bells, you'll have to be careful,"

"I will do daddy, besides, Jasper is going to be running perimeter with Peter," I told him,

"Roll on end of the semester when you can become indestructible to a point." Charlie sighed and I smiled a bit, I felt they exact same.

"Have you eaten today?"

"Um no I forgot." I rolled my eyes at that,

"Steak good?"

"Sounds great Bells," I got on with making the food and I was planning a nice relaxing bath before I went to bed, I listened to my dad as he spoke about his day with Billy finding out about the wolves and smiled.

"It's all pretty crazy isn't it?" I said and he scoffed.

"That's an understatement Bells and once it's laid out in front of you it's so obvious." Charlie shook his head,

"Yeah, I know what you mean, but it's the disbelief that makes you brush it aside."

"I'll never do that again," Charlie muttered and I grinned, I plated up and placed his food down and tucked in to mine.

"When did you learn to be such a good cook Bells?"

"Renee wasn't the best cook," I pointed out and he nodded.

"Got that right," I finished my food and my dad said he would clear up, I kissed his cheek and vanished up stairs to run my bath with bubbles. I checked myself in the mirror and saw, with a wince, that the marks on my neck were pretty visible.

"Damn it," I muttered, I would have to cover them with make up or it would raise questions, it shouldn't be too difficult, but I was repeatedly cursing Edward's existence. I hoped that bastard wasn't in school the following day, but I knew he would be because they would have to keep their cover, it reassured me that Jasper would be in the woods. I went to grab my iPod before I sunk in to the tub with a sigh of relief, the hot water was welcome and soothing and I stuck my headphones in to fully relax. I mentally went over everything that had happened this weekend and it stumped me for a second, it was slightly unbelievable that so much could happen within 3 days, but it had and I didn't know what to make of it. I had a new mate, which I was completely happy about, even if it was rather sudden, but then I knew I was finished with Edward, it was only because I was out of options that I stayed with him. And it was strange, I felt connected to Jasper, like I had known him for my entire life and we could take it slow, apart from the drunk incident, which I don't regret, then we hadn't done anything. I still couldn't believe that Edward was cheating on me with Alice, something I could have never seen coming and the prick had the cheek to think he still meant anything to me, I scoffed. It seemed this was the weekend to reveal all, but I couldn't help to think that there was more to go, I sighed. No doubt that when whatever it was happens I'll be smack bang in the centre of the drama, I moved to Forks for a quite life, ha wasn't that a joke. When I was significantly pruned I pulled myself out of the cooling water and wrapped a towel around me, I quickly got changed in to my night things and fell back on to my bed with another sigh.

"What's wrong Darlin'," I shot up in shock,

"Jasper," I gasped clutching my heart as it tried to beat it's way out of my chest, he flashed a charming smile and I rolled my eyes.

"Stupid silent vampires," I grumbled and he chucked, I patted the bed next to me and he moved to sit down.

"How did your dad take it?" He asked pressing a kiss to my cheek, I cringed slightly,

"Well it's the first time I've heard my dad swear properly," I told him,


"Yeah, I almost feel for Edward." Jasper's eyebrows rose,

"You do?"

"Key word being 'almost'," He grinned at that, I curled myself in to his side and led down.

"Tomorrow is going to be a long day," I murmured and Jasper sighed,

"Yes it is, but if you need anything you only have to shout; literally."

"Thank you,"

"No need to thank me darlin', it's what I'm here for," Jasper told me with slight smile,

"I know, but still,"

"Go to sleep Bella,"

It was with great pain that I pulled myself out of bed the next morning, I completely ignored Jasper's amusement at my complaining and slowly got myself ready while still being half asleep; I was not a morning person. Jasper kissed my cheek and hopped out of the window, I sighed to myself and trooped down stairs, dad was already gone and I wondered how he managed to do it everyday. I checked the time and realised I was running slightly late and groaned to myself, I grabbed an apple and ran to my car hastily putting my foot down so I arrived on time. I saw a flash of white within the trees and grinned, Jasper and Peter were already running and it calmed me which was a welcome feeling especially when I saw the dreaded yellow Porsche parked in the car park. People were flocking it and I rolled my eyes, I was going to question why she had decided to use such a flashy car when I remembered my dad had torched the Volvo and I snorted. I got out of my car and grabbed my leather jacket throwing it on over my vest as I walked in to the building, I greeted Angela with a smile and she waved.

"Hey," I said,

"Hi, have a good weekend?" She asked and I bit back a snort.

"You could say that," I said and she raised an eyebrow, I showed her my now empty left hand and she actually squealed.

"Congratulations." She said and I laughed,

"I know,"

"How did it happen?" Angela asked as we made our way down the corridor, I saw Lauren and Jessica coming the other way and I had a wicked idea.

"He was cheating on me," I said louder than necessary and it caught their attention, they hurried over looking concerned.

"Did you just say Edward was cheating on you?" Jessica asked and I nodded trying my best to look upset, it seemed to work because they hurried to consol me.

"How did you find out?" Lauren questioned,

"I-I walked in on them," I admitted and they gasped,

"Oh no," Jess said, "Did you know who she was?" I had to fight back my smirk at that, I did not feel a touch of remorse for what I was about to do. I made a show of sniffing and wiping my eyes,

"That was the worst thing," I said,

"What, who was she?"

"It wasn't a she, it was a HE!" I cried and they both gasped again recoiling in shock, it took everything I had not to burst out laughing as I practically saw the wheels turning in their minds.

"A he?" Jessica repeated in disbelief, and I nodded covering my face with my hands.

"Edward Cullen is-is gay?" Lauren confirmed weakly,

"I always wondered why he was unsure around me and I thought, at times, that it was me, but now I know that he didn't want me because I was female." I told them sadly.

"Oh you poor thing," Jess consoled, "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine, it was a shock for sure, but we had been drifting apart for a while. At least now I know why…" I trailed of looking down and they gently rubbed my back.

"You stay strong." Lauren said and I nodded,

"You had better go, I don't want you to be late because of me." I said and they nodded, I watched them as they walked down the corridor with their heads together whispering eagerly only then did I smirk. Angela was looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

"So how much of that was the truth, and how much of that was revenge?" She questioned and I laughed.

"He was cheating on me and I did walk in on them and we were drifting as you already know, but everything else I may have made up." I admitted and she giggled.

"That little tale of yours is going to be around the entire school by lunch." She pointed out and I grinned,

"Exactly," We laughed and headed to our first class. It went quickly and I had to force back my laughter as I walked down the corridor and heard whispers about Edward's infidelity and sexuality, Angela had no such trouble and was snickering in to her hand.

"I think you underestimated Jessica and Lauren," I said and Angela agreed,


The whispers followed me all day and I was constantly fighting my amusement, I had caught site of Edward on my way to math and he looked fuming, I sent him a sweet smile and Alice pulled him away. I knew I was working on a fine line, but I was confident that Jasper would keep his word and was watching the school. Come lunch time, there wasn't anyone in the school who didn't know of my story and I had a slight skip in my step as I went to the lunch room. I only grabbed a can of soda as I wasn't that hungry, I sat down with Angela ignoring the looks of sympathy sent my way when a sudden hush rippled and I turned to the door where Edward and Alice had just walked in, the whole room burst in to furious whispered and I turned to Angela.

"Revenge is sweet," I muttered loud enough for only her to hear, I knew that Edward would be reading her mind and I wanted to rub it in. I glanced at him from the corner of my eye and smirked, he looked fuming and I was enjoying every minute of it, Angela seemed to read my mind because she chuckled.

"You're enjoying this aren't you?"

"Oh yes,"

"Who knew sweet Bella Swan had an evil streak," She murmured with a grin, I laughed,

"Sweet Bella Swan is long gone, it's the time of Arizona Bella to shine."

"I'll take front row tickets." Angela said seriously making me laugh. The bell rang and I sighed, I said goodbye to Angela and made my way across the terrace to the second half of the building, I felt him approach before he was in my face and I mentally groaned at his stupidity.

"What do you think you are doing?" Edward hissed getting in my face, by now I was so used to vampires and their behaviours I was no longer intimidated by his actions, I looked steadily back in to his dark eyes and smirked.

"I was going to my class, but you're in my way."

"Don't be smart with me Isabella, it doesn't become you." He growled stepping closer to me forcing me to step back.

"You brought this on yourself when you cheated on me. Now get out of my face,"

"There's nothing you can do about it Isabella, you should know that humans don't hold a candle to our strength." He told me with a twisted smirk, I glowered at him before smiling brightly.

"I can't, but we both know that Jasper could easily put you in your place." I said and he hissed,

"But he's not here are they,"

"Oh, so sure?"

"I can't read his minds," He said smugly and my smile stretched.

"Jasper, Peter, a little help if you would." I made my voice louder than before and grinned when Edward stiffened, I looked over his shoulder and saw both Jasper and Peter immerging from the trees, I could see Jasper was pissed from this distance and Peter didn't exactly look cheerful. They came over as fast as possible and Edward growled,

"I ripped your arm of before Edward, I can damn well do it again." Jasper told him in an icy voice, he yanked Edward back away from me and Peter placed himself in front of me shielding me.

"You were told to stay away from Bella, Cullen, are you the first vampire short on hearing?" Peter asked and I had to stop my snickers reminding myself that this was not the right time. Edward growled and again and stalked away, I let a sigh of relief pass my lips and Jasper hugged me.

"You ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine, he only got in my face because of the rumour I spread." Next to me Peter burst out laughing and bent over clutching his sides and Jasper laughed in to my neck,

"That was a stroke of genius Titch," Peter gasped, "I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life."

"Glad to be of service," I said with my own grin, Jasper shook his head.

"Wait until Emmett hears about this, he's gunna be hysterical."

"I'll even let Yoda tell him," I said, "Now, I'm late to class so I have to go, but I'll see you later?"

"Of course, come straight to the house."

"Right," I kissed his cheek and hurried off. I apologised profusely to my teacher and quickly took my seat, she didn't seem to mind too much and it made me wonder if the teachers had heard about the rumour too because she kept shooting me sympathetic looks. When the bell rang signalling the end of the day, I was only too happy to walk out of my car and pull away. It didn't take me to long to get to the house and Jasper was waiting to open my door when I parked up, I greeted him with a smile and a kiss and went in to the house. Esme was in the kitchen when I went in and I hugged her and grabbed myself a snack,

"Hello Bella dear, how was school,"

"Hey Esme," I greeted over my sandwich, "School was the same as usual,"

"You didn't have any problems, did you?"

"He only came up to me once, but Jasper and Peter were there." I said with a shrug, she looked worried but I gave her a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry too much Esme, he was pi-annoyed because of something I did." In the living room I heard Peter and Jasper burst out laughing and I grinned.

"What did you do?" Esme asked curiously and I looked a little sheepish.

"It was a spur of the moment thing and I know it was petty, but I couldn't help myself." I said hurriedly trying not to join in with the boys' laughter, I walking in to the now fixed living room and Emmett chose that moment to enter with Rose and looked at Jasper and Peter with raised eyebrows.

"What'd I miss?"

"Bella being a complete genius at school today," Jasper told him as I walked in to the living room and took the seat next to him, I smiled at Charlotte and shot a grin at Emmett.

"Whatever it was it made Edward angry," Esme said, "What was it Bella," I look at Peter who was practically bursting and nodded, he grinned.

"Bella thought it would be a good idea to explain to the two biggest gossips in the school what happened." Peter said in excitement,

"You willingly spoke to Jessica and Lauren?" Rose said incredulously and I grinned,

"It served a purpose." I shrugged,

"So you told them that Edward was cheating on you with Alice?" Emmett said not seeing the funny side and Jasper, Peter and I snickered.

"I may have changed the story slightly." I said,

"What did you say?"

"She said she caught Edward with a guy." Peter burst out and there was a resounding silence after that.

"You did what?"

"I may have said to them that I walked in on Edward fucking a guy," I repeated and it took a few seconds before Emmett broke and dissolved in to fits with Peter, Rose followed quickly with Charlotte and Esme looked as if she wanted to laugh but had thought better of it.

"Oh dear," She said in amusement, "I'm sure your friends kept it a secret." I laughed at that.

"It was around the entire building by 3rd period." I got out before laughing in to Jasper's shoulder, Esme giggled at that.

"I can't believe you did that," Rose gasped covering her mouth as if she was trying to hold back her laughs.

"You should have seen the reactions he got, he walked in to the cafeteria and it when silent before everyone, and I mean everyone, broke out in whispers. I swear even the teachers know about it." I told them all,

"Oh I bet Eddie is pissed, he doesn't like anything tarnishing his perfect reputation."

"Well its in little tiny pieces now." I snorted, "And I don't even feel a little guilty,"

"It was one of the best played moves," Peter sighed leaning back, "You are a great human,"

"Thanks, I think."

"Ignore Peter, he's a dick," Jasper said kicking Peter in the head,

"Language Jasper," Esme chided softly,

"Yeah Jasper," Peter grumbled rubbing his head.

"And don't be mean to Bella," Esme said to Peter and as got up and left to do whatever she was doing before.

"You heard Esme, don't be mean to Bella," I repeated,

"Shut up." I rolled my eyes and took out my phone, I dialled a familiar number and it ran a few times before a groggy voice spoke.


"Awh sorry Jake, did I wake you?"

"S'alright Bells, gotta get up to run patrol now anyway." He muttered and I could almost see him unfolding and stretching.

"Well that's ok then,"

"Did pussy-boy give you any trouble?"

"Nah, only got pissed at me because I told everyone I caught him fucking a guy," at the other end of the phone it seemed as if Jake was over come with a hacking cough,

"You ok there Jake?"

"You told everyone he was gay?" He gasped and I laughed.


"Damn Bells, remind me not to get on your bad side."

"You were planning too?"

"No, but you never know,"

"True, stranger things have happened," I agreed,

"What did you ring for anyway?"

"Oh can I not ring a friend because I feel like it now?" I asked indignantly and Jake scoffed.

"No, now what do you want?"

"Rude, you know that Black, plain rude." I grumbled, "I wanted to know what the pack was up to and if they had anything."

"No, we've crossed a few old trails, but whatever that crazy redhead is up to she's evading us well."

"Damn, well be careful will you."

"Sure sure,"

"Good boy,"

"Shut up Bells," He muttered, "I have to go, Sam's howling at me."

"See ya Jake," I shut of the phone and looked up to a frowning Jasper.

"What's wrong?" I asked,

"I want to know what she's doing, its too quite."

"This week is all clear Major from what I can tell," Peter said and I nodded,

"I don't think anything's going to happen yet, we should be more worried for next week I think."

"Why what's happening next week?" Rose asked and I frowned,

"I don't know, but I don't have a good feeling about next week." Jasper groaned.

"I don't need another Peter darlin'," I grinned and kissed his cheek,

"There there," Jasper scowled as I laughed,

"What you feeling for next week Captain?" Jasper questioned and Peter went quiet.

"Next week is unsure at the moment Major, something's gunna happen but I don't know if it's gunna be good or bad."


"Did you really expect anything different with me as your mate?" I asked Jasper with a raised eyebrow,

"No I guess not, but I would prefer not having a human mate with vampire abilities thank you very much."

"But where's the fun in that?"

"You strive on doing the unexpected, don't you?" Charlotte asked with a smile, I cracked a grin and shrugged.

"The weird and unusual seem to follow me. I mean, I came to Forks for a quiet life and somehow managed to get involved with a coven of vegetarian vampires and a tribe of giant men that change in to massive wolves to hunt vampires, and that's only in Forks itself. I've met the Volturi as a human and came out as a human, I've been bitten by a vampire as a human and am still human and been attacked by a vampire as a human and am still human; I think I'm just strange." I said and Rose shook her head.

"Honestly Bella, you missed having a crazy vampire hell bent on revenge for her mate." She chided and I sighed.

"Damn, sorry, and a crazy vampire hell bent on revenge because of her roasted mate." I rectified.

"Yeah so normal's out," Peter stated,

"Pretty much yeah," I agreed. We sat in the living room talking and Emmett challenged me to battle on the Xbox so I sat on the floor for an hour and a half having my ass handed to me.

"One day, I will beat you." I told him getting up and stretching, my top rode up and Peter whistled, I shook my head as Jasper punched him in the face. My phone went off and I smiled when I say it was my dad,

"Hey dad,"

"Hey Bells, I'm going to be home late again so I wanted to check in." He said and I frowned.

"Why are you working late again?"

"They've got everyone working overtime because of these murders in Seattle," He explained, "They seem to be random, but the MO is the same and the numbers are growing each time." My frowned deepened.

"Be careful dad, and I'll have Peter and Jasper look in to it." I said worried about my father's safety, I couldn't take it if something happened to him.

"I'll be fine Bells, now were you ok in school."

"Yes, Jasper and Peter were there when he came up to me."

"Why did he come anywhere near you?" He demanded sharply and I grinned,

"I may have told everyone he was cheating on me with a guy," I answered and I received a silence before,

"Well done Bella, I'm proud of you." The guys cracked up at that and I grinned,

"Thanks dad,"

"I'll grab myself a pizza for dinner, do you want anything?" Esme shook her head and I smiled,

"No it's fine thanks, I'll eat here and then come home."

"Got it, see you later Bells."

"By Dad," I flipped the phone down and turned to Jasper biting on my lip,

"Me 'n the Captain will scout the area tonight to see if we can find anything. I've been following the cases and they're sending up warning lights in my head,"

"Ok, thanks Jasper."

"No problem darlin'."

"Bella, what do you want for dinner?" Esme called from the kitchen, I wandered in and started helping her prepare chicken carbanara; it was very good.

"Esme, you are a wonderful cook," I said in appreciation, she smiled at me and hurried to clean up; she really was a dear.

"Thank you Bella dear," She said, "Why don't you go back in the living room before you have to leave," I kissed her cheek and went back to the sofa and sat with Charlotte as the men, cough 'boys' cough, seemed to be having an all out battle on the Xbox.

"Are you sure they're as old as they say they are?" I asked Char and Rose as the three of us sat back to watch them.

"You know, I'm not too sure anymore." Rose said slowly,

"Yeah, when they're together they act like such kids." Charlotte agreed,

"Men," we sighed at the same time,

"We can here you," Peter piped up,

"We're sat right here," Jasper added,

"And have inhuman hearing," Emmett finished, I exchanged looks with the girls that said it all; big kids.

"Sorry," we chimed and they laughed. They played for about an hour before it got heated and it turned in to an all out brawl in the middle of the living room much to Esme's ire.

"BOYS!" She yelled and they immediately froze and turned to look at the angry female, I couldn't help but giggle at the three fearsome vampires quelled by an angry Esme.

"This living room has just been repaired and I do not want more damages. Now, if you want to fight go outside, but you each have things to do. Emmett, you have to finish the outside of the house, Peter you will be helping and Jasper you have to take Bella home because she has school tomorrow and it is already approaching 9." She ordered them and they hurried to comply, I snickered again and got up. I hugged everyone and allowed Jasper my keys to drive me home. I kept shooting him grins on the trip home and he was grumbling under his breath much to amusement,

"So the big bad Major is scared of Esme?" I said when we were in my house and he shot me a dirty look, I laughed and kissed his pout away.

"You haven't see her angry, she's scary." Jasper said and I rolled my eyes,


"She is!" He insisted and I nodded surely,

"Of course Jasper," I agreed and he growled,

"Just you wait until you make her angry." He grumbled and I looked at him in confusion.

"Why in god's name would I make Esme angry, better yet, when would Esme get angry with me?" I asked incredulously and he sighed.

"You have a point,"

"I know," I said and kissed his nose, "Will you be back later?"

"I'll come until you're asleep and then I'll head out to Seattle,"

"Thank you," I reached up to kiss him and gasped when his cool tongue ran along my bottom lip, I couldn't help but moan in to the kiss.

"Good evening," I sprang away from Jasper at the sound of the voice and span to see my dad in the doorway, I felt my face flame and my eyes darted to Jasper and I have the urge to laugh as he looked like a dear caught in headlights.

"Hey daddy," I said in a small voice,

"Good evening chief Swan," Jasper greeted after recovering,

"You must be Jasper," Charlie said and Jasper nodded, "Not how I wished to meet you properly," Jasper shifted slightly,

"Sorry sir, that won't happen again," He said and I mentally added in your vision.

"See that it doesn't," Charlie said gruffly, it was starting to get a little awkward so I cleared my throat.

"So, Jasper was just leaving," I said and ushered him to the door, Jasper looked all too willing to comply and I shot him an apologetic smile.

"I'll see you later," I muttered kissing him again,

"I'll be extra quiet," Jasper said still looking slightly scared and I grinned, he shook his head before darting off in to the woods. I mentally groaned, he left me to deal with my dad again; sneaky vampire.

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