The next morning Kurt bought some coffee and a croissant from a cart at the Park and found a place to sit on the rocks. He had brought along his favorite book, Anne of Avonlea and continued to read the part where Anne realized Gilbert was the only man she had ever wanted and who she truly needed to be happy in life. He was engrossed in his book and didn't realize that someone had come up behind him.

He heard someone clear their throat and his concentration was broken. He looked back and he saw him. He was wearing the outfit he had said he would wear on their first missed date. He was wearing suspenders and Kurt grinned. His eyes started to ear up. He couldn't believe it. In front of him stood a man carrying the same book and grinning back at him with the same goofy expression on his face. It was David. His David. He tried to form words but the only thing he could say was,


"Hi, Fiyero."

"But... how?"

"I've known for awhile that you were Fiyero. The night that Neil and I had coffee, I was actually scoping out the potential date. When I saw it was you, I quickly took off the suspenders and hid them in my jacket pocket. I just couldn't do it, Kurt. I was still really hurt and upset about everything that had happened. I didn't want to hurt you that night, but I wasn't ready to introduce myself as Eli, because I wasn't sure how you'd react either. I mean when I did sit down to talk to you, you yelled at me."

"Yeah, because I thought you were just being an ass!"

"I'm sorry, Kurt. I should have just told you."

"I'm so confused though, you told me you were seeing someone and told me that you were more in love now than you've ever been before. So, who is this person?"

"Really, Kurt? You are not that stupid."

From the background a voice popped up,

"He means you, you dumbass!"

Kurt recognized that voice. That voice belonged to Puck.

He looked around and saw them. Rachel, Puck, Brody, Elsa, and even Finn.

He was so confused. He looked at Dave then and Dave just smiled.

"I know you said you'd never had a surprise birthday party before, so I thought I'd do the next best thing I could and give you a surprise "just because I love you" party.

Kurt could not believe how romantic this all was. There were picnic tables set up with picnic food and on each table was a vase of tiger lilies.

Kurt was almost overwhelmed. Dave had done all of this and because he loved him. Dave was Eli, the man who he had shared everything with, the man who he had decided on paper was perfect for him. And he really was. He wasn't perfect by any means, he was obnoxious and stubborn and had a tendency to piss Kurt off like no other man had ever done before, but Kurt loved him more than he'd ever loved anyone and didn't think possible.

They ate a picnic and Rachel kept sending him text messages telling him he had to talk to David for real and not just brush everything under the rug, because of their romantic story.

At the end of the picnic after everyone left, David pulled out a blanket and invited Kurt to sit on it and relax with him.

As they looked at clouds, Kurt finally asked him the questions he had on his mind,
"So you were at the blind speed dating, weren't you? I swore that I saw you, but by the time I recognized you, you had left."

"Yeah. I saw you first and I almost walked out, but I had promised Rachel and Brody that I would stick with it. So I did it. When I was done my number one match was poundthepuck and you."

"I didn't get matched with you at all."


"Nope. I got poundthepuck too and some other horrible matches. But you were the one I instantly connected with. I mean immediately, it was like we had a connection and I had so much hope for us."

"Me too. Especially after I realized who you were really were. I think the first time I knew was after that disastrous baby shower for Rachel. You told me things that were too similar to what I had also experienced that day, especially about our fight. After that conversation, I was tempted to just get off the chat and never bring it up again, but then we started sharing things with each other and I learned more about you in those eight months than I ever thought I'd know about you. And you know what I realized, Kurt?"


"That I fucking love you. It doesn't make sense most of the time, because of our past and our issues, but I'm never going to stop and I'm tired of fighting it. So I admitted to you that I am more in love than I ever have been before and I'm truly happy. And I mean it, Kurt. I love you more than I love anything else in my life and I'm happy with the fact that I'm not fighting it anymore. I want to be with you and no one but you for as long as I possibly can."

"Does this mean you're over what happened with Jamie?"

Dave looked sadly at the clouds as the continued to move across the sky,
"I was a stupid ass with that. I confronted Jamie about what you said after I broke up with you. He admitted everything and agreed to give him the divorce. I was hurt, yeah, but I was also relieved. I ran, because I was afraid that if I didn't and gave you everything, that I would end up hurt and in the end, I hurt anyway. I was miserable without you and I was too stubborn to fix it and I let too many months go by."

"And now?"

"And now, I want to kiss you."

Kurt grinned and let him. It was the best kiss he'd had in years and he was truly happy.

They got a text a few seconds later from Rachel that simply said, "Told ya so!"

They both laughed and spent the afternoon kissing and cuddling on the blanket as they cloud watched and talked about their online conversations and how glad that it was each other on the other end.

Things moved pretty quickly after that. Six weeks later, Kurt had just moved his final box into his new apartment with David. He had finally agreed to move in with David after Dave had taken a promotion and wanted a bigger apartment. Kurt didn't want to leave Manhattan, but he was willing to compromise for their relationship and that's how he found himself moving into a loft apartment in Brooklyn. He liked it. It was a very cute apartment and Dave had told him he could decorate it any way he wished to. He unpacked the box of pillows and was hanging pictures when he heard Dave arrive home.

He turned around and saw Dave carrying a bouquet of tiger lilies. Dave gave him the flowers and kissed him deeply. "Hey, baby."


"So, Rachel and Puck are having a party tomorrow night. Do you want to go?"

"Sure. That sounds fun. What would you like to do tonight?"

"I actually need to go to Atlantic City for my friend Neil's bachelor party. He's getting married in a few weeks and he invited me."

"Okay, well have fun."

"Do you want to come with me?"

"Umm, I don't even know Neil, David."

"I know, but we haven't had a romantic vacation yet with each other and there are some great casinos and hotels. I'm sure we'd have a blast."

Kurt laughed as David tried to convince him to go on a spur of the moment trip.

Kurt quickly packed an overnight bag and soon they were on their way to Atlantic City.

Kurt spent most of his time at the casino playing slots and eating dessert at every buffet he could find. When Dave got back to their room he had ordered champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries. It was romantic and sweet and Dave and Kurt finally made love for the first time. It was romantic, sweet, and absolutely everything Kurt had dreamed of.

The next afternoon they drove back to the city. Kurt dropped off some drycleaning and picked up a cheesecake to take to Rachel and Puck's party. Rachel had invited all of their friends, including Santana and Brittany who were in town visiting Brody and Elsa. At the party they were paired in couples again and once again David and Kurt crushed the competition. David whispered in Kurt's ear and Kurt brushed bright red.

They quickly said goodnight and as they were gathering their things to leave, Rachel stopped them in the hall,

"You're leaving, already? We just got started!"

Dave just grinned and grabbed Kurt to himself,

"If you excuse me, Rachel, I'm going home to make love to my husband. I don't think anyone wants to see that happen here."

Rachel's jaw dropped at that.

"Husband? Since when?"

"Last night. We went to Atlantic City for my coworker's bachelor party and we just felt it was right. Neil and the stripper we hired for his wedding served as our witnesses."

"You had a stripper be a witness to your wedding? What about me!?"

"Rach, we're sorry, it was honestly last minute and trust me, if we had a huge wedding you'd be in it."

"I can't believe you got married, again. The last time you got married it was a disaster!"

"This time, it's different, Rachel. This time we both wanted this, we weren't drunk, and we are much more grown up. We want this, Rachel and we're committed to making it work."

"I cannot believe you're married."

Just as she was musing about their being married, Puck and Brody wandered into the hall and that led to another twenty minutes of them explaining themselves to everyone.

They finally made it home and Dave and Kurt made slow, passionate love as rain began to fall.

A few days later they were sitting at their dining table when Dave answered his phone to find his Grandma Sue on the phone yelling at him for lying to her about Kurt.

Kurt got on the phone and assured Grandma Sue they were in love for real and that they were actually married again, this time for real and that they would be giving her grandchildren at some point in the future.

Grandma Sue hung up with a promise of making more chicken fried steak for them when she visited again.

That night as they were lying in bed with Kurt's head on Dave's chest the radio came on. As they were listening the song came on. They both tensed up as soon as they heard it and then Kurt heard David sigh.

"Everything, Kurt."


"Yep. John Mayer got it wrong, it should be 'Friends, Lovers, or Everything', because we truly do have everything."

Kurt grinned and kissed Dave as the song played on. Everything. Everything sounded great and for the first time since he met David, he couldn't imagine life any other way.