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All pretense at concealment fled him then, and instinct took over. His hands swiftly shot out behind him and grabbed the girl by the shoulders and, with a gargantuan amount of force, threw her. He leaped forward and grabbed her by the throat as she slid down the trunk of the tree she'd crashed and broken through.

The girl furiously clawed at his hands as he lifted her up higher.

"Did you send him?" Allen growled. Her eyes, which had been screwed tightly shut, popped open at his low, guttural voice, and amber orbs beamed up at him in dull apprehension.

"Aaah, h-hidoi n—"

"Answer me." His hands tightened as her other limbs began flailing about.


"What did you mean by that last line?"

"I… didn't… mean anything…"

"Don't lie to me."

"B-Baka… I, I meant that… I understand w-why… p-people would… want you dead. You're…

"You're mean!" The last word was accompanied by a frantic kick that hit him in a really sensitive spot.


Dread froze him to the spot when a cool voice sounded out behind them. "Found you."

He whirled around and away. A hiss of pain slipped out of him when the blade grazed his left flank, and the girl on his arms squealed. "Let me—" He covered the girl's mouth with his hand.

"I will end you before the pain becomes too noticeable, mutt."

"M-Mutt? My name is Allen, and I'm an ōkami! Not a—"

"Your name doesn't matter to me, monster. Only your death."

"T-This is just some misunderstanding!" shouted Allen, dodging the hunter's sword thrusts as best he could with a struggling, muffled girl flailing in his arms. The swordsman ignored him and kept trying to slice him up.

"Damn it…!" he growled. He couldn't fight back, because fighting back meant dropping the girl, who knew the person Mana had secretly visited so often. She might be able to help him—

Something bit him.


His scream startled both him and the blue-haired boy, who started and took a step back. The girl, though. She wasn't surprised.

"T-That…! Hey!" The girl leaped out of his arms and put herself in front of him and the hunter.

"Ne! Meanie! Stop picking on my kouhei!"

"Kouhei?" She looked years younger than he did, so why—?

"So you're a monster too then."

"No, she's—"

He stopped as the hail of sword rain started up again, this time with the girl being one of the targets, though to his surprise—and that of the hunter—she nimbly dodged most of the barrage, which abruptly, unexpectedly stopped when she latched onto the blade with her bare hand.


"Gomen ne, demo…" She flicked the blade away as her foot lashed out and transiently kicked the blue-haired samurai in the chest.

Allen gaped at the rending sound of breaking bones and splitting flesh, and the samurai cried out and toppled forward into a gasping, heaving heap.

"Moya-chi, kochi!" He looked up and gulped at the girl, who'd disappeared to appear nearly twenty feet away.

"B-Be careful, would you?" he chided, loping forward and grasping her by the wrist. "You don't know what might—"

His foot slipped, and his eyes widened as he tumbled forward, down the ravine the girl had led him to.


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