"Well, well, look who finally left that barbaric public school for a school more fitting to his families social status. Welcome to Dalton, Pippin."

Kurt was proud of the way his parents had decided to bring him up. It was a little known fact that his mother was born into what is known as 'old money' and had been raised to behave so. His mother's side of the family had not liked her decision to marry beneath her, even though Burt was wealthy in his own right -having taken over the running of his family's two garages and expanding from there- he was not good enough for her in their eyes. Kurt's grandfather had disowned her as soon as the inked dried on the marriage certificate and forbade Kurt's grandmother and his uncle from having any contact with the newlyweds. Things changed a couple of years later when Kurt's grandfather became terminally ill and requested to see his daughter. Apologies were made, tears were shed and Kurt's parents stood their ground about wanting to live a simpler life.

Kurt turned slowly to face the person behind him, "I only left because I had to and Dalton is the closest school with a zero tolerance bullying policy. So don't think because you attend here that it influenced mine or my dad's decision to send me here. And you know for a fact that our families social status means nothing to my dad or me, Merry."

A slow smile spread across the other boys face, "You know Pippin I missed your sassy tone and, for your information, Grandma would never let you stay in that school once she found out what was going on and you know it. It was lucky she believed that Uncle Burt didn't know the full extent of what was happening to you and that he had come to her for help as soon as he found out, because if you had been seriously hurt, I'd hate to think what that crazy woman would do. You and I are her only grandchildren, and since my dad and your mom died in that crash she clings to us. It drove her crazy, you living in your little house, going to your public schools, bargain hunting for your clothes, working in your Dads garage, she never understood Aunt Elizabeth's decision to bring you up this way when she didn't have to, but she respected it. And after your Mom passed she respected her wishes still. So don't act like a brat now and take what your family can do for you now."

Kurt looked at his cousin slightly annoyed. "I know what the family name can do, Merry. I know dad went to Grandma because this pompous private school would only take me because of my family connections. I know how to behave in these social circles just as well as you do, and I know what's expected of me."

Tears start to full from Kurt's eyes as his cousin pulls him into a hug. "Don't cry Pippin, I get it, you've had a tough time of it lately with the bullying and Uncle Burt getting remarried. But look at the bright side, we get to see each other every day now, not just on the holidays. And this is really a good school, a little stuffy, but good. And I know at least ten gay guys who'll be all over you given a chance, two of them will be in The Warblers with us."

Kurt smiled as he pulled back from his cousin. "You know I haven't decided if I'm going to try out for the Warblers yet. It just feels like I'm being disloyal to The New Directions and once the all these gay guys know I'm just a mechanics son they won't want to know, trust me."

"Just a mechanics son, you are way more than that, once they know we're cousins-"

Kurt holds up his hand stopping the boy from going on.

"Merry, I was hoping we could keep that to ourselves for a bit, I'd like any new friends I make to like me for me and not who my family are. I know how that sounds, okay, but you know how it works. Don't pretend you don't. We are heirs to a massive fortune and a multi-billion dollar company and for me, a chain of auto shops spread across Ohio. And as naïve as you think I am this is why my mom wanted me raised the way I was. She wanted me to know what it felt like to earn a dollar and to have true friends, not just someone hoping to get a leg up. My friends at McKinley don't know anything except for my Dad owning a couple of shops. My Dad had no clue who my Mom's family were when they first got together and I want the same thing for myself too. So please for now can we keep it to ourselves, Hunter?" Kurt looked pleadingly at his cousin.

"God damn, stop with the look already." Hunter sighed, "Okay, fine have it your way, Pippin. You're lucky I'm your new room-mate then. It explains how we're friends. Let's get you up to the dorm so you can unpack." Hunter said as he grabbed Kurt's suitcase and walked off towards the stairs. "Oh, and Pippin?"

Kurt follows behind his cousin. "Yeah?"

"You will be joining The Warblers, as the Captain I will not take no for an answer. And just so you know, that's me using my family connection to get my way."

Kurt slapped his cousin on the back. "Seeing as you're pulling rank on me, I guess I'll do for you and you never know with me in The Warblers you may have a chance of beating The New Directions."

Kurt and Hunter had spent a couple of hours rearranging their dorm room and catching up. Kurt told Hunter about Finn and Carol.

"So let me get this right, your new Step-Mom and Step-Brother don't know about you being a Clarington?"

"Clarington-Hummel, you idiot and that's right. Dad and I discussed it and seeing as Finn can't keep a secret to save his life, we decided that it would be best not to tell him or Carol as it mainly only affects me and it wouldn't be fair to ask Carol to keep a secret from her own son."

"Yeah but isn't Uncle Burt lying to his wife. Isn't that a big 'no-no' when it comes to marriage?"

"Well Dad sees it as the Clarington stuff being mainly all about me and not him, so it's up to me who I trust with it and after we talked we decided it was best left unspoken. As far as Finn and Carol are concerned, I'm got into Dalton because of the bullying, not because of a family legacy.'"

"Ok that makes sense. So tell about The New Directions-" Hunter was interrupted by a banging on the door.

Kurt looks to Hunter with a panicked expression. ''Who is that?''

"Clam down Pippin, you're safe here. No one can get past the main gate, remember? Without being checkout and cleared to come in that is. It's probably just Smythe and Anderson; my second in command of The Warblers." He said.

"Merry, you can't have two second's. And you do know you left military school two years ago to come here, right?"

"Of course I do, but unlike you, I can learn a lot from a different upbringing."

Just as the banging started again, Hunter pulled open the door and into the room fell two boys.

"Why good afternoon, Sebastian, and good afternoon to you as well, Blaine. To what do I owe the pleasure of your company? Did I forget a strategy meeting?"

"No, umm we thought we would come and meet the new arrival, Hunter."

"No, Blaine, you wanted to meet him and made me come with you."

"Well then let me introduce you then. Blaine Anderson this is Kurt Hummel, Kurt Hummel this is Blaine Anderson."

Blaine reached out his hand and Kurt reciprocated. "Pleasure to meet you, Blaine."

"You were a member of New Directions weren't you?" Blaine questioned.

"Yes I was."

"Oh god so it's true we're to be polluted by the stench of public school and the working classes."

"Excuse me?" Kurt turned he gaze to the other boy standing by Blaine.

"You heard me." The boy stood looking down at Kurt.

"Sebastian don't be so rude. You know nothing about Kurt." Blaine turned back toward Kurt, "Kurt, I'm so sorry for my ill-mannered friend. Please don't take his attitude as the norm for everyone here at Dalton."

"It's fine, Blaine. And don't apologize for him, 'cause if he had any proper breeding, he wouldn't act the way he has. He just proved every stereotype of private educated elitist snobs ever portrayed." As the last sentence left Kurt's mouth he looked at the boy with raised eyebrow.

Hunter broke the deadlock, "Well it was very nice of you to stop by Blaine. Sebastian I'll deal with your disgraceful display of manners later." With that said, the two boys were ushered out of the room.

"Well, that could have gone worse, Pippin."

"Really, Merry? What's his problem anyway? And please tell me that Blaine is one of the gay Warblers you told me about?"

"Well my dear cousin your gaydar is sort of working, Blaine is one of the gays I told you about and-"

"Oh, let me guess," Kurt said cutting him off, "the smirking Meerkat is the other one?"

"Yep. Spot on my dear cousin. As for his problem, I didn't think he was like that to be honest. I know he dated a guy who went to public school. Well truth be told more than one or two."

"So what you're saying is one, he's a bit of a slut and two, it must be more about me?"

"Well yeah on both but the second, I have no idea why. I find you quite nice. You don't look offensive or anything. If I was gay or bi-curious and not related to you I'd think you would be alright looking. I might even consider dating you."

"Lucky me! Yay!" Kurt said rolling his eyes.

"Ok mister snarky. I did actually think you and Sebastian were really well suited."

"Yeah well he must disagree with you on that one. Let's not waste any more time on him. Help me finish unpacking and then you can show me around."

"Okay, and you can tell about you instant attraction to Blaine."

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