Chapter 16 No More Tears

A/N: Ok, so in the series after the Valentine's Day episode mister Whedon shocked us in the Passion episode. Well, I'm not going shock and aw you guys in this but going on a little bit of a different route. It follows Passion but it veers off a little and you'll see where. Enjoy.


It lies in all of us. Sleeping...waiting...

And though unwanted...unbidden... it will stir... its jaws, and howl.

It speaks to us... guides us... Passion rules us all. And we obey.

What other choice do we have?

Passion is the source of our finest moments.

The joy of love...the clarity of hatred...and the ecstasy of grief.

It hurts sometimes more than we can bear.

If we could live without passion, maybe we'd know some kind of peace.

But we would be hollow.

Empty rooms, shuttered and dank...

Without passion, we'd be truly dead.

Cordelia and Xander were dancing together along with Oz and Willow, Angel was the fifth wheel tonight. He was slowly getting over the fact the Buffy was gone. The idea of killing her was becoming more real. As Angel was being surrounded by his friends and feeling happy to have him he felt someone watching him. There was always someone watching him in the shadows, cold shadows. The A-Team grabbed their things and started to leave the Bronze to call it a night. She follows him in the shadows of the darkest night obsessed by him. No man has made her this obsessed she hates him for it.

Once home Angel was finishing his night routine before bed. And she waits for him, watching him. He took his shirt off tossing it on a chair and climbed into his bed and shut the light off. She could still him through the window perfectly as he was settling. And now she waits for him to be asleep.

Elizabeth stepped into his room quietly and walked to his bed as he was in deep sleep, his heart was beating at a slow and steady pace. She sat down gently on his bed reaching over and watched him. She smiled watching him sleep, he looked so innocent and it was rather soothing to watch him. Elizabeth reached out and touched his face to feel it and he didn't stir and she continued to watch.

Angel heard his alarm go off and he rolled over to turn it off. As he pressed the button he saw an envelope sitting on the nightstand. Angel grabbed the envelope and opened it and it was a letter. His heart started to race and he sat up, threw the covers off and checked his room. She wasn't here and he forgot to close the window. Angel stood before his mirror and saw the Arch Angel Michael medal and cross around his neck, he remembers taking it off last night. He still had the Igone tattoo on his arm back from November. He looked different even to himself as he still held his gaze in the mirror.

Angel made it to the library and the A-Team was already there talking. When they looked up at Angel and saw that angry look they knew something happened. Angel walked to the head of the table looking around at them.

"She was in my last night." And that was Angel's good morning to everyone. Giles took his glasses off in concern. Obviously Elizabeth didn't hurt him but she watched him.

"Are you sure?" Giles asked.

"Yeah, she left a note and I remembered taking off my necklace and it was on my neck when I woke up." Angel answered.

"What kind of note?" Giles asked. Angel didn't want to show him because it was rather sick. Elizabeth was sick and twisted in her little love letter. It talked about their night they had all the things she wanted to do to him now both sexual and non-sexual. Basically she had plans to rape him, torture him and then kill him.

"Just a note," Angel answered.

"I thought a vampire can't come in unless you invite them?" Cordelia asked and Giles nodded but that was only half true.

"Once you invite them in then they're always welcomed." Giles answered and Angel sighed.

"Sounds like you need to chain the doors, switch up the locks maybe even get a dog." Xander suggested and Willow nodded.

"Is there a way I can?" Angel asked Giles.

"I'll look it up," Giles then sat down thinking. "So Elizabeth has decided to step up her harassment on you."

"By sneaking into his room, putting a necklace on him and leaving a note saying Elizabeth was here?" Cordelia asked. "Why, what will that do?" She asked. "Why not just slit his throat or strangle him while he sleeping? Maybe even cut his heart out." That made Angel uncomfortable to say the least. Everyone was quiet and Cordelia looked around. "Sorry,"

"Yes, yes well, Elizabeth's tactics are different when comes to…vanquishing an enemy." Giles went ahead and took over as Angel sat down and he was a little more focused on what Cordelia had said and now he wasn't going to sleep anymore. "Hers is a classic battle strategy to throw one's opponent off their game. She's trying to provoke you. She's trying to goad you into a mishap of some sort uh taunting if you will."

"The classic na, na, na, na, na approach to battle." Xander summed it up and Willow rolled her eyes.

"Complex issues boiled down one o one." Oz added and Angel sighed.

"How the hell do I defeat her?" Angel asked and Giles sighed.

"That's the thing she's not a typical vampire. She took it upon herself to learn deep traits of the underworld. She mastered things at an early age from a vampire's stand point." Giles explained.

"Mastered what?" Angel asked.

"Her speed is one," Giles answered. "You've noticed she is very fast. A vampire her age in all written record has never achieved that. Her skills are so fine tuned for two hundred years old when a vampire that's three even four hundred years old are still working on." That wasn't comforting for Angel either.

"So, she's an over achiever." Willow summed that part up and Giles nodded.

"We have to start studying her habits more." Giles laid out a plan.

"Buffy told me once before she killed Drusilla she killed her family first." Angel explained meaning if they were going into battle and making plans then here's one thing he's learned. Everyone looked around. "Is my mom in danger?" He asked and Giles wanted to say no but if this is Elizabeth then no one is safe. "Should I tell her the truth?"

"You can't do that," Giles jumped in Angel looked frustrated.

"If the truth keeps her alive then why not?" Angel asked, if Elizabeth was planning on killing his mom and telling her the truth about who and what he is can save her then forget the secrecy about being a slayer. "Elizabeth can walk into my house freely when ever the hell she wants and I'm not always there."

"I will find a spell or something to help," Giles tried to assure his slayer. "Listen I need you to keep a level head in this ok. If you stop thinking straight then you yourself will go down." Giles put it all in perspective.

"And what about you guys?" Angel asked and they all looked at him curiously. "You're my people, she wants to attack me in that way then you're all in danger." Then hit them that they were. That spooked them all that Elizabeth might be after them.

"Put a spell on my house Giles." Xander begged and now this was getting out of hand.

"Guys, please we will figure this out." Giles was worried too. All of them were at some sort of risk. "Angel, listen you mustn't let your feelings get in the way no matter how provocative Elizabeth may get."

"So ignore her and she'll go away?" Angel asked and Giles sighed. "Fine, gotta go." Angel grabbed his bag and left and for Giles that was one point to Elizabeth and zero points to Angel.

Giles made his way into Jenny's class before the first bell rings to start the day. There was that awkward silence between them as they looked at each other. They needed to talk and work something out. Angel and Buffy couldn't work anything out but maybe these two could.

"How have you been Rupert?" Jenny asked.

"Not good actually," Giles answered and sighed. "Ever since Buffy lost her soul," Jenny nodded knowing that Angel was suffering the most from this. They could all feel it deep down that Angel and Elizabeth were going to go head to head and everyone feared who was going to come out of it. "She's reverting back to her old ways, she was in Angel's room last night. Need to find a spell to protect his house." Jenny perked up a little and found a book on her desk and handed it to him.

"This might help," She offered and he took it. "Been doing a lot of reading since Buffy changed and I don't think you have that one."

"Thank you," Giles was grateful.

"So, how's Angel doing?" Jenny asked and Giles sighed.

"How do you think?" Giles answered with a question and Jenny sighed.

"I know you feel betrayed," Jenny started.

"You think?" Giles scoffed a little.

"Rupert," Jenny had to try to explain herself. "I was raised by the people Elizabeth hurt the most. My duty and loyalty to them was the very first thing I was ever taught. I didn't come here to hurt anyone. And I lied to you because I thought that was the right thing to do." Jenny sighed not looking at Giles but this was her apology and Giles should forgive her. She was doing only what was asked. "I didn't know what would happen or that I was going to fall in love with you." Her voice was quiet and Giles looked up at her. "Oh god, is it to late to take that back?"

"Do you want to?" Giles asked stepping a little closer to her.

"I just want to be right with you." Jenny answered fighting back the tears. "I don't expect anything more. I just want to so badly to make this up to you."

"I understand," Giles was accepting her apology slowly. "But I'm not the one you need to make it up to." Giles added and Jenny nodded. The person hurt the most by all this was Angel. "Thanks for the book." And Giles left.

Night came around and Angel was at the dinner table with his mother eating. Things were a little tense between them but Joyce wasn't sure why. Angel has grown quieter and more reserved over the last month well really since he came back from Europe. Right now he was sort of eating his dinner and that sent a red flag up. Angel eats a lot of food and this dinner was one of his favorites so if he's not touching it then something is wrong.

"What's wrong?" Joyce asked and Angel looked up half asleep. "You know you can tell me anything." He knew that was half true. Before he became the slayer he could tell her everything but the slayer life was consuming him whole. Maybe he could tell her without actually telling her.

"You remember Buffy right?" Angel asked his mother. She met Buffy a year ago and it hit him, it's been right around a year since he met her. Joyce nodded with a small smile.

"She was a nice girl." Joyce added taking a bite of her food.

"Yeah we're…or we were dating." Angel admitted and Joyce nodded.

"Were dating?" Joyce asked and he nodded. "Let me guess she's changed, not the same when you guys first met."

"You can say that." Angel stated but his mom had no idea how much Buffy has changed she was truly a new person. "Since the…break up she's been following me around and,"

"Do we need to have someone step in?" Joyce was now concerned for her son. Girls can be just as evil when it comes to stalking just like men and sometimes worse.

"No, no, nothing like that she's just having a little trouble." Angel needed his mom to know only so much and not get her involved. "If you see her around let me talk to her ok." Joyce nodded but she didn't approve as Angel grabbed his plate and headed to the sink.

The night continued on as Angel walked the house making sure everything was locked and all the windows were shut and nothing could get in. He was also vampire proofing the house as much as he could. He was going to place a cross and holy water at every entrance. Then there was a knock at the door. Angel's heart started to race as he walked over to it and opened but relaxed.

"Willow?" He asked and she looked scared. "What's wrong?"

"Elizabeth, I, I invited her into my room once and she…she killed my fish leaving a note." Willow explained and Angel pulled her inside and now he was getting very mad. She was going after her friends. It was just a couple of fish but still. "One time I'm glad my parents didn't get me a puppy."

"You can stay here plus I can use the help," Angel then had her follow him to the living room where he had a bag and he opened it. There were small bottles of holy water, crosses, stakes the usual vampire weapons. "Help me bless the house. It's not going to keep her out completely but it will make her back off." Angel handed her a little card. "Ok we're going to bless all the doors and any way in. Once we bless it a cross will go next to it. First we start outside with these," Angel then showed Willow four St. Michael medals similar to Angel's necklace. "We bury them in the four corners of the property."

"Ok," Willow then followed Angel out as they put the medals in the ground and then went back inside.

"We'll both recite the card as I put the holy water over the doors and the crosses." Angel explained as they stood at the front door. "Ready?" He asked and Willow nodded.

"Bless this space and all who enter in it, keep it safe from all evil." Both began as Angel dipped his finger into the holy water bottle and made the sign of the cross over the door.

"St. Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray. And do thou, oh Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, cast into Hell, Satan and all the other evil spirits who prowl about the world, seeking the ruin of souls. Amen." The front door was blessed.

"Ok, let's move on." Angel then led Willow to the back door.

At the factory Drusilla walked in to a room where Spike sat in his wheel chair looking depressed. Drusilla held something behind her back as she smiled getting closer to him.

"I have something for you love," She smiled and Spike looked up as she held out a little dog. "Found her, she's an orphan. Her owner died without a fight." Drusilla smiled holding the little dog and bent over holding it in front of Spike. "Now, open wide." Spike turned away. "Oh, Spike you need to eat something. Now open up for mommy."

"I won't have you feed me like a child Dru," Spike was angry as he rolled away.

"Why not?" Elizabeth came in and hoped on the table walking to them. "She already bathes, changes you and carries you like a child." She smiled but Spike did not, he wasn't amused.

"Lizzy, where have you been? The sun is almost up." Drusilla jumped up on the table. "We were worried."

"No we weren't." Spike protested and Drusilla looked to Elizabeth.

"You must forgive Spike he's a little testy tonight. He doesn't get out much anymore." Drusilla sounded sad.

"Maybe I'll roll him around when I go out next time." Elizabeth smiled and Drusilla smiled too but once again Spike didn't. He's forgotten what a bitch Elizabeth was. "It won't be that bad, maybe I'll roll you down a hill. Vampire on wheels that has to be scary."

"Shut up you whore," Spike didn't want to hear it. "It's because of your boyfriend I'm like this. You're sitting there watching him jack off at night instead of killing him."

"I haven't seen him do that, maybe he thinks about me when he does." Elizabeth smiled at that thought. "That might interesting."

"Have you forgotten that you're a bloody guest in my home?" Spike was getting very testy with her and Elizabeth stood up.

"Have you forgotten who brought you into this world? Hmm?" Elizabeth asked. "Without me the two of you would lost so I deserve some respect."

"Yeah because sleeping with the enemy gets you that kind of respect." Spike added and Elizabeth stood there.

"Come Drusilla, let's go take a bath." Elizabeth suggested and Drusilla smiled.

"Can you drown me?" She asked and Elizabeth nodded as she jumped off the table and they left Spike there. Spike was the odd man out when it was Darla, Elizabeth and Drusilla. He was the muscle but they carried out the work. Ever since the Fang Four broke up a hundred years ago he had Drusilla all to himself and now it was happening all over again. Just as they were about to turn the corner Drusilla stopped and held her stomach.

"Oh, no, oh, no," Drusilla held the wall. "It worries," She started as Elizabeth listened. "Someone, an old enemy is seeking help. Help to destroy our happy home."

Jenny wanted to make things right and she had an idea. She was up all night researching, going through books and literature. Right now she was at the local magic shop with a list of things. But it wasn't a typical magic shop it was more of a voodoo, witchcraft shop.

"How may help you today?" A man asked and Jenny faced him.

"Oh uh," Jenny paused for a moment and took a piece of paper out of her bag. "I need an Orb of Thesulah." Jenny answered.

"You must be Janna," The man said with a smile as he looked for what she asked for. "Your uncle Enyos told me about you." Jenny was a little nervous now as the man opened a box and pulled out a small glass ball. "Sorry to hear about your uncle."

"Its ok," Jenny wanted to move on and get back to the school.

"You do know the ritual for the undead have been lost?" The man asked. "The text is gibberish."

"Without the translated text the Orb of Thesulah is useless." Jenny continued knowing the deal. Jenny paid for it and was on her way. She was not only researching last night but created a computer program to translate the long lost text. Hopefully tonight Elizabeth will have her soul again.

Jenny was alone in her classroom when Angel walked in and that surprised her. Jenny was nervous about seeing him. She stood up from her desk wondering why he was here.

"Can I help you Angel?" She asked and he folded his arms.

"I know what you did, you didn't mean it and," Angel paused for a moment. "He misses you and I don't want him to be lonely, no one should be." Angel was about to leave.

"Angel," Jenny called to him. "If I could make this right I would." Angel nodded and left. Once inside the school Giles found him holding a book.

"I found the spell to revoke the invitation rite to Elizabeth. The only way we can get in is if you invite her in or the soul of the owner of the house dies." Giles explained and Angel nodded.

"I did the protection prayer last night and I think it worked." Angel added.

"This very similar and with the protection prayer it should be bullet proof." Giles added. Angel would do Willow's place first and then his.

Elizabeth smiled seeing that Joyce was pulling up to the driveway. She got to the driver door as Joyce came out with some bags.

"Hi, Miss Joyce I need to talk to you." She sounded urgent.

"You're Buffy right?" She asked and Elizabeth nodded.

"Has Angel told you about us?" She asked and Joyce nodded.

"Yes, and you stay away from son." Joyce was serious, no one hurts her son.

"But I can't," Elizabeth started as Joyce started to walk away. "Please, talk to him I miss him and going crazy with him. Please convince him." Elizabeth pleaded.

"I want you to leave my son alone." Joyce demanded.

"I can't stop thinking about him." That part was true although Elizabeth won't admit it. "Haven't been able to stop since he and I made love." Joyce's eyes then widen. Her son would never make that mistake, she taught him better than that. "Please, I'm dying without him." Joyce then opened the door and Elizabeth was about to follow her in but something stopped her and she looked around. Angel then stood before her. Not only that she felt that these grounds were blessed.

"Hey, baby," He greeted her and she looked shocked. "Changed the locks." Angel then slammed the door on her and Elizabeth took off. She smiled though, this wasn't over she had other plans. Of course she wanted to torture Angel and now it was time to target one of his own. It's not to make them scared but it was to be in control of the situation and to keep Angel out of control.

Later that night at the school Jenny sipped on her coffee waiting for the program to finish. She's been sitting there for a while now. After she was done and hopefully it works Giles will stop by and they could talk. Then the little bar on the screen finished filling and then on one side of the screen was a text in some strange language. The other side of the screen was blanket for a moment but the computer translated the text into English. Jenny smiled, she did it she couldn't believe she did it. Buffy could have her soul again.

Jenny saved both text on a disk and set the disk aside. She then went to print out both text and waited. She's done it, she can give Buffy her soul, Angel can have Buffy again. And she and Giles could make amends for what happened. Just as she waited for her print out Jenny looks up and gasped getting out of her chair. In the back of the classroom sat Elizabeth at a desk as if she was ready to start class. Jenny was alone, there was no one here to help her.

"Buffy, how, how did you get in?" Jenny asked and Elizabeth shrugged with a cute smile.

"I was invited duh," She smiled. "Sign outside the school says Scire volunt omnes, qui ingrediuntur."

"Enter all ye who seek knowledge," Jenny felt stupid for staying here by herself in a public place. Elizabeth then stood up smiling.

"I like to learn," She started looking around. "Why are you so afraid of me? I mean we don't have a stellar history together but can't we just put that behind us?" Elizabeth asked but Jenny knew better not listen to Elizabeth.

"Buffy, I, I've got good news," Jenny didn't know if this was going to help.

"First it's Elizabeth and I heard. You went shopping at local boogied boogied store." Elizabeth was closer to her and then saw something she never wanted to see again. Elizabeth reached for it holding it. "The Orb of Thesulah, wow never thought I'd see this again. So it's supposed to summon some one's soul from the ether? I think that's what it's supposed to do." Buffy held it up and gaze at it. Then she slammed it to the ground shattering it into tiny pieces causing Jenny to jump. "Opps, kinda clumsy with glass." Elizabeth then walked over to computer and looked at the screen

Jenny slowly made her way to the door. She had to get out and fins somewhere safe. Angel's place was the safest. He lived maybe about five or six miles from here. Could she run five miles from Elizabeth?

"I will truly never be amazed how much this world has changed in two and half centuries. I mean this amazing Jenny." Elizabeth commented looking at the screen. "You put the secrets to restoring my soul in here," Elizabeth then grabbed the computer and smashed it to the ground. "I don't want it." She growled then Elizabeth grabbed the paper Jenny was printing out. "Look at that," Then she ripped it.

"No, that's your," Jenny wanted to stop her as Elizabeth dropped it in a small flame.

"What my cure? Not sick." Elizabeth then squatted and put her hands over the fire. "I never had much growing up but a warm fire sometimes made you feel the richest." Elizabeth looked up and her face morphed into its demon form. Jenny ran out of the room and Elizabeth stood up. "I feel a serious bitch fight about to happen."

Jenny ran down the hall and looked back seeing Elizabeth was already perusing her. Jenny had to get out of the school and into a place with more people. She needed Angel the most he was the only one strong enough to hold Elizabeth back. Jenny turned around and she was gone. She knew from Giles that Elizabeth had incredible speed and knew how to use the shadows to hide. Jenny looked around and had nothing on her to protect herself. She then saw Elizabeth coming to her and saw down the stairs an exit.

Jenny ran as fast as she could out the doors with Elizabeth on her heels. Jenny ran down the steps off of campus as fast as her feet could take her. She looked behind her and Elizabeth wasn't there but that didn't mean she was safe at all. Jenny kept running and went to round a corner and then stopped dead in her tracks and went behind the corner. Elizabeth was tracking her. Jenny than ran across the way and needed to find another rout to Angel's.

She kept running in the night and then saw a figure across the way and she dropped in the huge open field hoping not to be spotted. She laid there but this wasn't going to work. Jenny got up and started to crawl as low to the ground as possible but she was going the wrong way. Elizabeth was forcing her the wrong way and she knew it. But Giles' place was the other way. Maybe she can make it there.

Jenny stayed on the ground until she thought she could get up and started to run. Jenny was in tears having nowhere else to go. She could go knocking on doors but raving and screaming a vampire was after her well then no one would let her in. She just kept running.

Jenny was slowing down but that was dangerous and then she came to an broken down building. It was under renovations and she thought maybe she could hide here until daybreak or maybe even lose Elizabeth here and make it to Giles' place. Jenny climbed into a broke window and hid under a table. She tried to calm herself down and wiped the sweat from her forehead and the tears from her eyes.

Just then she heard something and the sound of someone walking around. Elizabeth found her. She was told stories of Elizabeth how she hunted. She'd hunt you down until you were so tired you couldn't move. She was fast too and can corner you and even then she wouldn't kill you. Elizabeth liked to play with her food and victims.

"I can smell you Jenny," Elizabeth called out. "I know where you're trying to go." She looked around and then found some worker's tools and picked up a sledgehammer and smiled. "I like this, you know I usually don't go after women, not my thing." Elizabeth started to talk and then slammed the sludge hammer against the wall and it cracked and crumbled. Jenny held her breath and started crawl now realizing this was a bad idea.

"It's men I don't like, just animals that's all they are and Angel is one. I mean all he wanted was sex. He pretended to care to tap it." Elizabeth wasn't so much trying to distract Jenny but she was conveying her own emotions. "That's all they want it's not about love, Buffy thought it was but she forgot what happened before."

Jenny crawled slowly on the ground and stopped realizing just on the other side of the bench was Elizabeth walking letting the sledgehammer drag on the floor. Jenny sat as still as possible.

"I guess you can say I have daddy issues," Elizabeth then slammed down the sledgehammer on the bench breaking it. Jenny covered herself from the debris but Elizabeth missed. "Boys, like sniveling dogs, they only want, they don't love. Hmm maybe Angel thought he loved but I know it's only for a little while. There's no such thing. I've seen men butcher their wives for another younger woman. Angel would do that to Buffy, the lust is there but lust doesn't last." She then slammed down the hammer again. "Giles will do the same to you!"

Jenny crawled away but then knocked some paint buckets over.

"Shit," She whispered knowing Elizabeth heard it. Elizabeth turned around and smiled and literally skipped that way. Jenny crawled away and saw a hole in the wall. She climbed in but now that she thinks about it maybe this was a bad idea. She sat there and Elizabeth still hunted. She then smiled and slammed the hammer against the wall smashing it in. Jenny started to crawl away as fast as she could.

"Jenny, come out, come out where ever you are." Elizabeth nearly sung it. She was crazy and she was getting crazier as she let Angel live. But it was fun to let him live as she was planning on bringing down the world around him. She slammed the hammer against the wall again crushing it and Jenny laid flat as pieces of the wall fell on her. Elizabeth passed over her and she waited. Jenny crawled backwards and out and Elizabeth turned around and she threw the sledgehammer and it crashed through glass that was once a huge window.

Jenny dived to the floor covering herself from the glass. She stayed on the ground cutting her hands and knees on the pieces of glass and got behind something. Elizabeth looked around saw nothing there and picked up the hammer. It was becoming the classic cat and mouse chase. Jenny then saw a screwdriver and picked it up for a weapon and crawled away knowing she had to get out and fast. Jenny then saw a platform being held by rope and if somehow she could get Elizabeth over there and release it, it'll land on Elizabeth and she can get away.

"I will destroy Angel! He will be in pieces before I hack him up for making me feel again!" But what Jenny didn't see were the tears in Elizabeth's eyes. "You can't trust them! You can't trust anyone! I will make them all pay for it! Angel will pay the most! And it starts with you!" She then slammed the hammer again. Jenny sat there holding the screwdriver and was trying to not cry anymore. She was in a small broom closet or at least it was one.

Then from the cracks she saw Elizabeth and Jenny tensed up. Elizabeth smelt the fear and knew she was close. Jenny held up the screwdriver ready and Elizabeth slammed the sledgehammer at the door breaking it. Jenny screamed as she got up and held out one hand shoving Elizabeth back and then stabbed her in the heart. Elizabeth screamed in pain. It wouldn't kill her but it did some damage. Elizabeth threw Jenny off of her and then ripped out the screwdriver.

"You bitch!" Elizabeth yelled and then threw the screwdriver at Jenny and it caught her in the leg. She could threw it at the back of her head and ended it there but Elizabeth wanted to drag this out. Jenny ran to where the platform was as best as she could with a screwdriver in her leg. She ran to the wall and stood up as Elizabeth walked to her ready to bash her head in. Jenny franticly pulled on the ropes as Elizabeth got closer to her. Jenny managed to free the ropes and the platform fell.

Jenny fell to the floor crying but she had to get up. Jenny pulled the screwdriver out of her leg and got up slowly hearing something. Elizabeth would break free from the platform and when she does she'll be very upset. Jenny limped out of the building climbing over a broken window and fell to the sidewalk. She took a moment to breathe and then got up and hobbled away.

The night seemed to drag as Jenny was limping on. She then smiled knowing where she was. She upped her hobbling seeing the cars and lights. Jenny stumbled a little and saw across the way Giles' place and she sighed. She made it and to her luck she saw Giles' car there and Giles just getting out of his car about to head in.

She smiled, she had to tell him the news of her findings. Elizabeth didn't destroy it all even though Jenny played it off well that she did. Jenny headed to the street and waved to him and was ready to jump into Giles' arms and hug him and things can return to normal.

"The hell you will," A voice growled and Jenny barely got out a yelp as she was pulled into some bushes and shoved against the fence. She was no longer in the line of vision to where Giles could see her. Elizabeth smiled and covered Jenny's mouth with her hand. Giles was then inside and now Jenny was hers.

Jenny whimpered in fear of not knowing what Elizabeth will do. "Like I said, I usually don't hurt girls, but you're going to help bring him down." Elizabeth smiled and then felt Jenny bite her.

"You crazy bitch!" Jenny went to scream but Elizabeth backhanded her and she went to the ground and Elizabeth pinned her down giggling

"Sorry Jenny, this where you die." Elizabeth smiled and tears rolled down Jenny's eyes.

Angel sat at the edge of his bed and his mother looked less than impressed or amused at him. She had to ask him if really did have sex and Angel confessed that he did. Joyce nearly lost it.

"Was she the first?" Joyce asked and Angel looked up at her.

"Yes, the first and only." Angel answered and Joyce was still uneasy about it.

"She's older than you," Joyce pointed out. "Too old Angel. And she's obviously not very stable. I really wish…" Joyce trailed off and looked to him and seeing that this was killing him. He hated disappointing his mother that was more hurtful than lying or disobeying her. "I just wish you would have shown more judgment."

"She wasn't like this, something changed." Angel wasn't sure how to explain it without telling her about vampires.

"Are you in love?" Joyce asked and Angel shrugged.

"Maybe at one point." Angel couldn't answer that right now because he didn't even know.

"We're you two safe?" Joyce asked and Angel sighed. Yes they were because she can't have children but that's not what his mom meant. "Don't sigh and scoff at me. You had sex with a girl you didn't even see fit to tell me that you were dating." Angel just sat there in silence.

"I made a mistake." Angel stated.

"Ok, fine tell me that to shut me up because I really think you did." Joyce sounded like she wanted to cry.

"I know that," Angel was stern as he stood up. "I know I did, I screwed up but I can't tell you everything." Angel then sat back down.

"Yes you can and Angel you can shut me out all you want. But don't you ever expect me to stop caring about you because that will never happen. You're all I have now." Joyce paused to regain herself a bit. "I love you more than anything in the world." Angel then walked over to her and embraced his mom and she embraced him back.

"I'm sorry," He apologized and she knew he was honest about it. She squeezed him tighter. She can remember when he was tiny that he fit in her arms. Now look at him she had to be on her tiptoes to reach him. He got so big so fast and in another year he'll be done with high school and an adult. Time goes by so fast. Joyce pulled away and gave him a smile. It was out and done and the tension decreased.

"Well, guess it's to late to have the talk." Joyce joked and Angel smiled a little. They then hugged each other again.

Giles made his way to Jenny's and when he got there he heard something. He could hear opera music playing from inside Jenny's place. She told him to stop by later and he did. Giles opened the door and looked in seeing a bottle of wine in a bucket of ice was there and rose petals scattered about.

He smiled as he picked up a single rose. He then headed to the room where the petals laid out a path for him. He opened the door smiling but the wine bottle shattered on the floor. Giles ran to her as she laid on the bed. Jenny's eyes were open but dead as she laid in her own bed. He saw her neck it wasn't just broken it was twisted all the way around. Her body was lying flat on the bed but the way her head was broken it was twisted one hundred and eight degrees. To snap a neck and having it like that it would take a very powerful man to do it but Giles knew who did and she wasn't a man, she wasn't a woman, she wasn't a human she was a monster.

Giles sat at the edge of the bed and heard the ring in his ear, his chest got heavy as he stared at her. How could anyone do this who could do this to a person. Giles felt himself falling backwards and he hit the floor and felt a tear run down his cheek. He then cried out in pain.

Angel got out of his car and ran to Giles' place seeing Xander, Oz, Willow and Cordelia already there. Willow and Cordelia were in tears. Giles had called all of them about Jenny and they all rushed to his place. Angel looked around seeing all of them, they were white with fear as Elizabeth finally made a move. Willow ran up to Angel in tears and hugged him and he hugged her back. They all huddled together to support themselves.

They pulled away slowly gathering their composure to se Giles. It would be daylight soon and they needed to stay together. Angel walked up to Giles' door and knocked but nothing. Angel tried to open it and it was locked. He forced the door handle down and walked in. The place was empty as they went inside.

"Giles!" Angel called out looking for his Watcher. He said to meet him here but there was nothing here.

"Angel," Xander called out and Angel ran to him as Xander pointed. The chest where Giles kept his weapons was all but empty.

"Damnit," Angel muttered.

"What's happening?" Cordelia asked.

"He's going to get himself killed." Angel was talking out loud. He then turned to his group knowing they needed to grieve but everyone's life was in danger right now. "I need all off you to go home understood. You let nothing inside." And he left before they could protest. Angel ran to his car and sped off as fast as he could.

"Are you bloody insane?" Spike yelled to Elizabeth as she stood there cleaning herself up. She had to clean up the site wear she got stabbed with a screwdriver. She also had a few bruises and cuts and Jenny did a number on her by letting a platform drop on her. She did have to give that to Jenny, it was a good move and she liked a good fight. But she didn't like it when a man yelled at her, scolding her like a child. "We're supposed to kill the little prick not leave gag gives in his friend's beds." Elizabeth was not having this scolding session and was about to walk away but Drusilla swooped in.

"But Spike the mean teacher was going to put Elizabeth's soul back." Drusilla didn't want Elizabeth to be Buffy every again.

"What if she did?" Spike asked. "I find myself thinking that I liked the Angel whipped Buffy. This new and improved model isn't thinking. I love a good slaughter just as much as the next bloak. But your little pranks are going to leave us with one pissed off slayer! A male slayer at that so he's not as dainty!" Spike reminded Elizabeth.

"Don't worry roller boy," She smiled. "I've got this." Just then something came flying in and the table went up in flames. The three vampires went to move away from the flames. Just as Elizabeth went to run and arrow went into her shoulder. She took it out and saw Giles making his way to her as he tossed the crossbow aside and had a baseball bat and ran it through the flames and now it was on fire. Giles took a hard swing at Elizabeth and she went down.

Giles was beating down Elizabeth with blind rage for Jenny and Angel. This was for killing Jenny and torturing Angel threatening his slayer. Giles kept swinging the bat at Elizabeth not only to hurt her but to set her on fire. He was doing this so Angel wouldn't have to. He'd do anything for Angel including killing her. Elizabeth then managed to grabbed Giles hand and with her free hand grabbed his throat and lifted him off the ground like he was a rag doll.

"My turn," She smiled but then someone grabbed her and tossed her away. Elizabeth looked up as Angel kicked her and then punched. Elizabeth did a backwards roll and got to her feet and jumped into the air and managed to kick Angel down. He jumped to his feet and blocked a punched and twisted her arm behind her and kicked her in the back of the knee. Elizabeth then slammed the back of her head into Angel's face making him back off.

Angel took a step back as Elizabeth headed up a flight of stairs. Angel jumped kicking the wall to give him a push and then he jumped again up to the catwalk and landed in front of Elizabeth. She smiled at him and Angel kicked her back and she jumped into the air and slammed her elbow down at him. Angel shoved her back and spun to the floor and kicked her feet from out under her. Angel jumped into the air grabbing a hanging pole and with both feet kicked Elizabeth back.

Something ignited him, he knew he was no longer fighting Buffy, Buffy was gone and a monster took her place. Elizabeth threw a punch at him and it connected with his jaw. She went to throw another one but Angel caught it, turned around and threw her over his shoulder. Elizabeth giggled when she hit the ground.

"You gonna let daddy burn?" She asked and Angel looked to the ground seeing the fire was getting closer to Giles. Elizabeth jumped to her feet and grabbed Angel tossing him over the railing. Angel landed on his back as Elizabeth looked down and blew a kiss to him. Angel rolled over and got up and lifted Giles up. Giles slowly getting up as Angel had his arm around his shoulder getting him out.

Angel got him outside as the factory was going to be up in flames soon. Giles was fully aware what was happening and then shoved Angel aside. Angel's never seen so much rage and anger on Giles' face.

"What the hell do you think you're doing! This was might fight not yours!" Giles yelled and out of Angel's own sorrow and anger he punched Giles down to the ground. Angel stood over him realizing just how close he was to losing the one thing he could call his father.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!" Angel asked back. "Are you trying to kill yourself!" Then Angel sunk to his knees and Giles looked upon him and broke down. Angel reached out to his Watcher for a hug knowing that was the only way to comfort each other as they both sobbed together. "You can't die on me, I can't do this alone." Giles nodded and Angel held him tighter as the factory behind them was burning to the ground.

Angel looked to the burning building and it was all hitting him. The weight world was finally felt. He couldn't allow this and looked to Giles who was in shambles. She's breaking them on all levels and would save Angel for last. She will take away all he loves, all he cares for, all he fights for until he stripped of even his own humanity and then he may just beg for death and she will be his salvation and give it to him.

A day or two went by and it was time to bury a friend and a soldier. This went to Elizabeth and Angel dreamed of a funeral with Jenny in it. Now that dream had come true. Jenny was dead as a way to tell the group what she was about. She struck fear in them and it worked.

The funeral service was over and everyone left except Giles and Angel. They stood before the headstone that read Jennifer Calendar. Angel was all in black with his black coat as Giles laid a dozen red roses before the headstone.

"I've buried too many people as a Watcher. Jenny was one I cared about." Giles spoke up and looked to Angel. "I can't bury you."

"I wasn't ready and I am sorry. I should have killed her when I had the chance." Angel apologized. "I'm ready now." Angel stated and he was. "I can't hold onto the past anymore. Buffy's gone and I know nothing will ever bring her back." Giles took his place next to Angel and placed a hand on his shoulder. Killing Elizabeth wasn't going to be easy and not just on a physical level but emotionally. She had the same face as Buffy and some how Angel was going to have to see past it.

"You're not a killer Angel and I know that. You have no malaise in you, no hate and I know you'll be able to do this." Giles assured him. Watcher and slayer then faced each other and Giles saw a far cry from the Angel he met a year ago to the Angel that stood before him. How can you kill someone you once trusted, some who once cared for you and cared right back? How do you do it? Giles couldn't help but pull Angel in for a hug and he accepted. Angel fought not to cry but a few tears slipped.

That night Angel laid in his bed holding the medal and cross in his hand letting it dangle. He just stared at it thinking about Buffy. He missed her and wanted her back. Angel sighed trying not to think about it but he had to kill her. He hoped when that time does come he will have the will power to do it. Angel got up and walked to his mirror and he could see the change in him like before. He was different, darker, in another place, falling somewhere. Killing Elizabeth will mean the end for him too. The end of all his innocence.

Elizabeth stood outside Angel's house looking to his window. Buffy loved Angel, she felt it, she loved him, cared for him. How could you care for someone like that? How could she care for a man when a man that should have loved her beat her and hated her? No, there was no such thing as love, maybe obsession, maybe hate but there is no love. Love destroys, passions destroys until you have nothing except pieces. No one could ever love and have love in return especially for a demon. She will cry one tear and one no more for her sorrowful life. Elizabeth then walked into the shadows of the night.

When your baby leaves you all alone
And nobody calls you on the phone
Ah, don't you feel like crying?
Don't you feel like crying?
Well here I am my honey
Oh, come on you cry to me. When you're all alone in your lonely room
And there's nothing but the smell of her perfume
Ah don't you feel like crying
Don't you feel like crying?
Ah don't you feel like crying?
Come on, come on cry to me. Well nothing could be sadder
Than a glass of wine, all alone
Loneliness, loneliness, it's such a waste of time
Oh-oh yeahYou don't ever have to walk alone, oh you see
Oh come on, take my hand and baby won't you walk with me?
Oh ya When you're waiting for a voice to come
In the night and there is no one
Ah don't you feel like crying? (cry to me)
Don't you feel like crying? (cry to me)
Ah don't you feel like a-ca-ca-cra-co-cra-co-cra-cra, (cry to me)
Cra-co-cra-co-cra-cra crying? (cry to me)
Ah don't you feel like a-cra-co-cra-co-cra-cra,
Cra-co-cra-co-cra-cra crying?...

Cry To Me sung by Solomon Burke

So that was a bit different right? You think Elizabeth is crazy or just has issues? There's a look into the chapter and you can read my methods behind the madness. It may seem like things are darker because they are I was going for that tone. The darkness hasn't really happened until about two chapters ago and from Soulless to the end I had the most fun typing up those chapters.

Now it may seem like you guys are getting a chapter posted everyday well I really want to get to Book 3. I'm halfway done with Book 3 and it's all really good and it feels from Parting Gifts up until where I'm at now in Book 3 it's just go, go, go. So we're looking at Book 2 being completed by Saturday along with the Book 3 tease. And then I'll wait a week and I'll post Book 3 Chapter 1 Liam. Make you all wait a week too so you can think about what's to come based on the tease and what's in the forum. Yes I'm evil and it's fun to be evil.

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Chapter 17 Sick

"Visiting hours are over." Cordelia stammered and Elizabeth smiled.

"Well, I'm pretty much family." Elizabeth knew she could push Cordelia down and be done with it.

"How about you come back during the day?" Cordelia asked. "Oh, right you can't."

"If I decided to walk into Angel's room you think for one second you can stop me?" Elizabeth asked and Cordelia lowered her head and Elizabeth smiled.

"Probably not, security guard couldn't, not even the cops or the orderlies," Cordelia was making a point to Elizabeth. "But we can find out." Cordelia crossed her arms in defense and Elizabeth smiled again.

"You are in love aren't you just to bad I got there first. Oh and you missed out, mmm Angel." Elizabeth taunted but Cordelia kept her cool. "Tell him I stopped by."

"You're going to die you bitch and we'll be there to see it." Cordelia held her ground as Elizabeth backed off and left. Cordelia let out a sigh and sat down. She just stood up to Elizabeth but that wasn't good. She might be next on her list.