Author's notes:

1. Thank you to all who commented, and especially those who did not take me to task for the length (or lack thereof) of the previous update. To those who did have a issue, I have very little to say to you, except try inhabiting my body and see how much you can write at times

2. This bit was a blast to write. I am not sure I got Pansy's voice down, but it was fun to try

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4. (do not get me started on Marvel comics making Steve Austin a Nazi)

Rita was past her prime. Pansy took no great joy in the fact. Some delight? Yes, she did remember her fourth year. Still, it was almost sad to see Rita flounder and finally crash. It was the Potter nuptials that were the final nail in her professional coffin. Skeeter was incapable of seeing things in a new way, trying a new style, and had long been past being able to predict coming trends. Pansy, on the other hand, like most of her generation, had learned to adapt and in advance.

It was a simple matter of what you wanted to see. Time helped. As one elderly wizard died, so did his memories and then the truth could be, shall we say, edited to be more appealing. Over the near twenty years since the last war, she had rewritten, albeit slowly and discreetly, her own history, and reinvented herself until she no longer recognized her own past self.

That was the thing Skeeter had not picked up on. The public wanted to see things in a good light. At the very least they wanted to see themselves in such a manner. Slander and sarcasm and not so subtle digs at public heroes did not sell. The press and the world still needed villains and victims, of course, and the Potter wedding provided both, in Spades if you knew where to look and Pansy did.

It was just a matter of angles. Rather than looking for dirt on Potter, Longbottom and the rest, she went another route and outsold Rita's issue on the Potter wedding by more than triple. It was fairly easy to cast the roles.

There were the cast offs, discarded because of their own flaws and mistakes and now working to overcome them. Who didn't love a underdog, trying to make good the second or third time around. A bit of Polyjuice and hitting the 'Leaky' on the right night and Pansy hit paydirt. Between Romilda signing over the picture of the couple and commenting on how sexy they both were, and Daphne wondering how she could get the Hummell boy to model for her new menswear line, it all made for good gossipy copy that the reader could digest and still feel good about themselves after while getting the thrill of a bit of gossip.

The Anderson git was another story. Had Hummell been blind? Pansy was not one to overindulge, but after she had spent a night in his company, disguised a as a male, she had plenty of opinions on the subject of that loser, and of male entitlement; and she needed a drink or ten. She now had a whole series of editorials planned about the culture of males painting themselves as victims, simply because they had to adjust an appendage now and then and shave a few inches of flesh in a area that was not that sensitive or painful to begin with. That was next on her list. At the moment she was reveling in creating, or exposing (depending on your point of view) a new personality for the public to hate.

One could hardly ask for a better or bigger prat. Three hours, believe her, she had counted each minute, of listening to him whinge about how 'if Potter had seen him first' and how 'frigid' Kurt was. Frigid? For not wanting to be date raped? It had been all Pansy could do not to hex him and then owl Hummell to ask him what the hell he'd been drinking to even consider dating the oily runt? As it was, she felt good about the story she'd filed, not having to once invent anything. Well, not quite. Potter clearly would have rescued the teenager if he's still been dating the date rapist at the time they'd met, so she had just rewritten the truth as it could and should have been. Potter should thank her for burnishing his image, not that she was naïve enough to think he actually would. Thanks to her, however, Potter was a hero again, a knight protecting a beautiful innocent who had not had the easiest of lives. They could, and would, become a royal couple if she had anything to say about it, and she did. After drinks with Marcus and dinner with Ginny, that was.