Hey another challenge I'm doing, It will include a bit of crossover, but not a huge part of the plot. It is mostly a way other than time-turner to time-travel. Enjoy! (;

Collin woke up at home. His mind wandered to his favorite TV show, Doctor Who, it should be coming on soon, as it was summer, and it is a saturday. He sat up and rubbed his eyes. He got out of bed, changed into a Dalek T-shirt, jeans, and Trainers. He went downstairs and turned on the program. The familiar theme music sped up, It was as if the TARDIS was in the room! He turned around, and the familiar, yet totally unfamiliar Police box was right behind him! He opened the doors of it, shut his eyes, closed the doors, and opened his eyes. It was 10's TARDIS! He ran to the center, but the TARDIS was time-hopping again!

Sorry for the challange author who is not familiar with the show, but you can Wiki, or google almost every reference so, not to bad right?