I'm sick of you people doubting me i'm going to make the most detailed story ever.

Takes place after "Frogs of war."

I has mixed fellings for Ben, Idon,t know what to do? Do I kill him or try to go out with him whit do I do? Attea decides to try to seduice Ben insted of killing him she flies to Earth

Tennyson where are you?! Right here Attea. Ben then turns into Heatblast and repeated tries to shoot Attea down from her jetpack. Stand still Tennyson i'm trying to kill you (Thinking) Man. This is tougth I better find a way to capture him,I know i'll try to use knockout gas. Attea then loads up her gun with a little red ball and trys to shoot him down. Unfortunately many of them missed but!,somehow one of then hit Heatblast in the face.

"Unn!" Heatblast then then turned back into Ben. Unable to hold his breath he gags as the red smoke fills his lungs . Darkness starts to clould around him the last thing he sees is Attea walking towards him. "(Voice faiding) Your my new captive."

After about 3 hours Ben finally awaken."Ow ..my head what happend?" As ben trysto scrach his head he finally realized he was chained up to a pole. "(paniced) Rook please can you hear me?!" He can't hear you. What the- - you! I'll kill you when i'm able to reach my Omnitrix! "Tougth tody Tennyson I need to talk to you. (Growls)"Why." "For some reason your more attractive to me than Bullfrag. (Excitedly) Really! Well can you untie me than.

"Oh yeah." Attea then loads up her laser gun. (Gun cocks) Hold still." Attea closes one of her eyes to aim at Ben. As he watches Attea hes both scared and anxious, will she break the chains? Or will she blast his head off. For all he know Kyber could of put a bounty on his head. All he can do is just wait.

Attea then shoots the gun twice, they miss Ben's but bounces off the mirrors just behind hin the chains are hit and snaped instantly. "Ow! My wrisks! "Oh, my bad." "No not you, i've been tied up for about three hours. Don't you remeber? "Of course Tennyson, but listen i'm attracted to you and I want you to be mine. "Well you're bueatiful but I don't know what my family will say about tha.." Ben was cut off by Atteas lips touching his as they make out passionately colors spark through Ben'sn mind. "That was the bess kiss i've ever had."

"So Ben do you want me orwant me?" "Hmm.. the sesecond choice." "Good choice." As Attea unzips her shirt Ben's mouth drops at the site of her periky breast. "They look so perfect. Can I fell them?" "Lets do somthing better taste them." Ben starts licking Attea's plump nipples. "Oh yeah Ben just like that." Ben then starts sucking on her nipples drinking some of her breast milk. "Oh man. Your getting me so wet. "I want to taste you so badly."

"(Exicatly) I want you to lick it all up." Attea slips her pants off and put her wat panties over Ben's face. Ben then starts lapping up the sweet juices. "Uhh.. yess! This is a dream come true!(Thinking) I mustn't show weakness, but it's so hard!"

As Attea's juices shoot into Ben's mouth she screames out of pleasure. "Ben stick it in." Ben slowly sticks his member in her she jolts in the sensation. As he pushes in and out Attea sees stars sa she screams for more."Yes,yes,yes!" "Ahhhh!" They both scream as they came.

Ben woke up with a note by his side that said..."Thanks for becoming my love come to my ship sometime."

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