What's up everypony! Welcome to my first ever story!

Quick thing I want to mention, I have just recently redone this chapter! So now it's a lot better and a little less clique about the way it goes! Anyway, this story is about how a human, who isn't a Brony, gets transported to the MLP world.

I know there are tons of these Human in Equestria stories, but it can always be done differently! And on that note, I hope you all like it! Enjoy every pony!

Disclaimer: I don't own MLP. If I did, my OC would be in it as a supporting character.

Throughout my life, I've been treated like crap. To unoriginal huh? Well give it a few lines, it'll take a different turn. I had an abusive father, and a mother who was actually pretty caring. And with two polar opposite personalities they divorced. Which everyone saw coming, me included obviously. And it was pretty obvious who I sided with too. But while all of this sitcom sized chaos was going on, it was just as bad at school.

I was that outcast that everyone ignored, and more often bullied. I had no friends, no talents, nothing to really show for myself in general. I even sucked at wasting my time with video games. I was that loner who stayed in the back of the room, got C's and B's, and just looked down and away from all the other students as I walked home from school.

But some years later, I finally got to middle school. And oddly enough, school life was actually easier there than it was at elementary. My dad still fought to the bone just to make sure I lived with him for no reason other to say I lived with him. So basically, just power over another. He always fought just to say he had control, or to say he was the boss. He was power-hungry about everything he wanted. And whatever he wanted, he usually got it because of how successful he was. And I was just one of the 'its' he wanted to own and control.

Luckily, I wasn't bullied as much in school and I even had one friend. His name was Larry, which I knew was a really overused and boring name, but I didn't care. He was just as socially awkward as me, but had something that made him a little better than me. He was a drawer. He had his own group of friends that always avoided me, but at least he was a little nicer.

Because of the good things that were starting to come up, I thought that it was going to get better from there on out. Sadly, that only lasted for one school year before it got worse again. You see, fate hates me for some reason. I have no idea why, but it just does.

So after that school year, the cheap house me and my mother could barely afford with the small amount of money we made, had collapsed. I never blamed my mother for owning a cheap house like that though. My dad was really to blame there. He could've just let us go and let me be with my mom, but he sued my mother when she barely had anything to begin with. We even had to ask her parents, my grandparents, to help pay have the rent every month.

Back on topic though, the roof collapsed right on top of us while we were asleep. Luckily for me, sort of, I always slept on the couch in the living room. It was comfier than my bed. And because of my rock solid bed, the back of the couch kept me safe from most of the roof. Key word being 'most'.

When I was sleeping I had moved sometime at night. Meaning that my left arm was sticking out like a sore thumb. Making it the prime target for the falling roof that came down. So it was crushed under support beams, some boxes of cheap holiday stuff from the attic, old rusty nails, shingles, anything that's above your head right now if you're reading this in your home.

So in the end, my whole left arm, my left ear from some a piece of shingle getting jammed in it, multiple stitches and scars along my back, and most importantly my actual heart, was badly damaged by the rubble and I had to get massive and immediate surgery. And for some reason, I blame fate's hatred, it wouldn't stop there either. Because my arm was damaged beyond repair, I had to get an artificial one. Along with an artificial ear and heart of course.

The doctors say I had to be the luckiest thing alive, that someone had to have been watching over me that night, but I didn't see it that way. In fact, me living made me feel even worse. For two reasons.

First off, I was known at school as the robotic freak. And second, since my mother passed on from the incident, I was forced to live with my dad. He was overjoyed... At least until he got the hospital bill all for himself. That making me smile for at least a full minute before the pain of it all came back to me.

As the years passed, Larry had moved. away from my school. Once again, making me a one-hundred percent total outcast. At this point, I was in high school. Where you're expected by your parents to be able to fight your own battles. That going double for my father.

Also to add onto my bad luck, my dad remarried eventually. Making me now have a step-brother and step-mother. Followed by a half-brother a year or two later.

As I became seventeen, my step-brother, whose name was Jake, became included with a group of teenagers and grown men that loved a certain TV show. My Little Pony. And because my brother was always annoyed what living part of me was left, not to mention got a 'Get outta jail free' card whenever he hurt me, I didn't exactly want to like anything he did. And since he thought MLP was a God send, not to mention attacked me if I said one negative thing about it, I grew to hate him and the show.

Even if he didn't do any of that I don't think I would've liked that show. It was originally made in the eighties or so to promote toys about magical ponies that were for kids around the age of five and up, and that were girls. It got way more popular than anyone thought it would and people of both genders and all ages, mainly male teens and adults, started to watch it. Including my step-brother and his best-friend who acted just like him, Calvin. Both of which acted like siamese twins.

No one in my school ever bragged about how they saw the next episode of the show, so I thought that either they didn't like it or I just didn't pay much attention. My brother and his friend always spent the night over at our house since we had better games, and always watched the show on the bonus room TV... Which happened to double as my bedroom too. Making me trapped in here if I wanted to sleep on something that wouldn't break my back.

And now, we've caught up to current time. This is the night where the story begins. Where my life changed dramatically.

That night, they went on and on about My Little Pony. The same exact way any hater thinks a Brony acts about the show too. Annoying, loud, and interruptive. Not to mention, late at night too. Of course, since my step-brother was the bane of my existence, plus the fact that I was a social outcast at school already, I had no positive feelings or reason to like the show. In fact, there were only two things about it I bared that originated from the show.

One was this episode of Death Battle, with a Pegasus named 'Rainbow Dash' and a transformer named 'Starscream' I think. I didn't like MLP or Transformers, so it didn't seem like much of a battle to me. But since Boomstick's commentary was hilarious the entire way through, as usual, I liked the episode. Not to mention, there were a few die-hard fan-boys for Transformers at my school. I didn't rub it in their faces, not wanting to risk having mine rubbed into a toilet, but it was still refreshing enough to just know that their precious 'auto-bots' were beat up by a blue flying pony obsessed with rainbows.

The second was a music video from YouTube, titled Discord. TheLivingTombstone, who I only knew for that one song, did it justice. The song was good enough for me to ignore where it originated from.

So as they were watching an episode of it, I tried to blocked them out, like I usually do. Just listening to music on my iPhone to block out some episode of the show they had recorded on the TV. It was a usual thing that happened every Friday night. Even before MLP became a thing. Because before it was Naruto, and before that was WWE.

The sad part about it was, that while they were younger than me, Jake by two years and Calvin by one, they always overpowered me. Whenever they were being too loud or annoying, a daily thing really, I snapped at them to shut-up. And sad to say, they always beat me up for that. Those two were crazy, and it seemed that since MLP they just got more crazy and random. Quoting stuff from the show from one of the main characters in particular. Ten bucks to who can guess which character that was.

Tonight was no exception either. They were even fighting each other with pillows as they watched the show. Yes it was a pillow fight, but it was sure way more ruthless than you'd think. They hit each other with over stuffed pillows so hard they even fell to the ground. Half way into the fight, Calvin hit Jake so hard he tripped off the back of the futon that was in the middle of the room. At one point, I think they were actually smothering one another with the dang things.

But somehow getting bored of that much sadistic fun, one of them threw one of the heavier weighted pillows directly at my face. The force of it feeling like that of one of those rubber dodge-balls you never want to get hit in the face with. So naturally, you can imagine how much I wanted to take their heads off. They both started laughing themselves to tears, my iPhone had froze up trying to load up a new song on Pandora, and one of the most annoying songs from their show was playing on the TV. Something about 'evil enchantress' or something. I didn't know, and I didn't care. It sounded more like screaming than singing anyway.

So throwing it out of anger, It smacked Calvin right in the side of the face when he wasn't looking. Making him trip to the side and hit the TV. Making it fall over. No doubt waking up my Dad at this point. Even though he was on the other side of the house and a heavy sleeper, he wasn't sleeping through that noise.

And knowing that all of us were getting punished for 'rough housing', plus Calvin's small fuse for whenever he got actually hurt, they came after me. Jake just started punching me with how angry he was about losing a TV, and inevitably getting in trouble. Calvin, who was more mad, took his rage even farther. He got the plastic gate that was keeping the dogs upstairs in the bonus room with us and cornered me at my bed. Which was against the corner of the room to begin with.

So with their combined attacks, and the sound of a door being slammed wide-open on the other side of the big house, I knew that it was only getting worse. Luckily, my step-mother was probably trying to calm my dad down before he reached us, and the dogs ran downstairs to scout out whatever slammed that door opened. So it would take a good three minutes before he got to us.

Still, that didn't mean that I was just going to wait here for him to find us. He would be loud enough to hear at the bottom of the steps. Which would give Calvin and Jake plenty of time to get off me and pretend to be stunned that the TV had gotten destroyed. And my injuries would just pass off as wrestling the two of them. The perfect plan.

But I wouldn't allow it. They always got their way for one reason or another. Why let them get away with beating me too? So kicking the bigger threat out of the way, I jumped off the bed and over Calvin. Who was now under the gate he was using as a weapon. There was no way I was just going to sit there and end up needing more scars on me.

Hearing my dad yelling from the hallway, only a living room and dining room away from getting to the stairs, I went to the opposite direction since you could make a left or right at the bottom of the stairway. And heading right, I went through the door and closed it right behind me. Careful not to slam the door or make any noise that would make any of them find me right away.

From there, I just made my way towards the middle of the garage. It didn't have a car, but it was filled with yard equipment, a riding mower, tool boxes, and tons of other garage junk that's always covered in webs and bugs from lack of use. I didn't dare to try and feel my way through to hide in the middle of the room, I just sat at the small wood stairs. Knowing all focus would be on the bonus room for a good while before they even bothered checking the garage for me.

It wasn't all dark though. I still had my iPhone for light, and the moonlight that always shinned its way towards me. I never knew why, but every time I was in the moonlight, or it just shinned towards me, I seemed to think things through way better. Too bad it didn't help in this case. At this moment, I pretty much broke down. I rarely cried nowadays from all the crap I've been through. In fact, this was probably one of the only times I've really cried. Which is saying something since I had never cried once since waking up in the hospital all that time ago.

Unlike back then, I didn't know why exactly I was crying. I wasn't scared of anything. Sure I just ran away, but what did you expect? I was getting beat up all the time with no plus side to it. I wasn't scared of what my dad would do either. By this point, I was used to whatever punishment he gave me. No matter how cruel and unfair it was, I lived. Which seemed punishment enough to me.

So if I wasn't scared, why else was I crying? I had no more room for pitying myself, and I about gave up on being granted a good life. So why did I even care? I guess that was just it. I was so sad about this horrible life and didn't want to accept it. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't like I was too fixated on the accident to realize it until now. It just felt like something broke in me. That I had lost my spirit to face everything head-on. It felt as if all the Harmony in my life was just hopeless. Unrealistic. I didn't have friends, my family didn't support me at all, I had nothing to work towards.

No one stayed Loyal as a friend. No one talked to me with Honesty. No one showed me Kindness. No one was Generous towards me. No one made me, or even wanted me, to Laugh or smile. And most of all, no one ever treated me with Friendship anymore. I was doomed to just stick to myself.

As the last tear I wanted to shed hit the wooden step I sat on, it happened.

Scientists, Physicists, probably anyone with any logic would say I'm nuts, and maybe I was. But whether that was the truth or not, the impossible happened.

Suddenly in front of me, in the moonlight, a spark appeared in front of the giant garage door ahead of me. But instead of just appearing there for an instant, it stayed right there. Eliminating any possibility of it being a random light, or a car passing by. It was just a small, circular, light.

I didn't know what that was even about, but I did know one thing for sure. It wasn't normal. It was suspended in the air and was too bright and clear for it to be natural or anything. It was white light. Along the edges of the circle towards the middle, it was clear white. It didn't fade out along the side like a flashlight, so that was out. And to make it even stranger, I could almost hear it...Calling out to me. Telling me to come near it. I should've been terrified, but it made me feel so calm at the same time. Like it would keep me safe.

Still, it didn't control me or anything too weird like that. I might've been calm about it, but that didn't make me appreciate it or want to go near it. I didn't go in, to tell any of them inside the house due to how calm I was still acting. So not able to act at all freaked out by it, I just pulled out the iPhone that was in my pocket still and tried to fix that stupid Pandora that was still freezing up on me. The ear buds were still in my ears, one in my artificial ear too. I could still hear out of it with some kind of hearing aid that was built under the fake ear itself.

After a minute or two, I heard yelling from upstairs. Angry yelling from my dad as he kept yelling at Jake and Calvin, who tried explaining but were silenced each time. I couldn't hear them anyway since I was a floor below them. But despite my dad's loud voice, I couldn't help but mentally tune it out as my attention turned back towards the light. Which had now gone from golf ball size to basketball size.

I was getting really freaked out now. Standing up and getting a good idea to go ahead and face my dad and the TV. At least I'd know what to expect from it. Only...I couldn't help but think that wasn't a smart idea for the same reason. I knew that my dad would punish me. Probably hurt me once he heard Jake and Calvin's story. But as for the light, it wasn't hurting me. It was just floating there... Shining towards me with a welcoming warmth that felt like it was the summer sun. You know...Why not go towards it and...

No. It wasn't a good idea. Being near it was crazy enough, but going to it willingly? Whatever it was, it couldn't be safe. It was doing something to me already... Trying to convince me to go into it. And although I did have control of my own thoughts without a doubt, it was like the light was trying to ask nicely. It wasn't forcing me to go, but it somehow I knew that it wasn't going to leave without me joining it.

It only got bigger in size as I stood and watched it. Too uninterested to leave the garage now. That much the light made me agree on. Every thought of leaving and going back inside was shot down with a more negative reason that made me want to stay. Again, it was my own free will telling me this. The light just... It just reminded me the cons.

Before it could tell me anything else, there was a loud knock on the door behind me, making me jump from the stairs in surprise that they had already gotten to the stairs. Looking at my iPhone, I saw that I had been in the garage staring at the odd light for a good twenty minutes! The time went by so fast that I didn't even realize it. The light was just so welcoming to be near that I couldn't tell how fast time flew.

But with the knock at the door, I heard the light call out once again. Now making me feel the urgency to run head first into it and avoid my dad all together. Leaving this place before I got caught. Only... I still had my doubts about it. It seemed like a good idea, but I still didn't know enough to fully convince myself to run from my horrible family.

So instead of convincing me further, the light choose the answer for me. It stopped talking and just responded with actions. It grew to be door sized and made me trip backwards with the force of it pulling me in. Now completely against my will. With it not calming me down anymore, I reacted on instinct and tried to grab around for whatever I could that would stop me from being pulled it.

Which required me looking around my surroundings. Only to see that nothing else was being dragged in by the light! I was the only thing as if nothing else was following the laws of gravity or something! This only scared me more as I started flailing around to get free from the light. Reaching for whatever I could catch to stop me from flying into the light.

The only thing that I was able to get my hands on though, was a loose wire. It was just a simple extension chord, but it was better than nothing. It was tangled up with a ton of other old chords that were wrapped around the riding mower. I still had my iPhone too, but I had put it in my pocket after hearing my dad bang on the door. An instinct I learned since that was the first thing he took away if he saw it in my hands. The sudden jerk of the iPhone made the earbud in my right ear, the one that was still normal, fall out. But an earbud was still in my fake ear and was secured enough.

With it having no use, I didn't focus on it. I just kept the extension chord wrapped tightly around my metal arm. Keeping it from slipping out from my grasp. The chord wasn't coming out of my grasp.

But that didn't keep the chord from holding me in place. As I was now started to float a few inches in the air, the force of the light now being that strong, the chord still held. It was an industrial one and was slightly newer than the ones it was tangled up in. Too bad it wasn't 'weird light' proof. Because after keeping me from going any closer to the portal, I saw a transparent, light-gold... light fixture...thing, surround one part of the chord. And right before my eyes, I saw this swirly light thing make that one spot of chord start to lose color. Followed by the plastic protective cover around the actual chord decay into dust. And finally, the chords started to come apart with-age! That one spot of the chord was aging right in front of my eyes in mere seconds!

And after that little unfair trick, the chord snapped unsurprisingly. Making me fly through the light with just the clothes on my back, my iPhone, and the chord that was wrapped around my fake arm. I couldn't remember if I had anything else in my pockets or not, but it didn't matter as I went through the light. Being temporarily blinded by going through the light.

At that moment, all the feeling of staying calm flew out the window. All over my body, I could feel nothing but horrible, horrible pain. And the light had given me one warning before the pain got even worse.

"This is going to hurt."

Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain start at two exact spots on my back. And it continued on for a good two minutes without any sign of calming down. At the same time, I felt the bones in my right hand shift around and fade away. The finger bones were the first to go as my front arms twisted into a new pattern. And I could see out of the corner of my eye my left arm do the same. Luckily I didn't feel pain as the artificial arm started to shift into a new pattern identical to my real arm. The wire had also gone somewhere too. It couldn't have flown away, I wasn't moving anywhere. After going through the light, I was just floating in one space. Unaffected by gravity.

Soon enough, my ears, face, and feet altered as well. Along with my whole body. I didn't know how or why any of this was happening, but as it all started to calm down, I could only hear one phrase be said to me by the light. Except now it was clearer than it had ever been. Sounding regal and royal in a way.

"It'll all be clear to you soon."

And on that note, I lost consiousness completely.

"No...Gotta get away...Run...RUN!" I yelled out loud, my eyes snapping open as I woke up from that crazy dream. None of it didn't make any sense to me. Or at least...The part that came after going into the garage. It was weird though. Most of my dreams either made sense to me, or were lucid dreams for the most part.

As I looked around, still a little dizzy from what happened, I... Wait, I was 'still a little dizzy'? How? Even though it was a really freaky dream, not to mention it hurt a lot, that didn't explain why I was so dizzy.

But that was weird too. How come it hurt? How come I was dizzy? Why was I still sore? And-and why did my bed feel so...grassy? Not only that, but my fan was working a little too well. And the lack of the snack-food smell that was pretty much stained into the bonus room I slept in was gone now. As was the noise of TV or Calvin and Jake messing around. I wasn't complaining, but it was just so weird.

Finally, after about five minutes or so, I was too tired to check my phone, I finally woke up enough to raise my head. Putting my metal hand to my head to try and wipe my face. And as usual, my metal hand was freezing cold from the fan and low A/C in the house. Making me jump up and fall onto my stomach with the sudden shock of the cold. That was the only way I could ever wake up sadly. I think even if there was a fire in the house, I would still be sleeping.

Still, after getting on my stomach, I realized that some more of the weird grassy-ness texture was under me. I didn't really care though because I thought it could've just been another prank Jake pulled on me. Like the time he rolled me off my bed and onto a roll of bubble-wrap. When I woke up the next morning, I thought my artifical heart was literally popping out of my chest!

But this time, something was a little different. Something had stuck out of the grass carpet thing. I couldn't tell what it was because it was in my mouth since I landed head first onto the floor, but oddly enough, it tasted pretty good. It had dislodged from the ground after falling into my mouth, so I went ahead and swolled it. Knowing I'd get in trouble for just spitting food onto floor.

After doing so, I decided that enough was enough of this stupid floor prank. But trying to stand up, I tripped and fell right back to the ground. More painfully, this time. I groaned as I fell to not helping my already sore body. I guess my legs were too tired to stand up or anything. Which was weird...But not as weird as the next thing I realized.

Looking around, I saw what explained just about everything. The weird floor. Lack of any noise or cheesey smell. Odd winds going by me. And the food that landed in my mouth. I wasn't in my room anymore. Heck, I wasn't even in my house, or any house, for that matter! I was outside. Outside in a small clearing of a small forest. I saw the sun shining down from over top of me.

And where the 'food' was, had a small piece of a stem sticking out of the ground. After finding all of this out, I burped out a flower petal. Proving that without a doubt, I had just eaten a flower. A flower that actually tasted pretty good for some reason.

All of it was so weird. Not to mention, freaking me out. Why was I in a forest? Where was my house? Where was I?! All these questions, I could only guess, were answered with two words. Weird. Light.

I jumped up to my feet instinctively, looking around to all sides of me frantically. Not even able to register what all was around me since my head was moving too fast. Even if I wanted to try and look around carefully, I wouldn't be able to focus. I was in the middle of nowhere right now!

Knowing that I couldn't just stay wherever I ended up, I tried to just run forward in hopes of getting out of the forest. Only, I tripped forward and skidded to a halt in front of a small puddle. Where I realized just what all had happened, why I was so sore, and why I couldn't run anywhere more than one or two steps.

I wasn't human anymore.

Suddenly, I jumped away from the puddle, screaming in surprise about what I had become. And looking at the rest of me, I saw that I had changed in every way. My body had coal-black short hair that acted just like fur. My hair had gone from just being on my head to running down my neck a bit, not to mention it was pure yellow. I was standing on all four of my limbs, which were now all hooves. Even my metal left arm.

Towards the backside of me, it got weirder. I had a metal tail that was in the shape of a lightning bolt pointed upwards. Much like a Pikachu tail would be. It was pure yellow just like my hair, and shined like it was brand new.

I also had some weird picture on both sides of my butt. It was a gray gear cog with one lone lightning bolt going through it. Which seemed like some sort of sick joke if you ask me. I mean, a gear?! Whoever painted this or gave me this tattoo has got some kind of messed up humor!

The last thing that had shocked me, was two parts of my body that were on both sides of me. On my mid back rested wings, that almost blended into the fur on my body. If it wasn't for a few of the feathers sticking out from sleeping on the ground, like some kind of feathery bed-head, I probably wouldn't even notice them.

After taking a good few minutes to look at what I had become, I went back to looking at the puddle. Though careful not to come into any contact with it because of my... Problem...

You see, because of my metal arm, if enough water goes into it than I short-circuit. Kind of like the Wicked Witch in a way. Since my metal arm and my ear are both hooked up to my nervous system and brain so I could control them, I couldn't let any water touch either spot because it wasn't exactly water-proof. So I'd fry my brain just because of a water balloon. I know, fun right?

Slowly, it all started to come together. Weird multi-colored body? A small horse figure? Tattoo on by rear? And I had wings? All these things started to remind me of one show in particular. One I hated with a passion. My Little Pony.

"No..." I muttered, finally speaking in shock at just what had happened. "No, this isn't happening...NO!" I yelled out towards my reflection in the puddle. Yeah, because that would solve everything.

"Why am I a pony?!" I kept asking the puddle, yelling out of anger because of it. I was a pony with wings, not to mention I was still a cyborg... Well, cypony maybe...something like that, point was that it wasn't helping! I didn't like being a cyborg when I was human, and I definitely didn't like being a cypony!

"No, this isn't possible... I didn't go through some bright light. I didn't turn into a pony. And I definitely am not in a forest... I just gotta shock myself into waking up, and I'll be fine." I kept reassuring myself. And having no way to really hurt myself since I couldn't pinch myself into waking up, I could only think of one other idea.

Electrocute myself.

Without even a second thought, desperate to wake up before this nightmare could get any worse, I dipped my hoof into the puddle for a split second. Soaking it and making the water get inside of my hand...Er, hoof...

That was more than enough though as I instantly started getting shocked from the inside out. Feeling like I was being fried from the inside out. This made me yell out in pain as I quickly shook my hoof crazily. Desperate to get the water out of my system, no pun intended, before it got even worse.

After a few seconds, I managed to get the water out well-enough. Stopping what was basically me short-circuiting. "Okay, so this isn't a dream." I told myself, not wanting to question it anymore. "But at least turning into a pony with wings is my only problem right now." I said, trying to just wrap my head around this.

Sadly, I didn't have much time to think to myself as all my attention was turned towards something even worse. A brown animal at least three times my new size coming out of a cave. And it was pretty obvious he wasn't coming out to say hi.

"Oh, you have got to be kidding me!" I yelled out in anger, the bear growling menacingly in response as he just kept glaring me down. Wondering how to use me as a pelt. Irony at its best.

And so begins the story! I know that it may be a little long... Okay, it's REALLY long, but I promise that I've tried to make it the best I can! And I don't plan on doing any less than my best!... Wow, that rhyme was enough to make Zecora cringe. XD

Anyway, I hope any pony that's new to my story will give it a shot. See you next chapter I hope! Goodbye every pony!