This is long overdue and I have no excuses so… bad.

But holy cow, have you guys seen episode 3 of Defenders of Berk? I'm starting to think the writers are DagCup fans or something.

I definitely need to write a sequel to this involving that episode :)

Chapter 3

Dagur's horned helmet was missing, revealing bright red hair that was pulled back and out of his face.

He did not look like his normal self. His usual half-crazed demeanor was replaced with solemn curiosity as he tiptoed into Hiccup's room.

Fishlegs, Snotlout, and Tuffnut were clinging to the side of the window. Their eyes were wide as they peeked over the ledge at Dagur.

"How did he get in here?" Fishlegs whispered, just far enough away so that Dagur couldn't hear him.

"Beats me. Oh wait…I might have left the door open." Tuff replied.

Snotlout and Fishlegs glared at him before turning back to Dagur.

Hookfang was starting to get agitated with the weight of three Vikings balancing on his snout. He gave a silent huff but kept quiet due to the suspense in the air.

Dagur scanned the room before walking towards the wooden bed and looking down at the flustered, sleeping Hiccup. He placed a hand to his own chin as he focused on the boy's face. He seemed puzzled.

Fishlegs felt very much like he was observing a wild dragon in a strange habitat. It reminded him of times spent watching Meatlug scratch and prod at a wooden catapult while, out of curiosity, trying to figure out how it worked.

Hiccup turned in his sleep so that he was lying on his back. His flushed face scrunched up in discomfort and he let out another soft sound.

Dagur cocked his head to the side, his own cheeks reddening as he peered closer into Hiccup's face. Then his eyes scanned the rest of Hiccup's lithe form. A wicked grin grew his face at the sight of the boy's arousal.

Fishlegs held back a surprised squeak as the look of desire that overtook the berserker chief.

Dagur placed a knee on the side of Hiccup's bed and leaned over his sleeping body. He brought a hand up and hesitated for a moment, before touching the boy's face. He poked at a few freckles and then openly caressed Hiccup's right cheek.


Hiccup moaned and turned his face towards Dagur's hand, leaning into the touch.

Dagur's body froze. He stared at Hiccup's face and his cheeks went red again.

"He obviously misses me." Tuff whispered.

"He's dreaming about me right now." Snotlout grumbled.

"Would you two shut up!" Fishlegs hissed under his breath.

He glanced around the room and then peered all around himself, frantically. He had to find a way to attract Dagur's attention before this got out of hand.

But how would he without revealing that there really were dragons on Berk, or without getting mauled to death by Dagur?

Dagur continued to caress Hiccup's face, even brushing a thumb over the boy's lips. He gently tilted the boy's head to the side and ran his other hand down Hiccup's tiny neck.

"Hah." Hiccup started panting.

Dagur paused for a moment, and then he silently removed the blanket remaining on the bed and swung his leg around so that he was kneeling just above the sleeping boy, almost straddling him. He abandoned Hiccup's face and carefully peeled the boy's shirt up so that it bunched up at his armpits, revealing a pale chest littered with freckles.

Fishlegs blushed. He had never seen Hiccup shirtless before, and while it really wasn't impressive due to his scrawny state, it was truly a magnificent sight when attached to Hiccup's lovely flustered face.

"G-guy's we have to do something." Fishlegs whispered.

He looked to his fellow Vikings only to see Tuff and Snot ogling Hiccup with wide, hungry eyes.

Fishlegs sighed in frustration.

Hiccup's chest was heaving up and down as he panted, then his whole body twitched at the feeling of Dagur's weight pressing down on his hips.

Dagur slowly ran his hands up Hiccup's abdomen, traveling across soft skin before groping at the boy's pectorals. He then brought his thumbs down to rub against the boy's nipples.


Hiccup's mouth opened in an "o" shape and he arched his back, causing his arousal the roughly brush into Dagur's hips.

Dagur let out a surprised moan of his own.


Dagur's eyes went wide and he scurried off of the bed at the noise.

Fishlegs and Tuff looked down in surprise to see Snotlout's body passed out on the ground, his face was still beat red with a dreamy grin plastered across his cheeks.

Fishlegs' heart started beating rapidly as he and Tuff leaped onto the ground, grabbed a hold of the thicker boy's arms and dragged him to the other side of the building. Hookfang followed them languidly.

Dagur looked frantically around the room then trudged over to the window and peered out into the darkness.

He saw nothing.

He was about to turn away, but the sound of a distant roar echoing through the threes caught his attention.

"Dragons…" He stated in quiet exhilaration.

He looked back at the sleeping Hiccup; still flustered due to the drug he had slipped him earlier, and then turned back to the window, torn between his two desires.

He growled and then spun around. He sparred Hiccup one final glance before he grabbed onto the ledge and leaped out of the window. He landed roughly on his feet and then bolted towards the woods in the direction of where the roaring could be heard.

Fishlegs and Tuffnut watched him leave before dragging Snotlout back towards the window.

"Well, somebody sounds grumpy." Tuff stated while glancing off into the woods.

"That was close…I hope Dagur doesn't find Meatlug." Fishlegs said.

Tuff turned towards Snot and lightly kicked him in the side.

"Hey, are you dead?"

Snotlout groaned and sat up. He looked up at them in confusion.

"Ugh…what happened?"

"The gods must have decided you weren't worthy for Hiccup, so they struck you down." Tuff replied.

"I'll strike you down with my fist!"

"Guys! We need to check on Hiccup!" Fishlegs stated.

Both boy's flushed as they remembered what they had witnessed just moments before.

"That's right!" Snotlout stated. "Hiccup needs me! Hookfang, get me up there!" He gestured to his dragon and signaled upwards with his hands.

The dragon started at him curiously for a moment then brought his head down under his rider's legs and flung him upwards, causing Snotlout to fly half way into the window and smack his face against the top frame.

He toppled backwards and landed awkwardly on Hiccup's floor. "Hookfang…" He growled under his breath.

Hookfang was nice enough to gently lift the other two Vikings into the room and the three of them walked over to stare stupidly at the sleeping boy.

Hiccup was still panting, face flushed and brow furrowed.

"Uh…I'll just fix this." Fishlegs stated as he carefully grabbed the fabric of Hiccup's shirt and tugged it back down to cover his chest. His hands accidentally brushed against soft skin, causing Hiccup to moan and arch slightly.

"Uwah!" Fishlegs snatched his hands away in a wild fashion and took a few steps back, face red and horrified.

"Uh, maybe we should pull it back up." Snotlout suggested.

"Yeah, and we can take his pants off too." Tuff said.

"Guy's, would you stop being perverts!?" Fishlegs growled as he took a deep breath to collect his bearings.

He leaned over to retrieve the blanket from on the ground, and was about to throw it over the bed, but Tuffnut stopped him.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, don't you think it's a little rude to just leave to poor guy like this?"

"Huh?" Fishlegs replied stupidly.

"You're right." Snotlout added. "I'll stay here and uh…look after him."

"Huh? No way! Hiccup needs love from one person only!" Tuff argued. "And that's this guy." He pointed a thumb to himself.

"You already got to spend time with him! Besides, he needs a real man."

"Guys…would you please…"

Snotlout and Tuffnut started wrestling on the floor again and Fishlegs sighed.

"Guys we really need to-"

Deep growling caused the three of them to freeze. They turned and looked up at the window to see Toothless pull himself over the frame. He eyed the three Vikings and let out a menacing roar.


Toothless hurled himself towards them and Snot and Tuff barely rolled out of the way. The Nightfury perched over his rider protectively, who was amazingly, still fast asleep.

Piercing Yellow eyes examined Hiccup carefully, taking note of his discomforted state.

His black head tilted upwards and stared accusingly and the other three Vikings.

"Uh Oh." Tuff spoke.

Toothless roared threateningly and the three of them scampered away in surprise.

Tuff and Fishlegs were trying to push past each other to escape out of the window, until Snotlout barreled into them both, causing them all to tumble out and onto the ground.

Snotlout was the first to push off the ground and start running away from the chief's home.

"Crazy dragon!" he yelled as he raced down the hill.

Hookfang flew behind him and Tuff and Fishlegs soon followed after.

"I cannot believe you guys lost your dragon, again." Hiccup said as they flew over the trees.

Hiccup and Tuffnut were on the back of Toothless while Ruffnut flew with Astrid on Stormfly. Fishlegs and Snotlout followed closely on their dragons from behind.

"It's not my fault." Ruff stated. "Tuffnut was supposed to be watching them."

Astrid threw Tuffnut a curious glance. "Just what were you doing last night?" she asked.

"Uh…" Tuff hesitated and Fishlegs and Snotlout eyed him from behind.

"You know…taking a walk on the beach."

"Well, it doesn't matter right now, we need to focus on finding Barf and Belch." Hiccup stated while looking back at them.

"Uh... Tuff, do you mind?" Hiccup asked.

Tuffnut had moved closer on Toothless' saddle and had managed to snake his arms around Hiccup's waist, pulling them flush together.

"No, I don't mind at all."

Hiccup rolled his eyes.

Snot and Fishlegs glared at Tuffnut. Fishlegs then looked down only to see Toothless look back at him threateningly.

'Hey! I'm not the one who's all over Hiccup right now!' he thought.

Astrid looked at Tuffnut strangely, and Ruff gave a dark chuckle.

"There they are!" Hiccup pointed toward the ground where Barf and Belch could be seen trudging into an open clearing.

"We gotta get you guys down there!" Hiccup said, gesturing towards Ruff and Tuff.

Tuff released him and looked down at his dragon in concern.

Just as the four dragon closed in on the opening, two berserker men appeared from the trees and roped each dragon's neck and forced it against the ground.

"Nooo!" Tuff yelled. Hiccup cringed and signaled for Toothless to bring them down.

They settled into the trees as more berserkers joined in to restrain the rogue dragon.

"What are we doing here? We have to get our dragon!" Tuff stated.

"We can't afford to be spotted by the berserkers." Hiccup explained. He leaned over Toothless and watched carefully as Dagur emerged from within the trees and sauntered over towards the restrained Zippleback, sword raised.

Hiccup's heart started pounding, but just as the man's sword descended, Stoic's own weapon intercepted it.

Hiccup sighed in relief and waited as the men in the clearing talked for a while then began to lead the roped dragon out of the clearing and towards the village.

The dragons leaped out of the trees and Tuff and Ruff walked defeated towards where their dragon had been just a moment before.

"The chief isn't gonna let them kill out dragon…"

"Is he?" Both twins asked in unison.

"He won't have a chose unless we can figure out a plan." Hiccup said. His face filled with sympathy.

"I have a plan!" Snotlout said as he approached them.

Astrid turned and regarded him skeptically.

"One word…Annihilate!" He raised a fist into the air and on cue, Hookfang blasted his helmet off with a breath of fire.

"Hookfang." He grumbled towards his dragon.

"Or not." Astrid said in amusement.

Hiccup's eyes widened and a smile grew on his face as he stepped forward.

"Actually…that could work!"


You guys know what happens next. (If you have seen the episode, that is) I hoped you enjoyed reading, and I'm sure future episodes of Defenders of Berk will inspire me to write more :)