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"You need to calm down."

"I'm fine."

"Yeah? Then hit the target."

"You hit the target."

"Oh honey, I can."

"Stop being so cocky."

"Stop being so hardheaded."

"Ava, just hit the target," her instructor, the Hawkeye A.K.A. Clint Barton said.

Ava levelled the bow in her hands and aimed, released, and missed.

"Told you. You're too tense to fire."

Ava let out a breath of frustration. "I told you I'm fine. Would you please stop?"

Clint pushed himself away from the wall he was leaned against to walk toward his student.

"Just take a break for a little bit. Go get some water and calm down," he said putting a hand on her shoulder.

"I said I'm fine!" she yelled, jerking away.

Suddenly, the doors to the training room opened to reveal Natasha Romanoff.

"Hey. When you're done, Coulson needs you, Tiger".

Ava spun to look the woman in the eyes with an intense expression.

"Tasha, now's not th-" Clint started.

"Oh no, now is perfect," Ava said cutting him off.

Slowly, Ava began to walk towards the exit of the room.

"What's wrong with her," Natasha whispered.


"Av-" the older woman began.

Ava spun on her heels quicker than humanly possible. "What part of fine don't you understand."

"Ava, you have to calm down."

"I AM CALM!" she yelled, running at the two with all the power she possessed.

One random punch to the head from Natasha sent the glowing girl down to the gym's mat.

Even Clint would admit it was luck that they stopped her.

The junior agent was running with everything through the halls of the Tri-Carrier to find who he was looking for. It was an individual training day for most teams that weren't out on mission today and it was nearly impossible to find anyone. The agent took another turn and checked another room. There, he found him.

"Iron Fist."

Danny gently shut the door to Ava's bedroom. As he was walking back to the main room, he took a deep breath. Raleigh and Awilda were waiting for him in the living room.

"Danny," Awilda said, "I am so sorry. I was so wrong about what I said. I didn't mean it. Can you please forgive me?"

"I believe in forgiveness, so, yes, I will."

"Come sit with us."

Danny walked over and sat down on the couch. As he did, he put his head in his hands and didn't speak.

"Are you okay?" Awilda asked.

He looked up and sighed. "When Ava returned from K'un-Lun we knew there would be… repercussions from the incident. And, there were. But, it never developed into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as we believed it would. After a couple months, she was perfectly fine. That was, up until about two weeks ago. She would get angry very easily and have extreme mood swings. She would yell over the smallest thing and cry for no reason. The next second she would be fine. Then she started waking up with nightmares on occasion. That was the third violent outburst she's had. The first one was when she was training with her archery instructor. He's one of the Avengers, Hawkeye. She turned against him and another Avenger, Black Widow. They stopped her before anyone got hurt.

"The second time though, was a lot worse."

The Tri-Carrier was silent. It was the dead of night and everyone was either asleep or working silently so as not to wake any agents. The rooms of the young super hero team were all full but one. Danny sat in the team's small "living room." He had learned Ava's sleeping schedule by now. When she normally starts throwing a fit in her sleep from the nightmares that plague her every night. He stays up most of the night now, not wanting her to suffer for long.

So, here he sat, reading some absurd novel he'd taken from Ava's bookshelf a few nights ago. The world went in flames, a new order came and took over, they were bad, people start dying, the heroine wins in the end. It wasn't exactly his speed.

He knew it was about that time of night again, when Ava would start to toss and turn before she started yelling and crying for help. It broke his heart.

But it didn't come. He waited, five minutes, 10, an hour. The yells never came. So, for the first time in two weeks, Danny went to bed and slept. As soon as his head hit the pillow, all his built up exhaustion won.

It was the yelling that woke him. It was strange though. It wasn't Ava's yelling. It was a clamor unintelligible voice he couldn't make out.

Danny rose from his bed and opened his door. Agents were all running around the living room outside his door. Most were in front of the door to the room adjacent to his. Ava's room.

He pushed his way through the crowd to find his way to Fury yelling orders at agents. There was smoke coming from under the door.

"What's happened?" Danny asked with panic in his voice.

"We don't know yet," Fury answered. "Alarms started going off in Controls. We're trying to get in."


Everyone backed away from the door at the command. Danny's fist began to glow and he threw all his power at the door and watched as it flew from the hinges.

He ran in and was choked by the overwhelming smell of smoke poisoning the air. The room was engulfed in fire. A candle was at the corner of the room, obviously knocked from a table. Ava was struggling in her sleep on her bed.

Agents ran forward to try and quell the flames in the room. Danny ran to Ava to wake her from her fitful sleep.

"Ava! Wake up, Ava!"

Her eyes popped open her expression was of rage. She stayed perfectly still.

Medics ran forward and Danny was pushed away as they checked how she was after being in the fire.

"STOP!" she suddenly yelled.

"Ava, let them help you," Danny said.

The medics walked forward again. Ava jumped up out of her bed and hit them both square in the chest, throwing them and everyone behind them against the walls.


Danny watched in horror as Ava crashed to the ground.