Finding My Way Back Home

By: Lidi999

I DO NOT OWN YOUNG JUSTICE! (If I didn't I wouldn't have killed Wally and left with a huge cliff hanger that won't ever get solved if they don't give us Season 3.)

Chapter One:


Wally's head was pounding. He moaned, "Artemis, my head it hurts," There was no reply.

"Artemis?" Wally asked. He fought heavy eye lids and found he was staring up a blue sky. He forced himself up into a sitting position, and found he way laying out in the middle of a grassy area. Trees were growing all around and flowers, some Wally couldn't name, were up in the grass. "This isn't funny Artemis!" Wally called.

He pushed off the ground, "Hello?" He called.

He heard the grass behind him get crushed under footsteps, he spun around.

A women, maybe about his age, maybe a little older stood there. She had on a dark red cloak with the hood up, which covered most of her head. Though Wally could still see dark black curls twisting under the hood and her icy blue eyes stared at him. Under the cloak she wore a long white dress that went over her feet and trailed lightly on the ground behind her. "Hello," She said.

Wally stared at her, "Who are you?"

The women smiled, "I am Ziva. It means brilliance. Who are you?"

"Wally. Wally West. Where am I?"

Ziva tugged her cloak tighter, "Here."

"Where's here? How'd I get here? Where is Artemis?" Wally asked.

Ziva frowned at him, "Here is the Earth, 3022. I am not sure how you came to be here and I have no idea of who this Artemis you speak of is."

Wally blinked, "Did you say 3022?" He asked.

Ziva nodded, "Yes."

Wally swallowed hard, "Do you like have a history book around here? That maybe talks about 2016?"

Ziva bent her eyebrows, "Why would you want to know of 2016? But yes, we have a history book. The books of years, it is what we use to keep track of everything in our world."

Wally nodded, "Take me to the book of years, now."

Ziva shook her head, "If I take you, you must tell why you are so interested in 2016."

Wally nodded, "Deal."

Ziva nodded, "Right this way."


"Here it is," Ziva said setting a huge book down in front of Wally.

Wally stared at it, "Uh?"

Ziva sighed, pulled to book to her, and flipped it open, "Here it 2016," She pushed the book at Wally.

Wally bent his head down and looked at the small print and then back up at Ziva, "Uh? Is there a part about heroes?"

Ziva sighed and pushed the book pages forward, "Here."

Wally looked back down, scanning the page.

Until, there was a picture of him. Wally West, A.K.A Kid Flash. The caption read. Wally looked at the words under the picture and started to read.

Wally West was born November 11th of 1994. After repeating his Uncle's experiment he became the Kid Flash.

For years Wally would under the Justice League on their own team being taught by his uncle. He worked along side other heroes also being taught by someone of the League.

Five Years Later Wally was off the team with his girlfriend Artemis Crock, also a member of the original team. In the year 2016, five years, Wally and Artemis went back to work. Faking Artemis's death to help out Kaldur who was tricking the Light, who was tricking the Reach.

Shortly after Artemis was reveled and came home, Black Beetle, the new leader of the Reach, plotted the end of the human race. He put out machines all over the world that messed with the Earth's magnetic field. The Team joined back together and defeated all but one machine which had already started it's huge process.

Lex Luther told Flash (Page 138,203) and Impulse (Page 143,399) to run around the machine killing off it's energy. Kid Flash headed off to help.

Because Wally ran at a slower speed then either Flash or Impulse the machine hit him with the energy and Wally disappeared.

Wally West died June 20th of 2016 leaving behind his girlfriend Artemis Crock and his family.

Wally looked up, "Oh my god... I'm dead."

Author's Note:

Please don't stare at me like that.

I know what you are thinking.

Lidi999 you have so many other stories, why start a new one?

Why not?

Guys Wally died on Saturday, it's Tuesday. Like everyone is still crying.

Okay he didn't die, he ceased.

AND I WILL NOT BELIEVE THAT WALLY IS DEAD. If there is no speed force then Wally time traveled because his speed plus all the energy zapped him into the future. (Or past. I have it in the future.)

You have no idea how long it took me to find a name for Ziva. I was looking for something with a meaning I liked and wasn't a name you hear everyday.

I was going to make this a one shot, but... it's going to be a whole story. YAY!