The Chronicles of Angel Book 2

By Jen

Summary: Angel in onto his Junior year of high school and still slaying but also falling in love. Things grow darker and the team must work together as a new player comes to town. Angel and Buffy's relationship takes a new level but for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. Be careful who you trust, keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of this. It belongs to Joss Whedon.

Rated M

A/N: Book 2 is here and it was so much fun to do. I have changed things, omitted things and added things. We are going to focus in on the Buffy and Angel relationship because in general that was the focus of season 2. Also we'll read about everyone else as they develop as well. While this is a Bangel story you'll read on the other characters because will keep everything in focus. More emotions and bonds form and break in this season and I'm paying homage to that with my own flare. So here it is. Enjoy.

Lately I've been skeptical
Silent when I would use to speak
Distant from all around me
who witness me fail and become weak
Life is overwhelming
Heavy is the head who wears the crown
I'd love to be the one to disappoint you when I don't fall down

But you don't understand when
I'm attempting to explain
because you know it all and I guess things will never change
But you might need my hand when
falling in your hole.
Your disposition I'll remember when I'm letting go

Of you and me
We're through and re-arranged

It seems that you're not satisfied.
There's too much on your mind.
So you leave and I can't believe
all the bullshit that I find.
Life is overwhelming
Heavy is the head that wears the crown
I'd love to be the one to disappoint you
when I don't fall down.

But you don't understand when
I'm attempting to explain.
because you know it all and I guess things will never change.
But you might need my hand when
falling in your hole.
Your disposition I'll remember
when I'm letting go

Of you and me
We're through and re-arranged
Of you and me
We're through and re-arranged

You're no good for me.
Thank God it's over

You make believe
that nothing is wrong until you're cryin'
You make believe
that life is so long until you're dyin'
You make believe
that nothing is wrong until you cryin', cryin' on me
You make believe
that life is so long until you're dyin', dyin' on me!

You think that everybody is the same.
I don't think anybody is like you.
You think that everybody is the same.
I don't think anybody is like you.

Just think about it, you'll get it

Chapter 1 The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

The cemetery was dark as always. Sunnydale had survived two apocalypses since Angel came into town and yet the town had no idea and went on about their daily lives. Few people knew of it. Angel also outlived a prophecy that should have killed him but there was one flaw in so he lives another day.

Angel's two teammates Willow and Xander were walking the night streets together eating some ice cream. Summer time was coming to an end and the new school year was about to start. A new year and a new principle as well and now they were no longer under classmen, they were Juniors. It seemed like yesterday they started high school and now they were already halfway done. This year was the year to start looking at colleges and get an idea on what you wanted to be in life.

"Ok um," Willow stuttered thinking as she and Xander walked together.

"It's your turn." Xander added and she nodded taking a bite of her ice cream.

"Ok," She thought about it. "Ok, in the few hours we had together, we loved a life times worth." Willow finished and took another bite of ice cream.

"Terminator," Xander answered while still eating his ice cream.

"Good," Willow chirped as they kept walking.

"Ok, I've got one," Xander declared. "It's a mad house," He tried to lower his voice and Willow smiled. "A mad,"

"Planet of the Apes," Willow answered and Xander looked at her.

"Can't I finish please?" Xander asked.

"Oh, ok go ahead," Willow offered.

"House," Xander finished. "Ok, your turn," Xander looked at Willow. But she couldn't think of one.

"Use the Force Luke…" She trailed off.

"Do I even have to dignify that with a guess?" Xander asked because unless you lived under a rock everyone knew that line. Willow shrugged as the two sat down on a bench together finishing their ice cream. "This has been the most boring summer ever."

"Its been quiet though, no monsters." Willow added and Xander nodded. But maybe that's why it was boring. "But school will start up soon."

"When is Angel coming back?" Xander asked and Willow shrugged again.

"His dad took him and that's all I know. He mentioned that his dad was going to take him to Europe over the summer." Willow answered.

"That guy gets all the fun." Xander scoffed as they sat there. Willow was then quiet and out of nowhere Xander dapped ice cream on her nose and she laughed. "Here let me get that." Xander leaned forwards to get it and Willow playfully pushed him away. But then the awkward silence fell as Xander wiped the ice cream off of her. They started to lean in until there was a growl. Xander grabbed Willow and punched the vampire away.

The vampire growled some more and charged at Xander and tackled him to the ground and tried to get his neck. Xander couldn't hold out much longer and until something grabbed the vampire and threw him away. Willow smiled seeing him as Angel bent down grabbing the vampire again and shoved him against the tree and a branch caught him in the heart and he was dust. Xander looked up as Angel had his hand out and Xander took it.

"You've got unbelievable timing dude." Xander commented and then looked at Angel. "Nice coat man." Angel was in black pants, black button up shirt and had a long black coat.

"Thanks, Europe was cold and haven't really taken it off." Angel said and Willow smiled.

"It gives you the dark hero look." Xander added and Willow ran over to Angel and hugged him.

"You're back," She squealed and pulled away. "Welcome home." Angel smiled a little putting his hands into the pockets of the coat and started to walk with his friends.

"No stakes or crosses on you guys?" Angel asked as they walked.

"That's the first vampire all summer since you killed the Master." Xander answered and Angel nodded. "But who cares you're back and I say we celebrate and go to the Bronze."

"Yeah the biggest thing we did was bury the Master which you missed by the way." Willow added and Angel looked to her. "Actually by that tree over there," Willow pointed and Angel looked in that direction and stopped walking. "Giles buried the bones, we poured holy water even got to wear robes."

"It's like a cult and stuff, should have been there." Xander added and Angel shrugged.

"I'll live anyways I need to get home, both my parents are in the same house and it can go either way." Angel then was off leaving Xander and Willow behind. It was a little odd but maybe he was tired. School was starting in a few days and he needed to get back into both student and slayer mode. As he walked he couldn't but stare at the tree Willow pointed out. It unnerved him to his gut.

Angel wasn't going home, sure both his parents were there but he wanted to see someone else. Angel headed to the Bronze and walked passed it and into a building and down a flight of stairs. He then stood in front of a door and knocked. It was late so she might be out for the night. He didn't want to wait until morning to see her. He heard the lock click and open and Buffy was there. She looked up and gave him a smile.

"Thought I let you know I was back." He greeted her and she smiled bigger.

"Well, then welcome home." Buffy greeted him and it was awkward. It felt like they should lean in a kiss but they didn't. "How was Europe?" She asked trying to get pass the awkwardness and Angel shrugged.

"It was pretty actually, a little to cool for me but I liked it." Angel answered and Buffy nodded and Angel sighed. "Was this a bad time?"

"Oh, oh no I was just reading do, do you want to come in?" She asked and Angel's only been inside once when she wasn't here. She stepped aside and Angel walked in and looked like it did when he broke in. "Sorry the place is a little bit of a mess." Angel looked to her and he didn't mind she wasn't expecting him. Angel walked around looking at all the little trinkets she had and books. The books though were old and worn. Angel reached for on and opened it and it was all in Latin. "Wuthering Heights." Buffy told him.

"You read a lot?" Angel asked and Buffy nodded.

"I love books, always have. When I was growing up I taught myself how to read. Darla couldn't read, in my time women weren't really supposed to read and be educated. We just were supposed to look pretty and get married and have boys." Buffy explained and Angel put the book away and grabbed another one. He didn't know what this one was. "It's philosophy, Socrates, its really dry." Angel smiled as he put it away.

"How old were you when you turned?" Angel asked and Buffy shrugged.

"I was twenty, on my twentieth birthday I was turned." Buffy answered. "Darla and I were nearly ten years a part." Buffy then looked away and Angel knew maybe he should stop asking about the past right now. Buffy walked over to her bookshelf. "Read them all many times, probably should get new books." She then looked to Angel. "I like the look." Angel looked down and back to her. "Makes you look…mysterious."

"I was going for the look." Angel was a little sarcastic and Buffy smiled. "I should leave," Angel was getting that weird feeling. "School in a few days." Angel then went to leave.

"Angel," Buffy called to him and he turned around. "I'm glad you're home." And he could tell she was honest about it. Angel let himself out and Buffy turned back to her books and sighed.

The first day of Junior year was about to start. Angel pulled up to the school and sighed before he got out of the car. He was an upper classman now and next year he would graduate. Angel headed to the school building and it was a little comforting knowing he was going to get back in a routine. With his father he had none. His dad was barely with him on vacation and Angel mostly went off on his own.

Angel headed to the library and bumped into a short man in a suit that looked a little like a bat. Angel didn't pay attention long enough to realize that was the new principle as the man went on his way. Angel headed into the library and it was completely fixed, everything was restored. It was ironic that the Hell Mouth was under the high school but it also made a lot of sense to when you thought about it.

"Giles?" Angel asked looking around but no answer. Angel walked further into the library and walked into the office and Giles at the filing cabinet. Angel smiled a little and held his backpack out and dropped it. The backpack hitting the floor made Giles jump and turned around.

"You trying to kill me?" Giles asked as Angel bent over picked up his bag.

"My summer was great thanks for asking, how was yours?" Angel asked and Giles sighed.

"How was Europe?" Giles asked.

"Like a million of you walking around." Angel answered as he looked around the new office.

"See anything exciting?" Giles asked looking through a book and Angel saw a bag of M&Ms on the desk and he picked it up and started to munch on them and sat down. Giles heard the crunching and sighed. "You're back for two minutes and you're eating my snacks?" Giles turned around as Angel ate a handful and shrugged.

"Signs says welcome." Angel added and Giles sat behind his desk. Angel leaned back in the chair and put his feet on the desk still eating the M&Ms. Giles looked at Angel with a disapproving look. Angel sat up taking his feet off the desk. "I went to the British museum." Giles smiled at him. "It was…kind of cool." Angel put the bag of M&Ms down. "I was told it was a dull summer around here.

"And you weren't miss informed either." Giles added.

"So what did you do?" Angel asked his Watcher. "Read books?" Giles answered with a look on his face that meant yes. "Didn't meet a girl?"

"Jenny and I talked for a moment." Giles defended himself and Angel smiled.

"Oh, so Giles is interested in women," Angel was having some fun with his Watcher. "Well, I killed a vampire last night. I thought we closed the Hell Mouth?"

"We did but the energy from it is still here." Giles answered.

"Great," Angel deadpanned and ate a few more M&Ms. "Well, I'm ready to start training when you are."

The school day was over and Angel was outside running the track well sprinting it. Giles could tell he has gotten a lot faster. He hasn't trained all summer so this was rather remarkable. After warming up on the track Angel and Giles went inside to the gym where Angel used the gymnastics equipment. Angel was rather graceful more than Giles thought he would be. But what Giles didn't know was as Angel was training he was thinking about the Master.

All summer long the Master had haunted him in his dreams. He was dead so why was Angel still dreaming about him? He wanted to dream about Buffy. The whole time he was in her apartment he just wanted to hold her. During the day in the waking hours he thought of Buffy but his dreams were about the Master.

Angel was in his room awake not wanting to sleep. His mother had long went to bed and Angel was at his desk drawling. He looked at the time and it was nearly two in the morning. Why was he afraid of the Master? Angel then felt his eye lids getting heavy and he started to nod off. Angel woke himself up and decided to walk around. When he got up there was a blonde vampire at his window.

Angel sat on the edge of his bed as she came in and sat at the window.

"You're light was on." Buffy stated.

"You're stalking me?" Angel asked and she smiled.

"I walk the streets." Meaning no she was minding her own business and saw his light on. "It's two in the morning." Angel nodded staring at the ground. Buffy could tell something wasn't right. "You haven't slept have you?" Angel then looked up at her and she pointed to the spot under her eye. "Circles," Buffy then walked in a little more and then sat down at a chair he had.

"Sleep, I can't sleep," Angel sighed and Buffy nodded and she saw he was still wearing the cross and medal she gave him.

"Why?" Buffy asked and Angel looked up at her ad shrugged. "I came by and when I saw your light on I just want to warn you, vampires have been gathering somewhere in town. I don't know why but they are."

"I'll forward that to Giles we'll figure it out." Angel sounded distance. Buffy looked around his room then saw his desk. She saw his drawling pad open and got up and walked over to it. She picked it up and smiled and turned to him.

"Angel this is beautiful," She commented. "You went to the Buckingham Palace?" She asked and he nodded. She then flipped a page and saw a drawling of a landscape and then another of a part of London. He was up on a roof of a tall building to get the picture. Angel then realized she was about to see a drawling of her and wanted to take the pad away but he was too tired. Buffy looked at a drawling of a woman and looked up to Angel. "Who is she?" Buffy asked.

Angel looked up and was confused. It was Buffy how did she not know. Buffy looked back down at the drawling and then it hit him. She hasn't seen herself in over two hundred years and forgot what she looked like.

"That's you." Angel answered and Buffy looked to the picture and placed a hand on it. She's looking at herself again. She flipped to another drawling and it was a side view of her face looking down with her eyes closed and holding a flower. Buffy then looked back at Angel and set the pad down. She then walked over to him and he looked up.

She then did something he wasn't expecting and crawled into his bed. Angel followed as Buffy reached for the light turning it off and Angel rested his head on the pillow. Sleep was already taking over and he couldn't fight it. He was out within moments and Buffy reached out and touched his face. He was warm and soft.

"I missed you," She whispered.

Angel woke up and Buffy wasn't there. He rolled over and the sun was out and the window was still opened. She left before dawn but he slept with no bad dreams, he slept like a rock actually. After he dressed he headed downstairs and his mom could sense something was wrong.

"If I asked you what was wrong," Joyce started and Angel looked up as he grabbed a piece of fruit from a bowl on the counter. "Would you tell me?" Angel just bit into the apple walked into the refrigerator and Joyce nodded. "Of course not that would take the fun out of guessing right?"

"I'm fine mom," Angel didn't want to talk about anything.

Angel was back at school with his two friends around him. He mentioned Buffy stopped by and Willow smiled.

"Did you kiss her?" Willow asked getting giddy and Angel put his books away.

"Willow," Angel looked to her. "Not everything is about kissing."

"Of course not it's about groping." Xander added and Angel looked to him. "You didn't even do that?" Angel shut his locker not even bothering to answer that question as he put his backpack on. Then as Angel turned around Cordelia was there.

"So Angel kill any demons?" She asked smiling.

"Say that a little louder." Angel was being sarcastic about it but Cordelia about to and Angel quickly pulled her close. "You can't be going around talking like that."

"Why?" Cordelia asked.

"What do you mean why? Because you can't." Angel answered. "No one is supposed to know about the slayer and too many people already do."

"So you are a super hero," Cordelia smiled and Angel thought 'here we go.'

"Just keep what happen to yourself." Angel kept it plain and simple.

"Oh, by the way I'm liking the dark look with the long coat," She commented on Angel's look.

"Whatever," Angel then went off to class leaving Cordelia, Willow and Xander behind. Now that was just strange. Ever since Angel came home he was distance well more distance than he was when they first meant.

"Is he ok?" Cordelia asked but they didn't have an answer.

The Bronze was jamming like normal as everyone was dancing and parting. Angel was there and leaning against a pole watching everyone. He really did feel like he was just watching the world and its people. He felt like he couldn't be a part of it either. While he watched people dance and waste their lives Buffy walked into the Bronze. She looked around and found him.

Angel looked up and saw her as she came over. He looked so exhausted. The look he was carrying too, the dark tones of his clothes with his overcoat was a nice look but it was a sudden change from when she last saw him. Last time she saw him he was in rock and roll t-shirts, jeans and Converse. Something was changing in him.

"Hey," She began and Angel looked to her.

"What do you want?" He asked but it was quick and it had venom.

"Just to say hi but I guess you want to be alone." Buffy shot back.

"Give me the message." Angel demanded and stood up.

"I came here just to be with you," Buffy then crossed her arms. "You want a message?" She asked. "Whatever the hell is going on deal with it." Angel looked at her. "I can see a change, been around a long time to know. But get over it and move on because if you push them away there'll be a day with your back against the wall and you won't have anyone." Angel then got closer to her, he towered over her.

"I never did thank you for saving me," Angel started.

"And you'll never have too," Buffy added as he got closer. He wanted to kiss her. He imagined coming home to her apartment and kissing her. But that was a line that shouldn't be crossed. But the look Buffy was giving him she was begging him to hold her. Angel then left the Bronze and Buffy.

Angel headed to the cemetery to see the Master's gravesite and maybe do what Buffy said and put it behind him. Angel walked in the cemetery by himself thinking. He wanted to give up this job a few months ago and still does. It felt like something was taking him but he didn't know what. The dreams of the Master were of him dying again. If he kept this up then he might not die but go crazy.

Angel neared the gravesite but stopped. It was dug up and he got closer to it. Angel looked inside and there was nothing there. Angel took a few steps back panicking, was the Master alive. He barely kept his own against the Master and if he was alive then he would want revenge.

The next day at school Willow and Xander were at the library earlier than Angel to talk about Angel.

"He's losing it that's what it is." Willow stated. "Ever since he came home, he's darker."

"And more bad ass too." Xander added but looked to Willow and Giles. "Well, he is."

"Something happened with the Master." Willow ignored Giles.

"Yes, Angel well Angel did die before Buffy came. He was dead for at least two minutes." Giles added.

"When the Master bit him could anything like transfer?" Willow asked and Giles sipped his tea thinking about it.

"Its possible but I think he has something called issues," Giles explained. "He hasn't come to terms about being the slayer or the fact that he died." Giles then looked up seeing Angel coming. Angel stopped at the entrance to the office and sighed.

"This isn't an intervention Angel," Xander was quick and Giles rolled his eyes. "I mean we do care about you and,"

"Xander," Giles cut him off and then looked to Angel.

"The Master is gone," Angel stated and Giles took his glasses off. "Went to his grave last night and it was empty." Angel looked calm about it but on the inside he was scared. "I thought he was dead."

"He is Angel and to bring back a dead vampire," Giles sound confused.

"Has it been done before?" Angel demanded.

"No but it's been attempted." Giles answered.

"Then we should stop it," Willow started.

"We, there is no we right now ok," Angel sounded annoyed.

"Ok that's enough," Xander stood up and they all looked to each other.

"Everyone," Giles stepped in. "We'll get to the bottom of this now go to class except you Angel, I need to…talk to you." Willow and Xander got up leaving Angel there. "What's happening? What's wrong?" Angel looked up to Giles. "I am your Watcher…a teacher and friend please tell me is going on so I can help."

"Do your Watcher business and find if they can raise the Master so I can kill him again." Angel then left the office.

Night was here and Angel was in the library with Willow and Xander as Giles was researching.

"I might have found it but it's in Latin so bare with me," Giles came down the steps with the book as Angel sat on top of the table brooding. "To raise a vampire they would need his bones…which they have," Giles sighed and kept going. "This is a little hard to read but someone closes or connected to the vampire."

"Me," Angel said. "He killed me so I killed him, we're connected." Angel added and Giles went back to the book. Just then a window shattered and Angel caught a rock like nobody's business. He looked at it and recognized the bracelet. He took the note off of the rock and read it. "We have Cordelia if you want to save her then meet at the Bronze before we make her a meal." Angel then got off the table and grabbed his coat.

"Where are you going?" Xander asked.

"Do I have to answer?" Angel asked as he put his coat on fixing it so the collar sat right.

"It's a trap." Willow added and Angel sighed.

"I can't do this," He muttered as he walked away.

"Do what?" Willow asked and Angel turned around looking at them.

"This," He made a circling motion with his hands. "You guys, I can't watch you guys anymore. It was fun but this is my fight now. So stay here ok." Angel then began to leave again.

"What's you're problem?" Willow asked but Angel left the library not saying a word.

Angel made it to the Bronze but felt it and turned around seeing Buffy there and he sighed.

"I thought guys did the stalking," Angel commented and Buffy got closer to him.

"Stalking includes obsession with the person and sorry but I'm not obsessed I'm watching your back." Buffy sounded not so light and giddy.

"Thanks now please let me do this." Angel didn't ask though.

"Why are you pushing people away?" She asked. "Pushing me away?"

"Because I can't trust you." Angel answered.

"You have to trust somebody," Buffy got closer to him. "You can't do this alone."

"I trust myself." Angel wanted to go in save Cordelia and then go home.

"You know why slayers die within a year or two being called?" Buffy asked him but he didn't answer. "Because of this, because of what you're doing right now. They had no one and they died alone. You have friends that want to help let them. You don't have to do this alone." Buffy finished.

"What are you going to do about it?" Angel asked. "Fight me?"

"No, I don't want to fight you." Buffy answered.

"You've thought about it right? Fighting the only male slayer. Go ahead kick my ass." Angel taunted but one thing he hasn't learned is you don't taunt a vampire unless you can handle it. He didn't even see it coming and Buffy threw a punch and he landed on the ground. Buffy then reached for him grabbing him by his coat and pinned him against the wall.

"You're ass has just been kicked." She then dropped him and he landed on the ground. "Now grow some and get over it." Buffy demanded and Angel stood up and walked to the Bronze and she followed. They went inside and Angel saw someone on the floor crying.

"That's not Cordelia." Angel stated and Buffy got closer to him.

"Cordelia couldn't make it." The vampire smiled laughing.

"Where is she?" Angel demanded.

"Not supposed to tell." She giggled.

"I don't like this," Buffy spoke up looking around and Angel nodded as the vampire charged at him. He barely moved and grabbed her by the throat and slammed her to the ground and she was out for a moment.

"Watch her," Angel demanded. "I'll be back," And Angel rushed out as Buffy picked up the vampire and put her on the pool table.

Angel raced into the library and it was trashed. He looked around panicked and then found Xander and his face was bloody.

"Where are they?" Angel asked.

"I don't know," Xander wiped some of the blood away and then Angel grabbed him and they ran out of the library. "Giles said something about they needed those closes to the Master when he died."

"Cordelia, Giles and Willow," Angel answered and Xander nodded.

"And Miss Calendar," Xander added as they raced to Angel's car and got in. "Do you know where they are?" Xander asked.

"No but I know where to start, buckle up," Angel warned Xander as he turned the car on and shifted the gear and slammed on the gas. Angel sped off as he drove to the Bronze. Angel turned into the Bronze and they both got out and raced inside. The vampire was still on the pool table as Angel raced inside and grabbed her and threw her to ground. Xander took his place next to Buffy as they watched.

Angel then slammed the vampire back onto the pool table and it felt good to get some anger, rage and frustration out.

"Tell me where they are!" Angel demanded and the vampire laughed.

"What are you going to do kill me?" She asked and Angel nodded.

"Yeah but first," Angel took off his necklace and shoved it in the vampire's mouth and kept it shut as she was in pain. "I'll torture you, want the pain to stop then tell me." Angel gave the terms and conditions and took the necklace out as the vampire coughed.

Angel, Buffy and Xander went to an old factory and heard chanting and when they got in further they saw Cordelia, Willow, Giles and Jenny hanging over the Master's remains.

"Get them out," Angel gave the orders. "I'll get the vampires." Buffy and Xander nodded and they all split up. The ritual was about to start but Angel staked a vampire. The leader of the group yelled and the other vampires charged at Angel. Angel ducked and started to fight.

Upstairs Buffy and Xander rolled the gang back to safety and cut them down. Once they were on the ground Giles woke up and Buffy jumped over the side and landed on a vampire and grabbed a discarded piece of wood and killed him. She then saw Angel fighting and didn't intervene he needed this.

"Where's Angel?" Giles asked crawling to Jenny and helped her up as Cordelia rolled over. Xander held Willow as she wasn't up yet.

"He's, he's working on his issues," Xander answered as he watched Angel kill the vampires and looked like it was what he needed. He kicked a vampire down and the leader came charging at him with a baseball bat. Angel saw a wooden pole with fire for the ritual and he quickly broke it and the two vampires charging at him were about to die. Angel staked one and burned the other.

The group were all awake as they managed to stand up and look over. Angel looked around the empty place and then to the table where the Master's remains were. He stared at them, the thing killed him, the thing that stalks him in his dreams. It made him feel weak. Angel then bent down and grabbed the baseball bat and walked over to the table and held it up. He held it for a moment and then slammed it down onto the skull and it shattered. Buffy stood there watching and understanding as Angel began to smash the Master into bits.

The gang all watched and felt like this was what Angel needed. It was closure for all of them. Angel went into a rage as he smashed every bone he could. Buffy walked over to him as he kept at it and would wear himself out soon. He was already exhausted and this would send him over the edge.

He began to slow up getting tired and then backed away seeing the bones were all smashed. He dropped the bat and fell to the ground. He felt like crying right now. He felt relieved and a wash of freedom. Buffy then got to the ground and he looked to her as she put a hand on his face.

"Its ok," She assured him. "Its over he can't hurt you again." Then Buffy pulled him in for a hug and held her close. "It's over." Angel felt safe and sound in her arms. It was over, the fear was gone and he could finally sleep and dream again.

Angel walked into his first class of the day and saw Willow and Xander talking and they looked up at him. Angel was about to make his way to the back of the classroom to hide but there was a seat next to Willow that was open.

"Saved you a seat," Willow told him and Angel smiled a little and sat down.

"So, we going to the Bronze tonight?" Xander asked and Willow smiled.

"Actually I have somewhere to be but if I get done in time I'll join." Angel answered.

The sun was down and Buffy heard a knock at her door as she was toweling her hair. She opened the door and it was Angel.

"Hey," Angel greeted her and she stood there and then stepped aside and walked in. "Buffy," He turned to her. "I'm sorry for…for being an ass I,"

"I know why," Buffy started. "It's ok and I'm sorry pinning you to the wall." Angel smiled a little.

"I needed that." Angel then looked around and then back at her. "But thank you for what you've been doing I," Angel paused for a moment. "I owe you," Buffy smiled a little and walked up to him and placed a kiss on her cheek.

"You're going to be ok Angel. There is no manual about being a slayer let alone a male slayer but you're making it work." Buffy finished and then walked further into the little studio.

"I'll see you around then?" He asked and she looked up at him and nodded. Angel then left the small place and Buffy stood there for a moment and then raced out. Angel had already climbed the stairs and Buffy followed.

"Angel," She then raced to him and stopped looking at him. He waited for her to say something but she didn't, she didn't know how. Angel then kept walking into the night. She smiled seeing his long coat kicking up in the wind, he was still a hero especially in her eyes.

Book 2 has begun so what's in store? Things will kind of pick up like a snowball as we go along. Of course Angel and Buffy's relationships gets steamy. Buffy will be more involved with the group too. This story is rated M because there will be some language nothing harsh but some curse words. Also sex yes there will be sex what's a love story without sex? So ready for book 2? Comments and reviews are welcomed and here's a look to chapter 2. Thanks for reading.

Chapter 2 Voodoo Child

"I don't think a vampire rose," Buffy commented as he just about to pull her out but she tripped on something falling forwards on top of Angel and if she sat up she would be straddling him. She looked down at him and he looked up at her. Their faces were extremely close and it was tempting to just lean and kiss. "Those tracks…looks like something…was…dragged." Buffy finished explaining and Angel nodded.

"Yeah…better…figure out what it is." Angel could barely concentrate on anything except the fact that Buffy was on top of him and just breaths apart from touching her lips with his. Nothing like raging teenage hormones. Buffy then got up first followed by Angel and they stood before each other. "I'll see you later,"

"Are you really like this," Buffy spoke as Angel started to leave and he turned back around. "Or you just playing with me?" Angel gave a half grin and then kept walking. "Fine! We'll play that game! And I'll win!" Angel smiled as he walked thinking 'bring it on.'

Oooo, look at Angel go. More soon.

Song- Re-arranged sung by Limp Bizkit