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Once, so long ago that I can barely remember, I came up with a Wonderland. It was so beautiful that it hurt my eyes just to look at it. But then it, along with all my other childish dreams, disappeared. I thought I'd never see it ever again. And I didn't. But things like these have a strange way of coming back, a way that I would never have suspected...

"B-Black...H-How could you?!" A curvy girl with long, wavy black hair sobbed, holding her face in her hands, "Y-You broke my heart!"

Black yawned, stretching his arms high above his head. "Did I? So sorry motherf***er. I had forgotten."

The girl looked up at him, hurt and surprise plainly obvious in her face, with fresh tears causing her generously applied mascara and other various makeup to run and smudge.

"B-But why would you do such a horrible thing?! I thought-I thought," Her lipstick-covered bottom lip trembled, "I thought you loved me!"

"The f*** would I do that for?" Black cocked his head to one side, an openly disdained expression on his face.

The girl burst into tears again, (much to his displeasure) before running out of the room, probably going to be comforted by one of her idiotic friends.

"Slut." Black muttered under his breath. He exhaled slowly and glared at the abandoned music room the girl had dragged him to, probably because she assumed they were going to 'confess their love' or some other god dammed idea. It was all stupid really, the way girls fell for him and his brother with the barest twitch of a hand, a couple of whispered 'I love you's and they were all over the two twins, practically begging for their attention. And no matter how many girls they tricked, how many times they lied, all they had to say was 'I'm sorry' or 'all those other girls were just distractions, the one I really love is you'. It was just that simple.

Suddenly, the door slammed open and Black tensed, preparing for yet another stupid girl to come barreling inside.

"Hey." White, Black's twin brother, grinned slightly, "Nice to see you up and about."

"God dammit White, don't f***ing freak me out like that!" Black snarled, lashing out at for no reason.

White only raised his eyebrows slightly. "Someone's in a bad mood today..."

Black sighed and glared at the floor. "Some whore confronted me for f****ing with her 'precious emotions' or whatever."

White smiled sympathetically at him. "Sucks. But just think, pretty soon every single girl in the entire school will have confessed her undying love to at least one of us. Pretty amazing when you really think about it." He smirked, "Wonderland is going to get quite a shock, don't you think?"

Black allowed himself a small smile at the thought. Long ago, when he and White were in only ninth grade, they had made a decision: even though they were part of wonderland, school was too boring. They would have to add something to spice it up. So now, two years from the time they had begun, they had slowly convinced every girl in the entire school to f*** with them... Or at least to confess her undying love. Well, almost every girl. But not for long... Black was pretty sure that they only had one left, and winning her over would be too easy. He almost wished that they had picked a more challenging goal. But as for the people in couldn't wait to see the look on their face. He was going to rub it in so much...

White pushed off from the wall, and walked toward him, dodging a drum set in the process.

"What are you thinking about?"

Black voiced his thoughts out loud quickly, not willing to waste time discussing things with his brother.

"Too easy, eh? You're probably right..."



Alice walked the carpeted halls of her school, trying her best to squeeze in between the other students without getting noticed. She hugged her drawing notebook to her chest, praying that she would make it to class on time. When she spotted the entrance to her next class, science, she hurried toward it, her hair swishing behind her.

"Hey there."

A boy with red hair stood in front of her, blocking the doorway of her classroom. She had seen him before; he was a member of Wonderland. Wonderland was basically just a fancy name for a bunch of good looking guys that had joined together to form a 'band'... Only she had never once seen, or heard about them ever performing. Also, before now, not a single one of them had ever once (to her knowledge) fraternized with... someone like herself.

"Excuse me." She muttered, trying to push past him.

But he wouldn't let her.

Instead of moving he turned toward her and leaned down to whisper in her ear.

"You know, this whole time, I've been watching you."

It was pretty obvious that he was just another one of those boys who were completely head-over-heels for Lorina, Alice's onee-san.

And Alice was sick of it.

"You know, there's a word for that. It's called stalking."

If she hadn't known better, she could've sworn the boy looked surprised.



Waiting patiently for Black to finish, White leaned against a wall while watching the show curiously. It almost appeared as if the girl, whoever she was, didn't care about what Black was saying to her, but there was no way that was possible. Eventually, it came time for the end of their little facade, and Black leaned down to whisper something (likely a perverted something) into her ear.

White waited.

He waited for her face to turn red, for her to look at Black, blushing, with that look in her eyes that says 'oh Black I'm sooooooooo in love with you!'

Except it didn't happen. Instead, after she blushed, she scowled for a moment... before back-handing Black across the face.

"What part of 'go away' is too complicated for you?"

Then she spun on her heal and left.



Elliot stared, open mouthed at the empty space where the strange girl had been.

A tiny smirk teased the corner of Blood's mouth.

Boris just grinned.

Goland took off his glasses, rubbed them off to clean them off, and then put them back on.

Julius tried to bite back a snicker- and failed.

Ace, on the other hand, threw back his head and laughed very loudly.

Peter had the look of a man in love.

Nightmare, after laughing and listening to Black's thoughts for a couple of seconds, paled considerably.

Gray eyes practically popped out of his head.

But all of them were thinking the same thing:

Who the hell is she?!



"God dammit, White you f***ing jinxed it!" Black scowled at his brother, rubbing the red slap mark on his cheek.

"Hello? Earth to White!" He waved his hand in front of his immobile twin's face, "This is where the phrase 'What the f***' would be appropriate. Hello? White? Hello?"

But White was too surprised to react. Instead he grabbed his brother to the music room (their usual hiding spot) and grabbed him by both shoulders.

"Black." He said slowly, "She. Just. Dumped. You. Loser girl just dumped you!"

White was now shaking him back and forth, as if trying to get him to understand.

"This has never, ever happened to us before! A-And the girl that it did happen with... She probably doesn't even have a boyfriend!"

Black stared back, the realization suddenly dawning on him. Breaking free of White's grasp, he walked over to the window, the pouring rain splattering the sill and running in rivulets down the window pain. It was as if the entire world was conspiring against him.

Finally, after standing there a moment he looked up at White, a fiery hatred burning him his eyes.

"There has got to be something wrong with the bitch."

White nodded in agreement.

"So what the f*** do we f***ing do now?!"

With a sudden change of expression, White grinned.

"Now, Black, now... We get revenge!"


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