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Chapter 1

Dean laughed as he chased Rumsfeld around the yard, his wings hidden from sight. He was happy that Mom and the others would be home soon from their hunt. He missed them when they left or when he went hunting with Sam and Caleb without them. He wished they could all stay together as a nest all the time but he knew it didn't work like that. Caleb stalked Dean from the roof, watching him chase around the dog before dropping down behind him silently and snarling like a wildcat. Dean spun into a defensive crouch, snarling back. Caleb hissed as he moved sideways.

Sam watched from the porch as the two mock fought. In five years Dean had come a long way, he was more like the old Dean than Sam had ever dared to hope he would be.

Caleb lunged at him. Seeing what his brother would do. Dean dodged out of the way and lunged back at Caleb, grinning. Caleb let Dean tackle him, rolling on the ground with him. Dean laughed and pinned Caleb, darting in for a quick kiss before getting up and running. "Gah! Cooties!" Caleb whined. Sam laughed and then dropped down from the porch to join in. "Aw no... teamers!" Caleb yelled trying to get away. Sam picked him up to tickle and then yelped and let him go as Castiel joined in on Caleb's side. "Ha!" Caleb laughed and squirmed away from Sam, tickling him with Castiel. Dean growled and pounced Castiel who wrestled with him while Sam wriggled free of Caleb.

"Hey! Get cleaned up or no dinner!" Bobby yelled from the house.

Caleb snorted and sighed, getting off Sam so they could do as Bobby said. "How's Cloudsdale?" He asked Castiel.

Castiel smiled and shook his head at the name. "Difficult. Apparently many centuries of planning have been disturbed and they are still scrambling to catch up. I don't know what plans those were though."

"Nothing good obviously." Caleb shrugged. "I figured you'd go find Sarah first."

"She will be here in ten minutes." The angel answered, cleaning them all up with a little bit of Grace. Sam and Dean shivered at his power but they had gotten used to it over the years.

"Thanks Cas!" Dean grinned and bounded into the house to watch Bobby set things out and help the aging hunter.

Caleb shook his head and chuckled. "You ever gonna ask her out on a date?" Sam snickered at the look on the angel's face. Sam knew the only reason he was allowed on earth so much was his bound with Caleb. How would the other angels react to him dating? Probably not well but hey, he had the backing of the current king of hell after all. Not that Sam really did anything to rule the place, just told the demons not to kill and stuff. Caleb rolled his eyes at Castiel and moved to make sure that Dean wasn't making things harder for Bobby. He wasn't, he was setting the table for more since he had told Bobby the others were almost back. Caleb moved to help set the table. "Wanna take bets about the conversation that will be underway when they return?"

"Huh?" Dean asked.

"Sarah, John, and Derrick are always arguing about something..." Caleb pointed out.

Bobby chuckled and Dean nodded. "Maybe those three need a break from each other." Bobby offered.

"Yeah... maybe... how?" Caleb asked and looked to see what Bobby was cooking.

"Well John could use some time with his brothers..." Bobby offered and Dean grinned.

"The four off us hunting or going on holiday together!"

"What kind of holiday?" Caleb asked. Bobby shrugged and began dishing up the steaks and salads while Dean got the drinks, less alcohol than there used to be with people getting older.

"John!" Sarah yelled as John stormed into the house with his bag. The 22 year old tossed it onto a couch and ran upstairs, slamming the door. Caleb blinked at that and looked at Sarah confused. Sam slipped in behind her and moved to help with dinner. He'd caught the end of their argument but hadn't heard anything that cleared up what is was about.

"What's this fight about?" Bobby asked.

Derrick made his way in with Cameron. "Sarah fainted during the hunt..."

"You what?" Sam demanded before moving to her side. Sarah shrugged and sat down at the table. Moving to serve herself food. Dean sat beside her and sniffed, trying to see if she was sick, nuzzling gently.

Sarah smiled tiredly to Dean and looked at Bobby. "I'm hungry."

Cameron came in with the biggest bag and placed it by the couch. "Where is John?"

"Upstairs." Dean answered as Bobby put the steaks down. "We should call Cas to make sure you're okay." Dean told his Mom.

"I'm fine." Sarah replied. "Castiel doesn't need to play doctor." Cameron headed upstairs to check on John. Sam and Dean glared at her their Mom. "What?" Sarah asked as both boys glared at her.

"You fainted on a hunt!" Dean growled.

"Cas!" Sam yelled and the angel appeared, looking worried. "Sarah needs checked."

"Of course." Castiel moved to her side and placed a hand on her shoulder, gently scanning her.

Sarah pulled away from Castiel. "I'm fine!" Sarah yelled. "I don't need the third degree. Especially from my sons!"

"You are not fine." Castiel stated calmly, he had found the problem. Sarah glared at Castiel. She got up from the table and moved to leave. "Why are you upset? The problem is very easy to heal, I can do it in less than five minutes and you won't feel a thing." The angel told her. Sarah ignored him and locked herself in her room.

Derrick frowned and rubbed the back of his neck. "What's wrong with her wings?"

"I believe humans call it cancer." Castiel answered and Dean whimpered at hearing that. No! She wasn't allowed to die!

Derrick stared at Castiel for a full minute before exploding. "HOW THE HELL IS CANCER EASY TO HEAL?!"

Castiel blinked. "It is far easier than bringing someone back from death but I can do that if it is what you all prefer." He offered, confused by his reaction.

"Doctors can't cure Cancer." Caleb informed Castiel.

"Doctors are human." He pointed out, accepting the drink Bobby handed him. He didn't need to eat or drink but had gotten used to doing so to blend in when with them.

"So you'll cure Mom." Dean was relieved and Sam frowned. This was not good, they were immortal and the others weren't. Eventually they would all die; Bobby was already ancient by hunter standards after all.

Derrick snorted. "Don't cure her... not unless you're going to cure every Cancer."

Dean snarled and snapped at Derrick before going after Sarah. Sam sighed and shot a look at Derrick. "Great one. You realise the three of us are immortal right...and that to Dean Sarah is the only Mom he remembers?"

Derrick shrugged to Sam. "Maybe you should have the angels give your brother his memory back."'

Castiel shook his head. "I cannot heal the world, that is forbidden. And I can't give Dean his memory back; there is nothing to give back. What he doesn't remember has been lost. But I am not the only one who could technically keep all of you alive." He pointed out and looked at Sam who blinked and then blanched.

"Deals?" He asked in shock and Castiel nodded.

"I'm not making any deal." Derrick stated.

"And I am not having hellhounds come for them!" Sam glared at Castiel.

"Why would they, you would set the details however you wished."

Sam blinked. "So what? Their souls for immortality with no expiry date?" The angel nodded.

"I am NOT making any deals!" Derrick yelled before storming off.

Caleb stared at the near empty table and sighed. "So much for dinner." Bobby sighed and Sam glanced at him. He knew Sam meant him too but could he do it? Then again what did he have to lose? Caleb started to eat anyway. He needed his food.

"Mom?" Dean called softly.

"Go away." Sarah replied.

"No. Please let me in?" Sarah growled under her breath and unlocked the door. Dean let himself in and stared at her. "You knew you were sick, didn't you?" Sarah nodded a bit, her back to him. Dean moved closer to nuzzle her gently. "Why are you made when Cas can fix it?"

"It's Cancer Dean..." Sarah whispered. "Castiel can't fix dying..."

"He said he can heal you, or bring you back if you die."

"No." Sarah declared.

Dean frowned in confusion. "Why not?"

"I'm tired Dean." Sarah replied. "I spent most of my life in fear... I've... I'm tired."

"You...you want to leave us?" He whispered in horror.

"I want to rest Dean." Sarah turned to look at him. "I don't want to be immortal. I don't want to be anything other than me."

Dean shook his head. "No. No you can't leave!"

"Why not?"

"You're our Mom, we need you. And...and Cas likes you. You can't leave us."

"Dean... everyone human dies... eventually... It's a part of growing up." Sarah ran a hand through his hair.

"But you don't have to. Sammy's human, sort of, and he won't die either."

Sarah gave Dean a look. "Sam's the king of hell... and he's bonded to you. He's not human... just like Caleb is not human... and Cameron is not human." She sighed and pulled away holding herself. "You're going to have to let me go."

"No!" Dean denied and then simply threw himself out the window, flying away, unable to stay when his Mom wanted to die and leave them, leave him.

Sarah winced as the window shattered. "Dean!"