As they climbed the familiar stairs John heard the faint sound of Sherlock's violin.

'Sorry he plays when he's thinking.' John apologized automatically.

'I don't hear anything?' The Doctor said confused.

'Oh...'he paused sadly 'Ignore me talking to myself. It's just up here.' as he continued leading the Doctor up the flight of stairs John heard the violin softly sneaking down but he tried to ignore it. His crutch got caught in the banister but he barely noticed the beautiful music distracting him.

'Sherlock that is really beautiful. Brilliant.' Sherlock stopped suddenly turning to see John standing in the doorway, just listening.

'John - I, didn't you come in.'

'Were you composing? Who was it for?' John asked. Sherlock went quiet.

'My friend. For you John... Happy Birthday.' John smiled. 'Though why people feel the need to celebrate a date which they had no influence over, and other than keeping track of age, serves no purpose.' John carried on smiling at his flatmate's logic.

'Sentiment Sherlock.' He told him gently. 'Thank you. I thought you had forgotten.'

'I couldn't forget you John, you're my blogger!' Sherlock smiled.

The Doctor caught John as his crutch sent him falling backwards into his arms.
'Oh Jesus, I'm so sorry, I just...' John exclaimed. The Doctor smiled gently.
'That's okay no harm done.' his usual bright demeanor shining out in the dark hallway. 'So where are you living now?' The Doctor asked curiously. 'Near here or are just here to visit Mrs Hudson?' John paused.
'Um here and there... Right now a hotel, near here. I stayed with Harry for a bit, my sister but she got back together with her wife so... Hotels mainly.' John stammered, he hadn't been expecting that question. He quickly set off until he reached the door to his old home. 'This is the flat, 221B.' he said changing the subject. The Doctor looked at John inquisitively as he opened the door, he noticed a slight tremor in his left hand, that and the fact that when he had climbed the last few steps he hadn't used his crutch at all.
'Thank you John!' he said cheerfully, The Doctor walked through the door first and almost immediately called out. 'Its good, I'll take it!' John followed him in bemused.
'What, I'm sorry. But you've only just walked in.'
'I'm a good judge of character!' The Doctor said mysteriously with a grin. He span round with a flourish pointing to the spray painted face on the wall. 'Besides it's smiling at me!'
John looked around at the apartment, it seemed so empty so sad but the face on the wall, bright, yellow, smiling out at the rest of the flat no matter how many bullets went into it. John slumped against the door frame as he looked over at their chairs.
BORED JOHN! Bored, bored. Bored. Bored! The sound of Sherlock's voice resonated in John's head.

'John?' The Doctor asked concerned. 'Are you okay?'

'Fine, yes, let me show you round then.' John shrugged the comment away, standing straight once again pulling down his jumper. The Doctor straightened his bow-tie. He was going to help him John Watson whether he would let him or not. That's what he did, he was the Doctor, here to help. Rounding the corner John looked at the kitchen. Again it was the emptiness that struck him first. Without all of Sherlock's equipment John realized there was a small cupboard in the corner that he had never even knew existed. A look of surprised confusion took over his face. 'I never even knew that was there.' he exclaimed.

'The cupboard?' The Doctor asked noticing his gaze. 'Did you see it in the corner of your eye?' The Doctor asked worried remembering the last time and perception filters. While waiting for John's reply he walked over to the cupboard carefully extracting an unusual tool from his inner pocket. John just watched a this strange man cautiously approached the tiny little cupboard, spinning round suddenly the Doctor stared directly into his eyes. 'John?'

'Er no.' John said hastily. 'It was just covered by other things before...' he trailed off. 'Why is that important?' The Doctor's posture relaxed once more and he returned once more to the excitable man that John had first opened the door to find.

'No nothing to worry about not important at all, Phew!' he said dramatically with a grin. 'Thought we might have a problem then.' He pulled a doubtful face. 'Though in all honestly something small enough to fit in there,' his face changed once more as he disagreed with himself; having a little argument in his mind. 'No that would be worse.' He decided aloud. 'Much harder to find.'

'What on Earth are you talking about!' The Doctor smiled at John who at this point was completely lost.

'Do you want to find out what's inside?'