They sat for a while respectfully silent in mourning of their losses. After a few minutes the fidgety Doctor couldn't seem to sit still any longer and suddenly jumped up.

'Right then, I've got to go, you can stay here if you like, have tea. Mmm tea I do like tea.' He said distracted. 'Tea is cool! Well, no... Tea is hot but, never mind!' The Doctor smiled at John.

'But where are you going?' John asked confused at the sudden change of pace. 'What are you doing?'

'Well you could come too I suppose, you're not busy are you?' The Doctor asked John completely avoiding his questions.

'No but what are you doing Doctor?' He asked slightly irritated by being ignored.

'Well... I've got to find out more about the head.' The Doctor said calmly but with a quiet mourning tone in his voice. 'Also there's another thing. So, are you coming?' John got up, if it got him out of the flat it had to be a good thing.


'Could be dangerous.' The Doctor warned. John smiled.

'I'm good with danger.'John reassured. The Doctor flashed him a smile and before he knew he was running.

'We're off out Mrs Hudson.' The Doctor called out just to let her know. Mrs Hudson stepped out into the hallway.

'Both of you?' she asked. 'So soon.' John turned to her with the first genuine smile she had seen from him in months.

'We will be back soon Mrs Hudson.' John said.

'Okay dear, I'll see you later.' she smiled as she watched them leave. She was glad hat John didn't have to be alone anymore. She knew how much he missed Sherlock and despite his antics she missed him too.

Once he got outside the Doctor didn't stop running and John found himself a bit out of practice.

'Doctor!' he called after him. The Doctor stopped and waited for John.

'Sorry.' he apologized. 'I've been alone for a while.'

'Yeah, me too.' John said sadly. 'So where are we going?' He tried once again.

'Trust me.' The Doctor smiled.

'But I've only just met you!' John protested with familiar sense of fast paced confusion. 'Where are we going?'

'The TARDIS.' He said with pride. 'Best ship in the universe!'

'Ship? I thought this was to do with the head.'

'Oh it is.' he reassured. John shook his head in defiance and confusion.

'No. You're not making any sense. I'm not going with you unless you tell me where we are going? Who are you? Doctor who?' John asked. He wasn't going to go anywhere else, he wasn't going to put up with this anymore. The Doctor as he called himself had shown no credentials, he had a bag full of money and avoidance of any question pertaining to himself or what he was doing, not to mention what he was doing itself made him cautious. He didn't even flinch at a severed head which he conveniently blocked from John's view. He was running round London with a complete stranger and no idea where he was going. The Doctor sighed.

'My ship has equipment that I need to examine the head and really just the Doctor.' The Doctor said. John nodded, it sounded plausible enough.

'Where is you ship? On the Thames?' John asked.

'Nah I parked her in Trafalgar Square.' The Doctor said casually. John face changed once more to a look of confusion. 'Oh.' The Doctor said realizing why he was confused. 'She's not a boat.' he clarified. 'She's a time machine!' John went to speak but the words never got out as he just stared at him in disbelief.

'You are mad!' John shouted getting a few strange looks from nearby passersby. The Doctor looked around before smiling at John.

'Always!' he grinned 'but you trust me.' Though he hated to admit it the Doctor was right, John couldn't put his finger on it but something about the Doctor just seemed so familiar and trustworthy. The Doctor glanced down at John leg. 'Besides running is good for you.' he said smiling gently. John looked down confused before realizing he had forgotten his crutch. 'I really do have a time machine John, do you want to see it?' Despite the preposterous claims John believed him. Something in his eyes. John knew he would go with him from the moment he had introduced himself.

'Yes.' John confirmed. The Doctor grinned and again straightened his bow-tie.

'Well then,' he looked to John. 'Geronimo!' John smiled back at him preparing himself to run again.

They ran for about twenty minutes reaching Trafalgar Square just after five. It was busy and bustling full off locals and tourists wandering around hurrying to the next place not really seeing anything or taking pictures of everything in sight; but despite all of these people, the ones who had seen it all before and those who had never seen the sights no one was looking at the blue box that sat at its heart. Nobody except for John and the Doctor who looked at it with pride. Standing at the top of the steps the Doctor looked to John.

'There she is.' He said proudly. 'The TARDIS.'

Authors note: Sorry the last chapter was so sad but it was inevitable and I am really sorry for the lack of updates, there were things and a rhino and Doctor Who! :O Then he's leaving and I just have no words! But the 50th is going to be incredible! Okie Doke, hopefully the next one will be up sooner!

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