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Anyways…! CHAPTER 1


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The Boy Who Cried Wolf

There were many stories going on about the Aokigahara forest. It was true that people tended to die there a lot, but this was different. This was involuntary.

The boy in the white cloak panted as he pelted through the dark forest greenery, wincing as stray branches reproachfully lashed out at his face, attempting to rip the hood from his face. He let out a plaintive curse as he heard the undergrowth around him rustle.

"Help!" he shouted. "Wolf!" From the bushes ahead shot forth a tall Asian man wielding a sharp blade and sporting outrageously long hair in a girlish ponytail and a long black cloak that fluttered ominously in the wind.

"Where?" the man snapped, brandishing his sword and glaring imperiously at the white-cloaked figure. "Point me to the ōkami (a wolf-like creature)."

"It's right over there!" he rasped, running to stand behind the taller man.

"Where?" he irately snapped, eyes flicking around warily for signs of movement in the underbrush.

"Right…! Here." The man's eyes widened when he felt a familiar pain spring forth from his back. Whirling around, he swung with his blade, clipping the edge of the white-haired boy's cloak as he spun away with inhuman speed. The hood fell back to the tell-tale mark of a monster—the brand of a red pentagram.

The furry wolf ears would've been more than enough evidence, though.

"Damn," the hunter muttered, backpedaling and taking up a fighting stance. "What a nuisance."

"You should've just gone when you had the chance," the white-haired fellow declared, falling into a crouch. From below his cloak, a long white tail twitched and unfurled, swishing about as it restarted its blood circulation.

"I'm afraid of no half-breed mongrel," he smirked, watching in bitter amusement when the white wolf-boy bared his fangs. A twitch of the ear was his only indication before the beat sprung, arching towards him with claws outstretched.

He evaded the swipe and retaliated with a roundhouse kick that connected with the white wolf's midsection, cursing when it latched onto his foot and used the momentum of his blow and threw him into a tree.

With a thunderous series of snaps, the hunter plowed through several dozens of young trees before crashing to a stop against a boulder several hundred feet downhill from his original position. With a grunt of annoyance, he got to his feet.

"Is that all you got?" he smirked, flicking his blades in a quick series of figure-eights as the head of the white wolf-boy poked out from the top of the rise of land above him. With a snarl, the wolf-boy jumped, and the hunter raised his blade.

There was the wet sound of rent flesh upon impact.


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