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2. So on to the notes: My apologies to Bergdorf's and their personal shoppers. I have been in the store and even though it is obvious I am not the type who can drop 3k on an item of clothing, the staff there has always been friendly. The employee rendered here is purely from my imagination and in no way reflects the true nature of that store's staff

3. I can't remember nor find what color Molly's eyes are in canon so I just made up something to suit me.

4. This is mostly Harry and Molly centeriic

5. Lastly, I am admitting here and now I am not good at writing Molly.


Shopping was not Harry's thing. However, as Molly (nor Arthur or Ron for that matter) has mastered the art of acclimating to the Muggle world, he was along for damage control; specifically to keep any outbreaks of magic from occurring. Harry had begun that by deftly pocketing Molly's wand when he hugged her 'Hello'.

That she was even here and amenable to this was all Percy's doing. Percy, who had every right to begrudge Harry things; after all Harry had Dennis (in both senses of the word) before Percy did, and Harry suspected that Percy's drive even as a teen had come from the desire to have something to call his own that he did not have to share with others. Though perhaps he was wrong about that, perhaps it was the desire to have something that no one would begrudge him for. And the realization that life was unfair, because as he lacked Bill's rather obvious charm and Charlie's easy going manner, and either's conventional good looks, he could not slide by and have his transgressions overlooked because he was one of the charming and sexy Weasley brothers. No, Percy had to work for EVERYTHING. Was that what caused some resentment on his siblings behalf as well, misplaced guilt that Percy did not have it as easy as them at anything not involving books? Possibly, probably, Harry had decided.

All the more reason for Percy to, if not hate Harry, at least gum up the works for him. But, no, Percy did not do that. Instead Perce had paved the way. At some point he had convinced Molly to expend her energies on creating a renewal of vows ceremony for herself and Arthur that would be the wedding she had truly wanted for herself, not the one her elders had planned for her. Percy had mellowed. Either that or Den's amazing mouth had influenced things as well, or both. Most likely both, if the self satisfied smirk on his face when he joined Harry for a civilized martini in London was any indication.

Regardless, now Molly was here in Manhattan and the Gods help them all, he was on wrangling duty. It was amusing to see her look around Bergdorfs. Not that Harry was that familiar with the store himself, but Isabelle and Kurt had decided Barney's might be too intimidating, too young and off putting for her, so Bergdorfs it was.

He had no idea how Isabelle had managed it but they had a private room, or rooms to themselves, along with their personal shopper, Roz.

"Oh, Dear Lord." That was the woman in question. "Even the Missoni's would edit. And no waist whatsoever." Now she'd done it and not a minute in. Kurt had his 'bitch, please' face on, so Harry settled back to enjoy the show.

"You seem to have mistaken the point of fashion. Yes, it can be an artistic expression, but at it's best it is more than that. It can and should show the world how beautiful the person underneath the clothes is. Now get out and come back with everything you have in a muted, soft, supple, flowing 10." As a afterthought, Kurt added. "And take the champagne away, we won't want it until we're done here." Wise move, Harry though. A tipsy Molly might bring about a magical Molly and in a Muggle store that was not a good idea.

Now Isabelle and Kurt were circling Molly, who to Harry's surprise was looking at Kurt with awe. But then again, maybe she'd never had anyone but her own family stick up for her before.

"A bit like the Queen." That was Kurt.

"True." Isabelle added, 'yet they spend tons of money on clothes and jewels for her and she is still badly dressed."

Kurt gave her a hurt look, then shrugged as if to say 'when you're right, you're right'. "Hmm, no waist that's true, but look at her. Lovely skin, natural red hair that woman try in vain to match in dyes. The waist we can fake anyway if, oh yes. Nice breast, good shoulders too. Beautiful arms.

"Lovely ankles, not overly long neck but not a no neck. Not that there's anything wrong with that, Claudette Colbert pretty much had no neck and she was gorgeous." Isabelle pointed out

Good quality, a really pretty lady, it just needs bringing out, things that don't distract from the total picture of how beautiful she is." Kurt finished.

And was that a tear in Molly's eyes. Surely not.

"A haircut would not go remiss, Harry said you cut it your elf?" Molly nodded in response. "Not today then. Today, after we get you clothes. You get a haircut, a foot massage as well. Anyone who works as hard as you deserves one; how many jobs do you have anyway."

"Just wife and mother."

Isabelle gave her a look. "Just? Let me guess? You cook, clean, most likely manage the household accounts. Charlie said you homeschooled your children for a while there. That's 4 jobs I've just mentioned off the top of my head: Chef, accountant, housekeeper, teacher, and I'm sure there are a lot more. You just consolidate them which is no mean feat."

Maybe Hermoine was right, Minerva as well. Maybe the wizarding world was backwards, considering how Molly's spine just straightened with pride. Or maybe no one had actually pointed it all that out before instead of taking it for granted.

Either way, it was pretty clear that Molly was now going to be putting in Kurt and Isabelle's hands.


"That massage was lovely, Dear. I can't believe I fell asleep in the chair." Harry laughed, remembering the first time he'd had a massage by a liscensed massage therapist. "You did well for yourself. Kurt's a lovely young man. You'll have beautiful children." Trust Molly to get back to that, not that Harry hadn't had the same thought himself, numerous times. If not as often as the thought of how hot and utterly fuckable Kurt would look with his belly growing.

Shaking that thought off, he did not need to get a raging hard-on in front of Molly, Harry took a good look at her. She really had nice eyes, kind of like a new leaf that had just unfurled, that pale green color. Pretty ears too. He was curious to see Arthur's reaction to the makeover. As it was Molly had gotten some admiring looks in Barbuto as they waited for their table. He'd planned this, a half hour or so for the two of them to talk.

"Are you going to have a wizarding ceremony as well?"

"Yes." Harry smiled. "Kurt's family does not know about our world, yet." When a baby came they'd have to rectify that, but not just yet. "So it was easier to have a Muggle wedding and reception that you could come to, compared to a Magical one where his family could not attend. So we'll have a wizarding one in private." Unspoken were the words 'just for us'.

"You're going to stay here. Not come home?"

Now they were at the crux of it. "This is home now Molly. I've made it my home for years, and now with Kurt it's even more so."

"I always thought I'd have my children around me."

"It doesn't work that way Molly. Yes, Charlie has moved here, most likely will stay." And thank the heavens the drinking had subsided. "You raised your children and you did it well." Now he had to pick his words carefully. "You don't owe them anything, certainly not to keep looking after them or living your life for them. " And they did not owe Molly the rest of their lives for her raising them, but he was tactful enough not to say that.

"It's all I've done."

Where were her woman friends? Why was it left to him to say this? Well to be fair, many in her age bracket had died in one of the wars. And any and most socializing during those years had to do with the Order. "Not all you can do, and you know that. Come on Molly, forget Percy, with your skills and drive you could be Minister if you wanted."

"No thank you. Thankless task."

"Maybe, but you're going to tell me you couldn't do things better than a lot of others."

"Some others, yes." She was thinking now, and Merlin help the British Magical World. He'd have to warn Hermione, or not. Yes, this could be fun to watch. A Molly Weasley with a cause outside of her own family. Lots of fun.

"Percy did say something about backing, he thought I might go into some sort of bakery or such."


"Cooked for you lot for years, might be nice to get paid for it, but I'd rather have someone cook for me."

"And what's cooking in that mind of yours then, that you'd need backing"

"Never you mind. I can be mysterious too."

Harry had no doubt, though, that she's spill the beans soon enough, he could wait. "Well just keep in mind that Percy's not your only potential backer."

"I will." Trust Molly to get back to the personal again. "Neville's going to stay as well?"

"I think so, we have plenty of room and he and Isabelle get along."

"Yes, they do. Pity." Harry glared at her until she explained. "She's nice, I had rather hoped that Ron and Neville would notice each other. That's all."

Harry choked on his wine at that. Ron and Neville. Not likely, for one thing, Harry had seen Neville's cock, no way was Ron up to taking that.

"Ron just can't seem to find someone." Molly mourned.

"Hermoine hasn't settled down either." Harry pointed out, then wished he had bitten his tongue. He had not meant to imply or put the idea that a reconciliation or reunion between the two was in the offing.

"Yes Dear, but she doesn't need anyone. Ron needs looking after." That was true, Harry could agree with that. More to the point, Ron and his temper needed someone who could master him; in every sense of the word. That was not something, however, that he would point out to Molly. He just hoped Ron did not go off on Kurt for some reason; having Harry, Charlie and Neville hexing Ron to bits would not be good for extended family unity.

They'd find out soon enough. Just one more week, than Kurt would be his legally.