This is For Dalek Warrior who asked me to do a sequel. Go read my story: Oh rose tyler he still loves you first

Rose walked over to Andy. She rembered choosing that name.

"So you need a name for a job and things. What do you want to be called?" Rose asked.

"I Don't know, I don't want John, but keeping the Smith part. "

"Well, how about Andy?"


"Well, it isn't as common as john, and it kind of, suits you."


Rose walked over to the console of their TARDIS. Andy was Going to the doors. "I've got to go to work, why don't you go have a quick adventure on Klum?"

"Okay, see you later!"

Little did They know rose would never see Pete's world again...

I'm not mean enough to do a cliffy.

Rose went to the TARDIS and put in the cowardnets. She Leaned back on the coral, and went out through the Doors, and saw...The TARDIS? That did not make since. She was in Cardiff, and There was the TARDIS, across from her own. She saw a female red-head, a male ginger, and a male brunett get out. When the brunett saw her he stopped, stared, and ran twords her. The red head seemed to be explaining something to the ginger, and the brunett hugged her crying.

She pushed him off saying, "WHO ARE YOU?!"

He looked like a kicked puppy, and said, "I'm the Doctor, you are Rose Tyler, right?" He had tearsin his eyes and looked as if her would kill himself if she said no.

"Doctor? I'm Rose, but Smith now, not Tyler, but you can't be the doctor, unless..." She trailed off realizing he changed.

"When I first met you, I said one thing," He took her hand. "Run."

"Doctor!" She hugged him tight.

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